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  1. I have 5 caches on WT land, and the "WALK IN" is as the others suggested. Their rangers probably don't have a GPS, so your description should make it very easy for them to get to, and check where the cache is. Photo's sounds like a very good idea.
  2. Unfortunately you've hit a learning curve I think. Most/all secondhand licensed software can't be transferred to another user. I've had instances where I can't even re-install paid for software on a new machine when my old laptop died. (They don't know I'm telling porkies do they?). If the ad said you could transfer it, then you might be able to make a claim via ebay/paypal, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry chap.
  3. I picked up one of those a couple of months ago. First I'd heard of them. (I don't know if the cache I picked it up from was cross listed...)
  4. Is the thread repeated on sky channel GC+1 hour? I missed it.....
  5. The simplest way is to install MapSource on a PC and then use the MapSource version of the GB OSM maps that I offer, you can select smaller areas then and send those to the Legend's internal memory. Hope this helps? Regards, Martin I have the H unit with 24mb, and I use the method described above. Can get all of central England, plus some North and south bits of the map on 24mb. Very occasionaly (about once a year), I'll deselect bits of the map, and select new bits if I'm on holiday in the UK.
  6. If the phrase "reported" preceeds the SBA, as it does with a needs maintenance log, I think that "reported" should be toned down as well.
  7. I've seen a few home made black cloth bags (Fazely area), not waterproof, not garden centre stuff, somewhere in between. Machine sewn, with velcro closure. Just designed to disguise, not waterproof.
  8. If this is also what you are seeing, then it has been reported and acknowleged in at least one other thread. And as I said above, hitting F5 one or more times (usually just once) will get the rest of the page to list. Yes, sometimes I get that exact page, but when I do, I hit the "back page" button, then "forward" and it will usually load correctly, maybe after two attempts. The Refresh button has the same effect. But, sometimes, it just simply throws up the error message in the middle of the screen, but I have found now, that I can also "back page", the "forward page", several times, and that also will clear it up............... Same for me too on IE6 and XP professional. Works fine on chrome though.
  9. Yep, IE generally takes an age to load the page or just hangs. Switched to chrome and it works fine.
  10. Brian Wortman is a real person, working at Network rail. I know this because he responded to an e-mail I sent him about some spurious business enquiry. His footer don't look the one in the OP's first post though. So I have to take back my "imaginary friend" dig, and re-iterate the request for the OP to send the orginal mail "with headers" to deci.
  11. Its obviously not my 'shout' to pass this information onto Network Rail. Hopefully TPTB/Reviewers can deal with this. ...... Please foreword the entire email including headers to one of us. It would help if you would also include the email you sent to them so that we can actually see what was sent to them to generate the reply. Because until one of us receives a copy of the emails including headers so that we can appropriately reply to the appropriate person. We are unable to proceed forward. ............ Deci I can't find any trace of "Brian" anywhere in the UK. However his twin is a backhaul manager for Walmart in the states. However, I've punted a mail to his most likely address, but I expect it to be returned to sender. You don't have an imaginary friend do you?
  12. Hi folks, A friend of mine is doing a charity run of the three peaks in 24 Hours. That's the Snowdon, Scafell, Ben Nevis. I can't find any freebie routes or tracks to use on a GPS. Anybody got the necessary, or can point me in the right direction. Cheers.
  13. See here for a list of the most "unfound" caches... .....The unfindables........... from iCache
  14. That's similar to what we're www.icache.co.uk working on with Groundspeak at the moment. Not swapping or donating PQ's, but allowing downloads of gpx files from our official GC licenced site, to premium GC members.
  15. I can't remember if GUK used to actually export the TT OV2 file, but a pq export from GSAK only takes a few minutes to run a pq file. I've done it myself on a 30k pq that takes about 5 minutes to run in GSAK. However, I'm being a bit previous.
  16. www.icache.co.uk hope to feature a pq download in the not too distant future. At the moment you can view the caching maps by county, and various other stats. You can also link through to www.emcache.com to add a feature request.
  17. Agreed! In our community when we see a couple of new cachers logging finds and talking about placing caches, we often "talk" to them about what makes a good/bad cache. AND that includes what can make a micro a good cache. Instead of having an add on rating system (that is sometimes found on some cache listings), could you insist on a reviewer note that includes a tick list of what makes it a quality cache, before it is published. Location general : Woodland, historic monument, lay by on the A38, Supermarket car park, etc. Location specific : top of grassy knoll overlooking Snowdon, back of road sign, under rock by the river, etc. Container size : usual pick, but unknown not allowed. Container type : Magnetic nano, clever disguise as a plastic gnome, standard click lock, 35 mm film pot. Distance from nearest parking : 1 metre, 2 miles, etc. Give 'em all an automated score, and some will be "computer says no" = not published until it improvements made....not withstanding all other permissions and proximities. not sure if was I just said was tounge in cheek or not.
  18. Whadayer mean....look at all those white bits.... A quiz topic answer to the question "how many caches could we place in the UK, observing the 0.10 mile rule" "That depends on - a) Your reference source (Answers.com gives 50,337 sq miles; europa.com gives 50,351 sq miles and kidport.com gives 50,356 sq miles (plus other answers)) and Are we assuming it can be displayed with only 90 degree corners, instead of gently sweeping bays and craggy cliffs. If so, then assuming a 0.1 mile gc.com standard separation, you get 100 caches to the square mile (or 121 if it's a exactly a one square mile island not abutting any other one square mile, etc, etc)..... You would then get either 5,033,700, 5,035,100 or 5,035,600 caches. Average out to get 5,034,800 caches. Allowing a 1% margin of error allows you to round it down to 5 million." so only about 1% of the total available caches have actually been placed. I rest my statistical case.
  19. Contrary to popular belief, micro's haven't quite taken over the world...... http://www.icache.co.uk/
  20. I often research ideas for new caches and found (more often than not) that I'm not the first, and therefore I cannot replicate it. I suggest you do the same.
  21. Why? If it's already been linked here. Here's the original link at emcache.com Article scanned by lgx on emcache
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