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  1. Dakardrix well done with the 400. Bikerman is busy busy. Enjoy it. Gerhard
  2. Hosta, I see you are doing well in your home country. Nice to collect a couple of new caches from a different country. I wish I could understand the language. Well done and enjoy it. Gerhard
  3. One of these days I will have to bend the rules slightly. Maybe I should plant a cache in a very easy area with a bone or playthings with an inkpad for his paw mark as a log.
  4. Yes, everybody can now start to hunt them. The ones I visited were very good and I believe that the average cacher will enjoy all of them. The quality and the locations of the caches are very good. I learned a lot of our history. The other two remaining ones are also inside injury time and only a couple of minor admin issues remains but will be resolved shortly. Happy caching!!! Gerhard
  5. Maybe someone will found this interesting. I have an Alsatian which is proving some talent. When he was about 3 months he had a near drowning in our swimming pool. We were in town and he fell into the swimming pool. My neighbour then heard the cries of the puppy and after more than an hour he decided to investigate. He noticed my puppy clinging to the side of the swimming pool for dear life. He and his gardener then jumped the fence armed with thorn branches to keep the other dog away. My neighbour pulled the puppy from the side, according to him it was just in time as the puppy was completely exhausted and did not even moved after he was removed from the swimming pool. Strange enough after they rescued the puppy my other dog just left them and went to the front garden as if he knew that they only tried to save the puppy. They phoned me immediately and we took him into the house to watch over him for a day. For about a month the puppy was afraid of the water until my wife started to take him back into the swimming pool and coached him to swim to the steps. This was trouble. We could not get him out of the swimming pool and he does visits the swimming pool everyday several times for a dip. Even in the winter with frost. About 3 months after his ordeal we noticed that he will remove the ball from the steps if it sank to the bottom. He was not afraid to push his head under the water. My wife then started to drop the ball at the shallow side and he went under the water to retrieve them. After about a month we started to drop the ball at the deep end. He swam down to get this ball. In the beginning my wife was always ready to help him if he gets himself in trouble. Even now it is quite amazing to see such a big dog under water and we took a couple of videos of this. It is the first dog that we had that shows this ability. He accompanies me to some caches. He is quite amazing. If I sit down with the cache then he will sit down and he will go in guard mode. All I have to do is to watch his ears – you can easily tell if there is someone in the area. In the veldt he will never leave me but will stay close to me as if he knows that he must protect me. He now started with something else – if I get close to the cache I will always say “Rex, soek, soek”. He will bark and start to search and I am noticing that he is getting closer to the cache location. If I retrieve it then he will start to bark and he sniffs them and I have to open it for him. I then hand him his cookie. Only when I sit down then he will sit down and then he will watch the area. I believe with time he will be able to find the cache on his own. I am waiting for the day that I can log “Dog found cache but due to illiteracy his owner logged it on his behalf”. I am just wondering how the cache owner will react to this log. Some guys will probably not like this log. That will add another dimension to caching. Gerhard
  6. Thanks everybody, yes the 400 came quicker than I thought. If I look back, then there were several caches that awakened memories of a long time ago and it took me to a couple of places which was really great. Sometimes we are so stuck in our daily tasks that we forget to make time for ourselves and to remember the good days. Yes, there was a couple of DNF’s but we will be back. Even with the DNF it was still good to visit the location and it still brought me to wonderful places even if no find can be logged. More important I need to say thanks to the owners that have planted the caches and that made it possible for me to find them and to log them. Thanks. Gerhard
  7. Yes, this is a very interesting and I think I can learn from this topic. I also do not understand. Recently I climbed to the top of a mountain. I planted a cache and I was watching the accuracy of the GPS. The best I could get was at 6 meters. This is the last place where one should have problems and you should get to 4 meters accuracy. I turned on WAAS/EGNOS and no difference was noticed. At some of the caches I had a clear view of the sky and I only got 6 meters accuracy. At one stage I told my brother that my GPS is faulty. He and I both have Quest 2 and we compared it. At the same point both GPS’s were giving the same waypoint. This eliminated the GPS as the problem. We then fitted the external aerial and the accuracy was back at 4 meters. This to me is pointing to weakness of signal. But why? In the Gauteng area and MP the accuracy is 4 meters with a clear sky at most caches. Is there something I do not understand? If someone can explain this to me I will be grateful. We learned something at the Western province. If there is any amount of mist or clouds then you are in for a battle. Is the signal that low? gerhard
