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  1. The one thing that still gets to me is finding the cache and you can not remove it. You can even see it, it is in reach but if you touched it then it gone for sure. Somewhere in my mind there is always the struggle of “Let us try” on the one side and on the other side it is “Leave it for the next cacher”. To walk away with your tail between your legs is disappointing. The other thing that annoys me is that I arrive at a site and I search everywhere and I do not find it after 20 minutes. The next time you search for the cache you find it in 5 seconds. To bug you more all the cachers log “This was too easy” or “Straight forward”. The question is always “What was different with this search than the previous one and you come up with no answer. gerhard
  2. Wow, nothing beats this one. This is too much. You can not negotiate with a swarm of bees. Yes, you can stick your head in their nest and try to talk to them but not for long. There are only four basic types of conflict management. You only have two choices; stick your head in the sand, forget it, stay away from his caches or else your logs could be deleted and carry on. My question is what will happen if this guy meets you at his cache? Your second alternative is to fight it further with Groundspeak. You have reached deadlock with this person. They will have to get into action here. Maybe we should all e-mail him requesting if we can be of assistance. If 293 cachers in South Africa contact him he could change his mind. Ok, if we all complain 3 times that will give him 900 e-mails to answer. It should make him humble and tired. If he tries to fight us all then each cacher can complain at Groundspeak. With 293 complaints against him they have the right to show him the door. Ok, this is only the mean streak in me that came up with this one. The best is that no South African cacher must get involve. Battlerat will now have to battle this one. All the best. Gerhard
  3. I was reading the logs of the owner and from our guy. Nothing strange can be found. All the logs are good and are a pleasure to read. There is only one cache with the name Hotpants that was strange. Someone complaint to geospeak about this cache but never laid an official charge. But “batsgonemad and his squirrel” never visited this cache. The owner is not sure who laid the complaint. This happen about 4 months ago. Could this be the problem? I really hope you resolve this. It is a lovely area and it must be real fun to do the caches. If you don’t just let it be. Sterkte. Gerhard
  4. If one has a problem such as this and you are stuck then desperate times calls for desperate measures. Or else this will bug you for a very long time and it will not end. Maybe the next step is then to e-mail all the cachers that have attended the event and request them if they have any problem with you or your behaviour and that you would like to resolve the issue with them if there is any. You only need to draft one e-mail and off it go to all cachers. Ok, if more than 2 cachers respond with negative remarks then I will let it die quickly. Listen to the reasons take it full in the face and into the family jewels and learn something. If no response is given or all is positive feedback from the other cachers then you have some proof and I believe then you should have enough to approach Groundspeak. It will be very interested to see what and how they are going to react. Then the chance is that the owner is the one that complains. At least you could get closer to the source of the mass hysteria. FishEagle, where are you? You have much more strings you can pull. We have a fellow South African that needs help. You are too quiet and I know that you are watching. Any comments? Yes, this is a mess. How can you correct yourself if no one comes forward? I hate cloak and dagger games. Rather look me in the eye and say your say. I have a lot of respect for such a person. You are sure this guy is not pulling your chain? This is quite extreme. If I was closer I would have accompanied you with a lot of friends. This would be a very interested event to be remembered for a long time. In Afrikaans we always say “Hier het ons ‘n broek vol planne nodig”. All the best of luck and I hope you can resolve this one in the best interest of all parties. Keep us posted. Gerhard
  5. Wow, beam me up Scotty. Maybe you met the owner of Ireland. For those interested in this topic the relevant material is included. This is a very interested case study. The event owner is very keen to use force to remove the cacher from the event. To me this is assault if he touch you. He must feel very strong and must have a very good reason to go to such extremes. Wow, this is tough. This is not good vibrations. What is next – ban you from finding caches in Ireland? Or a cock fight at one of the caches. This is not nice for a family event. This must leave a very bad feeling and if one does not resolve this then it will grow. I belief that a reconciliation meeting or attempt must be done via a third party who have no interest in this incident; this is one of those rare cases where you will not be able to resolve this on your own. He will defend his point and you will be in the dark. Confidentiality is good but if it start to hit the lows then it must be resolved. It could be that a certain cacher have his knife in for you for some reason. Maybe you rate of caching is too good, maybe you had a difference of opinion, maybe you are getting the FTF before him. It is also a concerned that he mentioned that he knows that you are a South African. This could be the real reason. For this you will need to have a third party and I also believe that the event must be archived via geocaching.com until the cachers have resolved their differences. This is against the good will of the event and only geocaching have the authority to halt it. This is the actions that I will follow. This is however my opinion and maybe this is wrong. 