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  1. How long does it take for your title to update? ....also "test"
  2. 5m should be fine for geocaching. Getting to 0m isn't going to guarantee a find. GPSr units can have up to 30ft (10m) variation, so the initial coordinates may not be exact anyway because of the hider's device, then add in the variation from your device! I also primarily use a LG smart phone for geocaching and can get down to about 12ft (4m) at best. What I do, is get within 20-30 feet (8-10m) and PUT THE SCREEN DOWN! I look around and say "where would be a good place to hide something?" and begin searching. Once you have more experience, you start to get a feel for typical hiding places (people call that geosense). Don't get discouraged if you can't find some, even experienced players have off days. I hope all of this was helpful. Good luck and welcome to geocaching!
  3. Nope, not a letterbox. I've seen hole punches put in to geotrail containers. You turn in your passbook with the punches to get a geocoin. But if they put stamps in to each container instead of a punch then yes, they could post it as an LBH. A tool that does the job described above is also called a stamp, making it valid. Yeah, I have a hard time seeing a reviewer getting pedantic about a letterbox using a punch instead of a stamp. Letterboxers with books can still use the punch to denote the find. I hope this wasn't misconstrued. I think having the punch qualifies it as a letterbox. Just trying to show there other options out there.
  4. I've found a letterbox that didn't have a stamp, but instead a shaped hole punch for your logbook.
  5. In 2004 a college friend of mine told me about a new game he found called geocaching. I thought it sounded fun, but we never got the chance to go. Fast forward to 2015; My family was camping at a state park in PA and we were looking for things to do. My wife saw geocaching on the list and we gave it a try. They actually let you borrow a GPSr and gave you a paper with co-ords for several geocaches in the park. After finding them we were hooked and enjoy going as a family.
  6. Use a PC. I've had no issues with "&"
  7. Some things I've used as a FTF prize: Scratch-off Lotto ticket, wooden token, and most recently small metal tokens with a hole whose name cannot be mentioned in these forums... Things I've found: A Geocaching lapel pin, and a plastic zebra. It adds a little excitement to get a prize for FTF, but I think anything more than a few dollars is a bit much. It's more about the thought.
  8. On our first geocaching adventure at a state part we found 2/3. Over a year later there are days where we still have 3 or 4 DNF's (Did Not Find) in a day. I would start out trying to find easy (less than 2 star) difficulty caches. Once you start finding caches and get experience, it does get easier. During our first week, my wife and I spend about 30 minutes looking for a cache that was under a lamp post skirt. It wasn't until we saw a clip on youtube that we thought to look under the cover. Another suggestion is to try to find a local event and meet other geocachers in your area. They can give you tips and can usually recommend good beginner caches in you area. I hope this helps and welcome to the hobby.
  9. You can make a PQ with the criteria "Have Travel Bugs". From those results look at the cache page and each trackable page and see if the trackable was recently dropped off and if any people have visited it since. When I first started geocaching I would seek out travel bugs because I liked to see where they had been, but it was too much work.
  10. As a Premium Member you can make a PQ and select "That I own" as the criteria. This will return all of your caches (disabled or active) as long as they are not archived.
  11. I was a free member for a few months and decided to try the premium. These was a 3 month for $10 plan that was a low risk option. I only use my phone (because I don't own a GPSr) and I really find the pocket queries, lists, and advanced searches useful. If you like it then change to the yearly (you save $10 a year). If not cancel and you'll only be out $10. Don't forget though because I think it auto-renews.
  12. If you have an android there is an app called geocache placer that seems to work well. you can do averaging very easily and I think it has a free version (with ads).
  13. Got the request last night. Thanks so much. I'm excited to see where it goes. It's always fun finding coins in caches (which isn't all that often). Hopefully it'll come close enough that we can discover it. My 3 yr old son is eager to see what it looks like. Got this one out in the wild this past weekend. TB1NCA5
  14. Got the request last night. Thanks so much. I'm excited to see where it goes. It's always fun finding coins in caches (which isn't all that often). Hopefully it'll come close enough that we can discover it. My 3 yr old son is eager to see what it looks like.
  15. I have sent the last coin adoption, to AndrewGrantZA, for his daughter. Winter is coming so hoping it gets picked up before the snow and ice freezes it shut until spring. Looks like i just missed it:(
  16. I've only been geocaching for a few months but might have some advice. 1) If you can't find it, leave and come back another day. You won't get all of them on your first try. I actually searched for oven an hour for a cache in a park once and couldn't find it. I came back the next week and started fresh and found it in 10 minutes. 2) If you really think it gone, use the 'watch' feature on the cache page. If the next 5-6 people also log DNF's, it may really be gone. If someone finds it, head back out and give it another go. Good luck!
  17. I may have one. Let me look & get back to you Great. Thanks a lot.
  18. I'm looking for a "lettuce go caching" coin. I looked online but couldn't seem to find where to get one. I'm new to geocoins and don't have any to trade buy I will buy it. Thanks.
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