  8. I am visiting the Port Elizabeth area in the next 6 months. This time I invite the cachers that stay in this area to come with me and to see what happens. This is more positive and you can act as observer, just stay with me because I am going to move. I will not ask you any hints or anything about the location. This is more positive and you can see what I log and the reason why and you have the chance to argue with me. I can argue a lot but I can also understand and respect the viewpoint of another person. It is in my nature to probe. I test everything and I probe everything. Maybe I can learn from you and maybe you will learn something from me. It is no good to bitch about something - you need to be positive and do something about it. I am not perfect and I know that I act very quickly. If the guys do not accept this challenge then they must not complain. You were given the chance and that is more than fair. The playfield is then equal. Drop me an e-mail if you want to be present when we do the caches. Maybe we can have a beer after a nice day of arguing. No one is perfect. I have a problem with waypoints on some of my caches but yet we done some averaging but other cachers do complain. I believe that they are right – the waypoint is not spot on. We had a huge discussion about this while on holiday and we tried to find a solution for this. The technique was tested on one of the problem caches in the western province and it worked. I am in Pretoria next week and I am going to repair the waypoint on two of them. We will then use this very same technique on my caches that have problem waypoints. The technique is simple. We enable tracking on our GPS and we walk straight to the cache for about 10 meters. This will be done from 3 different directions and the results are then downloaded on the laptop. We then extend the lines and see where they meet. If a small triangle is formed we selected the middle of this triangle. If the triangle is too big then the complete test must be redone. We then measure the waypoint as indicated via the three lines and we enter this on the GPS and we then test this on the cache with this calculated waypoint. Theoretically the waypoint should be exact even in areas with tree coverage or in extremely difficult areas. In George area there is a lot of tree cover that played havoc with the signal. We played around with the external aerial on the Quest 2. There was a remarkable accuracy difference with the aerial. But some caches were not accurate and we were back to square one. We even test this with the three line calculated method and compared that with the GPS indication and we got good results. However, even with exact measurement we had to search high and low. The normal cacher is not doing this fine tuning and we accept it. However, I will use this on my caches to ensure accuracy. It is a problem if you are mobile and your information stays static inside an ever changing caching environment. It does happen that you visit a cache that is not available or that is even archived. It is a given and one should see it as normal. Most people probably do not log this and let it go. But I do log it for my records. Gerhard
  9. You are obviously referring to me – but I am straight as an arrow. The best is I can take criticism without pain or as a personal insult. If it is bad I tell you bad. If it is good I will tell you good. There is no middle path and that is the way I was bought up as an engineer and as a soldier. You like it or you do not like it that is your choice. There are no shortcuts. You take the knock and you learn something or you cry and do nothing. The choice is yours. But I will return in the next 6 months to this area and again I will tell you if it is bad or good. I see black and white. If it is bad you will read my comment and then it will go to my list of not to be done. First we cry at the forum that no one is logging a DNF then we cry that a DNF is recorded. Go read the log on the tonteldoos 1 and you will understand a little bit better. I did not blame the owner; I blame myself as my database was not up to date. If you see this as negative then be my guess. If the tonteldoos cache was bad I would not return. But I will return. I could stay only for one day in PE and if more time was available then I would have attended to it during the night. But I will rather drop the find then to place the cache in jeopardy. I was on holiday and with no Internet access. This was a three week trip. I log several DNF’s for my record to return to the cache. In some cases the area was bad and I need to tell this to the next cacher. Some caches were not log as a DNF and we will not return to them and no record is kept. If there is no DNF that means that your cache is bad and I will not return to it. So see it as a positive log and do not interpret it as negative. What I can tell you is that a lot of work needs to be done on the caches in the PE area. The waypoints are not accurate, but are general. Again this is not all of them but some of them. If it is bad I tell you bad. It takes you to a general area and now it leaves you to search in a high muggle area. Go look at the cache planted at West gate. This person planted a cache inside a high muggle area but it was a highly intelligent plant and you can still get to it without placing you on the stand. The ones in PE is giving you a waypoint pointing inside a tarmac area and the poor cacher that wants to find it must scratch around to find them. The cache owner then wants to cry if the cache is gone. I can understand why it goes for a walk. Some of the caches place you in the middle of the spotlight. The people in PE are very nosey and they watch anything out of the ordinary. Some of the caches I have done had very bad GPS reception, for example Herrie. But if you read the listing the owner is not giving away the location but the hint is good and well written. He even gives you the height ASL. This is a good hide. It is not easy but you can still find it. This I call cache planting intelligence and this is lacking with some of the caches in PE. Maybe the arrow had struck someone and maybe change will occur. At the end there is a dynamic standard and someone must bitch or else it will remain the same. PE is a lovely town and is visited by many. Maybe we should spend our energy in getting the caches resolved and accurate and a little bit more intelligent when it gets to high muggle areas. The caches should then remain. Gerhard
  10. This is confusing. I done some caching in the western province. I was expecting my cache centroid to move more south. Actually, it moved more to the east. The centroid is now sitting just north of Frankfort. How is this possible?
