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  1. No, I get it. But what I'm saying is to make and place your first gadget cache. See what the maintenance is really like over a few months. During that time, attend an event, meet some other geocachers, and go from there.
  2. I think the 'quality' of the hides also contributes to this. When I first started caching, I barely wrote anything in the logs. A few months later we hid our first cache and I learned that CO's get an email of the logs. Since then, I do try to write a short story about our experience; but there are times where you find the 5th key holder in a guard rail in one day. What can you possibly say at that point? As a tangent thought, if you feel the number of "finds" you have is making it an unwanted competition, then don't log them online! The requirement to log a find online is to sign the paper log, but there is no requirement to log a find on the website.
  3. I'm not sure what type of phone you have, but Cachly for iPhone will show them on the map or list as an icon with the DNF face on top.
  4. Exactly. So why shortchange some players who will only every likely find one of them. If you really have 2 ideas that are worth putting in the time and effort to build the gadget cache, just wait to put the second one out until you find another spot.
  5. You didn't specify what app your are having issues with, but If you are using Cachly, You can set a waypoint to "is corrected coordinates" and it stays there after you have found it. You can also have it show the 500ft circle around the corrected coordinate. As a temporary work around, you can always enter the know coordinates of a cache that may be too close and use google maps to measure the distance to the location you want to hide a cache.
  6. I haven't looked into scripts before. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!
  7. Maybe related question: As a premium member, is there a way to change the default map type on the actual cache page from Open street map to Google maps? I know there is a link to open it in a new window, but it would be nice to see in right on the cache page.
  8. I would imagine that this would now be discouraged since they are changing the logging rules to only allow 1 "Found" log per GC code. Right. Plus, once someone finds a cache, they would have no way to ever know it was significantly changed. I don't think players typically go back and read cache pages for ones they have already found.
  9. Cache owners can only move coordinates about 500 feet at a time. They need a reviewer to drastically move coordinates.
  10. They're professionals on a salary, of course. Which means Groundspeak needs to find something useful for them to do, something that can create more value than the cost of their salaries + other overhead. With this being said, it doesn't make sense for them to spend any time on FTF related projects. As far as I know, "First to find" is still an unofficial side game.
  11. I wouldn't recommend 'swapping through' several designs for one gadget cache listing. I would say that it would be appropriate to re-design the cache if a part of it becomes damaged repeatedly and can be improved. I think you should visit quite a few gadget caches to see what kind of mechanisms work and which do not. As far as meeting other cachers, try attending an event close to where you live, or look for local groups on Facebook.
  12. I would say the the word "logbook" can be loosely interpreted as anything a player can record their name and the date found on it. There are caches out there where the log is a wooden plank, the back of a magnet, or even a car (a recent mega event comes to mind). I think the intent is there should be a way for the CO to verify the user found the intended cache by writing on something.
  13. Exactly. A PQ can exclude attributes.
  14. If there is only 1 location and it is listed as the original coordinates, why not make it a traditional and use the "Field Puzzle" attribute?
  15. I personally love cemetery caches. Of course, if there are visitors or a service, we skip the cache and return later. In our area, there are many small, forgotten cemeteries with civil or revolutionary war graves. I sometimes think that when we visit and read the stones while caching, cachers may be the only visitors they get.
  16. Cachly on the iPhone is very easy to use. Also, you can save cache data using the Offline mode when you are in a place without cell service. I know the official app can also save caches offline, but the interface for Cachly is much more streamlined. I think it is about $5 US in the app store.
  17. I have created a text list on my profile page to keep track of them.
  18. I think the content of the DNF log makes it useful. If I look and cannot find the cache, I write the reason ("Only had a few minutes to search", " sun was setting so we'll have to come back another time", ect). These DNF logs are useful to the cache owner. As a CO, when I see a DNF from someone with 5 finds that reads "Cache is gone", I don't put much stock in it.
  19. We just switched from android to iphones and did a similar search. We ended up buying Cachly and it works quite nicely. It has everything the free app has plus a few more bells and whistles. You mentioned free, but I think Cachly is worth the $5. (we also have a premium membership, so I'm not sure what features don't work if you are a free member).
  20. I've found a cache that was a large high voltage magnet, but when you turned it over you signed the back of the magnet. The cache was the log. It was about 8" by 10" so it had a lot of room for signatures. As far as I know no-one ever complained about it.I would think that having a designated area to sign falls under the guideline "...or other type of log for geocachers to record their visit."
  21. For me log length depends a lot on the experience. It's tough to write 500 words about a magnetic HAK in a guardrail. I typically try for 2-3 sentences about the location or the hunt.
  22. There is a PQ that will list geocaches that have trackables listed but there is no guarantee that they will actually be there. It is best to check the inventory from the cache page to see if anyone has found the cache since the TB was dropped.
  23. For those who are still stuck, look for Lisa Wolf's comment at: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2016/07/hints-for-mission-gc-message-1/ It basically gives step by step instructions on how to solve.
  24. There is also the official store on geocaching.com. They have some of the basic containers. I've ordered from them 4-5 times and they run a promo from time to time where you get free shipping on orders over $25. As for ebay, shipping costs and quality really depend on the seller. If it is credit card info you are worried about, just go and buy an ebay gift card from a gas station for yourself. I usually find myself looking in stores for containers. Walmart has an ammo can for $5 that we've used for almost a year with no issues until someone stole it. I've also gone to army surplus stores to get a decon container, and roamed around hardware stores finding neat unique containers. Hope this helps.
  25. If it is the Spring Grove geotour, I've noticed the same problem as well. Last summer we completed the 2014 and 2015 sets. The caches were amazing quality (some of the best we had ever found). We took a trim down to finish the 2013 series and there are so many in the tour that are destroyed and getting archived. I was told at the coin event last year that there would be a 2016 series but haven't heard anything yet (the coin you get is a 4 part jigsaw puzzle and 2016 and 2017 are the last 2 parts). I really hope they can get the tour back on track. On a side note, the original caches were so cool I debated duplicating some of them closer to where I live, which is about 3 hrs away.
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