  11. I just discovered another thing that annoys me. I found 4 lighters inside caches in the Western Province. Somewhere there is a cacher that does not understand the danger of this little thing and what effect it can have. I have seen a photo of a welder that had one in his pocket while welding. It blow his chest open and he died. Cache containers are closed and heat is building up fast inside this little space. It is scary to hold this little thing in your hand and you feel the heat on it. To found one was not funny but to found more had me jumping up and down.
  12. For our holiday we took our Mazda 5 down to George. It was great on petrol but hell on caching. My brother followed us with his 4x4 just in case in certain places. At Sedgefield at Cloud 9 we had a scary trip. Rain came down and up we went. At one stage I was nearly at a stand still but luckily it gained some momentum while trying to turn sideways. Normally we took the terrano for these trips but the pump had the final say. But it was still great to do the caches.
  13. Hosta, Sorry I missed this one. Well done on the 150. Hope there are many many more. Gerhard
  14. Congratulations to Strider_sa with 150 finds and going strong and INokia with 250 finds. Well done guys and I hope there is a lot more to be enjoyed. Gerhard
  15. Goody, I found a home for them. Blackjack Bailey – I am sending it to your home via express. I think they will get all the tender love and care that side. Maybe I could plant them at your caches - special import from Gauteng – exotic flowers. The cachers will definitely remember my name for a very long time. You still remember Aunt Edna visiting the houses. Every time I see a blackjack it reminds me of this program – heavens know why? Me and the blackjacks hunting…., wait a minute who hunted who. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0f-b619e95cb8be Gerhard
  16. 2000 jaar later, na mense op die maan was sukkel ons nog steeds. Daardie ou moet sy hare uit sy kop uit trek teen hierdie tyd. Baie goeie stukkie wat Pooks uitgehaal het. Paar manne kan moeilik wees as hulle gevat word waaraan hulle glo. Dit was lekker maar nou is dit klaar. Ek is nou weg van hierdie een. Gerhard
  17. Dakardrix I is was worried for a while. Congratulations on your 300 finds. You have done well and I hope the next 300 is also as fast as the first 300. Enjoy it. Gerhard
  18. You lost me when you mentioned developing commonly accepted rules. The last thing I would want to see is a simple pleasure like geocaching being constrained by petty rules howver those rules are developed Why on earth would we want such rules? Lets just enjoy the the fun without judging others or being judged by petty rules dreamt up by fellow cachers. You hit it on the nail. Why don’t we do as we please. Then no one can complain. I will log some finds on your caches tonight – there is no rules so why should it bother anyone? My logs are on its way. I see you have one. If you delete it then you are contradicting yourself and you highlight why some basic rules must be in place. Do you have any friends I would like to do some more logging? Gerhard
  19. There is just one thing that annoys me. If I visit a cache and I notice a problem I normally inform the owner about this via e-mail or I log it. I normally add this to my watch list and I do watch the listing every day to see if something is done. In most cases the owner is no longer logging onto the website for very long periods. I can understand short periods but not more than 3 months. The other thing that annoys me is to get to a location and to find some caching stuff at the location – I always have the struggle - is this is a muggled cache or a remains of the previous muggled cache. At one of the caches I even found a calling card in a empty container – is this the cache or not? The other bummer but it adds a little spice is to rush out to a new cache – just to find that another person found it about 6 days prior but never logged it. Unsafe caches or unsafe location with no warning of such on the listing is not nice. The other thing that annoyed me with my last trip in Gauteng is the micros that I tried to find and then I find a regular container in its place. It does confuse me – is this the correct cache or did I manage to mix my listings. At one of the caches on the west I had to walk 600 meters to find the cache for a rating of 1. But this is life – if everything went well for everybody for every day of the week it will be pretty boring. The one other personal thing that bothers me is that I sometimes cache alone and if you see something nice then there is no one to share it with. Photos is not the same. But commitments are commitments and priorities are priorities and meat must get on the table. Yes, I forgot – blackjacks is on my list. They now started to grow at my house – not nice. Gerhard
  20. No, it is question of difference in opinion. That is why it is important to discuss these items. This is how common accepted rules are developed. It is must be open and one have to shared ideas although it is sometimes touchy. What is acceptable must sometimes be questioned and it gives you the time to think again and why you are doing what you are doing. Only the person asking questions is learning something new. I can clearly see two streams – a “stats” and “ I love it” stream. Neither is wrong – you do what gives you pleasure. Tusk – jy het gedink tonteldoos is erg. Hier bloei dit, gelukkig is dit nie teen die kakies nie want ons sal ons dood stry voor hulle ons kan vang. I still do not accept that one group can split in two groups. But if the general opinion is that it is ok then so be it. Group A finds 10 findings west and group B finds 10 findings east then they all come together and they all log 20 finds. What is the motive behind it? It is number crunching. But this is not geocaching or the very reason for it in my opinion. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am the only one that is wrong or is there more of us feeling the same. Just to highlight my point further with a extreme example but which is still applicable. If the above is ok then it will be ok for me to find one cacher in each province in South Africa and we will form a group. There is 9 cachers and we will log on behalf of the other cachers. Each of the 9 cachers must find 500 caches for the year. At the end of the year we as a group has found 4500 caches. By next year we will have more than 9000 caches as a group. Only thing I need to do is to record 9 logs for each cache I found and the same applies to the other guys. I can even go further and why should I not include other countries – I have family in Germany that are also cachers. Let them log on my behalf and for the other 8 guys as well. If you want to see stats then you will see stats. It is now no longer the stats that counts, it is the number of people in your group that counts. If this is ok, who volunteers to be in my group so we can really push the numbers for this year. If you compare stats and you are in for stats then you have to level the playing field. How can you compare the stats of a group of 10 to one person doing caching? It is difficult for me to chew on this one. If my friend and I decide to go climb mount Everest and I chicken out in the hotel room and he climbs it - can I claim that I conquered mount Everest because we were in a group? I do not think so. I have no problem on my caches. If a group is doing this at my caches I will turn a blind eye – but I will not like it. If a group of 10 people visit and they all sign the log – yes that will give me pleasure and I will love it. The same with one of my own caches – one of our wood suppliers noticed a man and a woman at one of my caches. That afternoon two logs appeared and I confirmed it again with my friend just to make sure. It is obvious that the other group were not there. I will turn a blind eye and refuse to delete his log. But did my cache give me any pleasure – no it meant nothing now. Am I glad that the other log was false and that he added a number to his finds. No – I do not like it. Gerhard
  21. Maybe I must give your guys a little bit of insight what is sometimes happening in the geocaching field. This is a rare occasion and not the rule - I hope. Geocaching is a family sport and we do this sport because it gives us pleasure in finding the little boxes and to see the various locations. Most of the caches that I visited brought me to places that I never visited. Some of them give me great pleasure and some brought me a lot of pain and bad memories. Yes, some had me up in arms and unfortunately I have a very quick temper. But at the end of the day when I calmed down I realized that there was a reason for the cache to be planted and that I have to look for the reason. But at the end I do geocaching because I like to do it, the rush of the hunt is something nice and cool. I do number chasing as the second thing and not the first thing. To me this is personal. If one analyzes my logs and finds you will see patterns. I do the maximum finds in the minimum time. I travel in certain directions and certain paths. For example my next target is the ones in MP in the Sabie-Pelgrimsrest area. All these caches are somewhat in a line and it is a guaranteed high number of finds for the day. I do not drive around with a GPS on my dash and try to find them as they pop up. The people that do this method are the ones piling up low numbers with huge distances. You only need to look at the GSAk stats to see if a cacher is efficient or not and to get an idea of how far a cacher must travel to get some numbers behind him. If you live in Gauteng with a lot of caches around you then no planning is probable needed. To get to this goal of the maximum finds in the minimum time a lot of planning is involved. You need to select your cache routes very careful. If you start traveling south and north and then south and north you will loose a lot of time. You need to align your caches with your travel route and direction of travel. To do this I sometimes use the stats of other geocachers. It is easy. With the South African map on the caching stats it is now easier than before. Look at the map of South Africa and if a person has high finds in a certain province then you look at his individual caches for this area. You then find the dates the persons have done these specific caches. You download their caches as waypoints and you pull them into Mapsources and you could see their travel path. With a little bit of patience you can create the same path that they followed for that specific date and number of caches. I do not want to point fingers but I discovered one abnormality while using this method. I once came across persons that have recorded a big number of caches. I pulled the caches as waypoints into Mapsource and I quickly releases that something was terribly wrong. I tried to join the cache in Mapsource in all different patterns but the best time these caches could be done was something like 14 hours. With other words they traveled from cache to cache in 14 hours without search time or any rest or any slack time. I even rechecked the dates and yes all the finds were on one specific day. I then assumed that these guys done some night time caches and I then try to redo the route on mapsource while analyzing the listings for the ones that could be done during the night. During my planning I discovered that the caches were in all directions and I could not understand how this group was getting the high numbers. I also considered the fact that they did visit the caches but on different dates but only declared one date in the logs. However, I discovered the answer very quickly when I visited the caches. I quickly realized that there are two separate hand signs in the log books. I still have my written recording of this on my printed listings. I went home and I studied this and the logs. One of the logs was saying that they were a group. I then understood the high finds. I had proof in my hand that these guys are real bullsh*****s. They spitted in two groups and there was one person in both groups that were signing the logs on behalf of the complete group. I then separated their cache finds in two groups as per signature in the log books and pulled it into Mapsource as two different routes. The two routes made sense and you could clearly see the paths that the two groups were following. I have the proof. I only need to make copies of the log books and the proof will be completed and acceptable as proof. Even a blind man without a stick can see this. These guys got the high numbers and I know who they are and hope that they will be blushing when they see me in person or while reading about this on the forum. One day you will face me - shaking my hand at an event while you have to look me straight into my eyes – you will know that I know. I feel sorry for them because they missed the point of geocaching and soon some of them will get bored. This is the only pattern I picked up and to me it is an exception. It is however a great pity. Let us forget about the logs in question, the keyword is in good faith and I can understand why it was log and it does not bother me at all. This was not done deliberately and the intention was not to commit fraud. There are much bigger things that is happening than this small incident. I know that the cacher who has done these logs is showing interest in geocaching and that they are enjoying it a lot and that they do more good for the sport. The bottom line is that they are enjoying it and does not cause harm to anyone. I dealt with the particular cacher before and I only have a good impression and respect for this person. We must not grab exceptions and hold it up as a weapon against them – it causes more harm than good. We all do things sometimes different but there is a line between good faith and the obvious blatant bull. Sometimes the internet is not good and we sometimes forget that the logs that we place or the words we so easily type down is been read by another person of flesh and blood and that it does sometimes dishonor them or hurt them. The guys that are deliberately doing fraud are the ones that must be caught. It does not bother me that they have the high finds, at the end of the day they robbing themselves from the opportunity to see something knew or to experience something they never done before. This is the guys that will eventually disappear with their high numbers from geocaching.com. The worst person is the one that cheats on himself and who planned to do it this way. At the end they are the ones robbing themselves and the pleasure geocaching can bring to them. A high number of finds will not bring you the world cup. My brother refused to get into the numbers game. I noticed that he is now finding the caches and he is not recording them on the site. There are two recent FTF which he visited in the Western Cape and if you notice the logs you will see that no one is claiming the FTF. I contacted him and he told me that it was found by him. He only uses the waypoint and he will sign the log book but will not record it as such on the net. To me this is also wrong and irritating and it defeats the rules. As we visit the caches in the western province in the next 2 weeks we will read the logbook and if there is an inscription in the logbook that proof that he was there we will then update his profile on his behalf. I am aware of his password. Again, this could also be considered as fraud by certain cachers. But if the log is reflecting his name and date why should I not record this on his behalf. It is most irritating to do a cache as a FTF, just to discover that there is a log inside the cache of days before your visit. I need to know if my fellow cachers will see this as fraud if I complete his logs on the site on his behalf. It will only be done if a log can be found. Inside the logbook His logs were completed months before our intended visit and are among many other visits. It is thus not possible to add in a name between the other cachers. This was my very long 2 cent contribution. Is there anyone still awake? Or am I alone. Gerhard
  22. Wow, you now have one angry ginger kitty on your lap. I think we need to get back to the real question. The answer is that it is not acceptable or common practice to log an own find on your own cache. I only notice one person logging such a find. To me it is also obvious that Ginger do have some exceptions on this rule which in her case could be justifiable in some of her circumstances. These finds do not bother me and I believe that they are done in good faith. However, I do have one question. I have two caches that were found twice. Maybe I should bring this to the open before I get scratched. My first cache was found by me only. My family also wanted to find this. So I brought them to the cache area. My name gerhardoosMPsa is a little bit out of focus. We are actually 3 members into one name. I did not help my family to find this cache but they did find it eventually. We recorded this as a second find. We seen this as a family training cache and a true find was recorded by a cacher name consisting of 3 members. To me this is a find. The other cache in question is one from Hosta. There was a couple of DNF’s on this cache and we searched for it. We eventually found it and we recorded the waypoint after realizing that the published waypoint is not accurate. This was log as a find – find number 1. Later we noticed that the cache was temporarily disabled after another DNF. At this stage the published waypoint was not corrected on the listing. In good faith we wanted to verify if the cache is muggled or not as we were the last ones that recorded a find. Our intentions were good and we also dropped a coin in this cache and we would not like to see a missing coin. We then drove out to this location to help the owner of the cache and the owner of the coin. As we arrived at the site we realized that we only have the published waypoint and not our recorded waypoint of the last find. The problem at this cache is that every stone looks the same. We ended up searching for this cache low and high and it took us nearly 30 minutes to locate the cache again. As a family we discussed this among ourselves and we searched for some guidance and there were no guidelines in a case like this. We then decided to log another find as this was a true search and find – we did not walk to the location and log it. This was one hell of a search mission. There is also another question – there is one cache in the Lowveld where the cache owner stated that dummies must be planted and that the cache can be move to a new location by the next cacher. This will make maintenance very difficult and the cache owner could be searching for it for a while. At one stage he could not find it. Is this not a DNF and a find for the owner if he has to hunt for it? Because the cache location is unique every time he visits it. If a cacher visits this the next time – could he not log a find as the cache is moved around all the time? Is this not an exception on the rule? Gerhard
  23. Congratulations to CrystalFairy with 1400 finds and Krazong with 200 finds and gwily with his quick 100 finds. I see IPajero went pass the 850 mark and still going strong. Gerhard
  24. Some tonteldoos stats. (14 in total are planted) Two cachers are in progress with their caches. Two cachers and locations are unknown. Containers. Micro – 1 Small – 4 Large – 1 Regular – 8 Cache Types Multi – 5 Traditional – 6 Puzzle - 3 Locations: Eastern Cape – 1 Free State – 2 Gauteng – 3 Kwazulu Natal – 2 Mpumalanga – 2 North West – 3 Western Cape – 1 In the pipeline are another one somewhere in Gauteng and one in Kwazulu Natal Success rate A total of 58 finds were recorded (including owner). Two DNF’s were recorded. One tonteldoos is temporarily unavailable. Cache finds: Tonteldoos 8 Vredesboom generated 14 finds. Tonteldoos 3 – Young Paul generated 9 finds. Tonteldoos 4 – Louwtjie Leeus generated 6 finds. Cache Clues: RedGlobe have 6 clues (43% of the available clues) TeamGinger, Cincol, DiePienaars, Nish4, Strider_Sa, have 3 clues. (21% of the available clues) 42 Cachers have 1 or more clues. There are two cachers that still owe us tonteldose. Could the two cachers please confirm with me their names and the probable locations of the hides via e-mail to the other members of this series as well? Two cachers did contact me and I know their possible locations, but two is still unconfirmed. If they do not come forward then Tusk will have to do correction on them or two new cachers must replace them. I noticed that only two are available down south – one is Western Cape and one in Eastern Cape. We are busy with our planning for our trip south and we have only two tonteldoos caches on the 8000 km trip. I will cry if I travelled 8000 km just to see another cache or 2 planted in the Cape Province area on arrival back home. We will start moving down to Gariep on the 22 June. I will have limited access to the Internet during this period and I would appreciate a phone call from the other tonteldoos owners if a cache is planted somewhere in the Cape. Or else I will miss them. I did circulate my cell phone number to the members and I would appreciate a call. Is there anyone that will volunteer for “an eye on the new tonteldoos listings”? Yes, by word of warning – many cache owners are going to be worried. I will move TB’s and coins around all over but I will only log them in 3 weeks from now. They are not stolen or lost – I just could not log them. If I remove a TB or coin I will record it in the logbook. For example we are planning to move the one from Cape_Guy to AmmaSoekSoek in Port Elizabeth. Do not panic if it is not there. If there are any cachers down in Cape Town that is interested in helping us when we get stuck I will appreciate it if they could drop me an e-mail. I would have loved to do the ones that were never found in the mountains but backup and knowledge of the area is limited. Maybe some cachers can meet me somewhere and we can find them as a group. Drop me an e-mail if someone wants to climb mountains. Gerhard
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