1. Try to resolve this issue with the owner. 2. If not successful then official complaint to geocaching.com. 3. Event to be archived until resolution is found. 4. Both parties informed and given 7 days to explain their position. 5. Respond to both parties and try to determine the reasons and validity for the banning. 6. Negotiating the mitigating factors and reasons with both cachers. 7. Final resolution. 8. Event enabled. I hope you can resolve this with the owner. The owner have 399 caches to his name and maybe he is lacking the skills to deal and to understand the rules. If there is a issue then he should be willing to give you the details – if not he leaves you with a situation that have no answer and no action to correct. Good luck Gerhard Will attend. Sam and I will defiantly be there but will be really fashionably late and will be there for the evening bash till we are thrown out. I work Saturdays and finish at 16:00 and we normally out of the venue by 17:00. So depending on where i'm working will determine how fashionably late we arrive, or as fast as my little Berlingo will go. About time the chaps up north start having a few event's so we can get to know each other. Cacher remarks after attending the event. Finally arrived at the venue, after having left late from work, how frustrating it was, been indoors and it was very hot where i was so not really comfortable, while all you good people were out finding plastic containers. As we approached the venue we caught a glimpse down the valley and i was awe struck by the beauty of the area. Ive read alot about places to see and things to do since we arrived here and i wonder how i missed finding out about this hidden gem. I was sad to have missed the whole day as it seems from the logs that it was a great day out. Those that we did meet at the end of the event was great, the cake was yummy(i just found out from Sam now that she did not bring cake home and i thought she did, bummer). Kagemu a great event guy lots of effort 5 stars for you. Can we look forward to another next year maybe-hint hint. Owner remarks after event (Only part) Thanks to team Swift for coming along to Waterfoot (I've really enjoyed doing your caches in the past and it was good to see you making it along to one of mine). Thanks to batsgonemad and his squirrel for being "really fashionably late" but coming along nonetheless. Thanks to Jingwe and KellyKitty and "the sproggs" for attending and being so enthusiastic and supportive throughout the day.
  6. Wow, this is bad that someone can get ban from an event. This is a new one. I would like to see the end of this one. Events are legally open to all and most are in public areas and published on the web for all to see – it is not exclusive but inclusive. I will never again complain about a wet log, a lighter in a cache, waypoint out by at least 10 meters or a micro between hundreds of rocks – this one with the kick in the family jewels does gave a new meaning to the word rude and annoying. This must be number 1 on the list. Keep us posted about this one, this should be interesting. Gerhard This event is about meeting other geocachers and enjoying their company on a walk through some of the most beautiful scenery Northern Ireland has to offer at a pace which everyone can enjoy. I have tried to cater for a range of fitness levels, ages and abilities and provide a simple, straightforward introduction to hillwalking. Hillwalking is not an essential requirement of the event however and geocachers who want to come along later in the day and join us at the evening venue are more than welcome. The event is open to ALL geocachers, their family and friends. This event is NOT about pushing people beyond their limit. It is NOT EVEN about finding out where that limit is.
  7. Ok, sounds like someone is enjoying this. It will be no fun to have only 6 or less cachers looking for the final cache. Please do not interpret my stats incorrectly – my aim is not too break your spirit but only to serve as a caution and to highlight the urgency. Time is moving fast and if you are not aware of your finds in relation with time you could be disappointed. I am trying to help and to support and not to kick you in the back. It is easy to turn the numbers into negative feedback. You can do 4 caches in Gauteng on the same day with planning. The next day you can get to the ones in North West. So it easy to accelerate the caches. Maybe we should start with a lift club for the remote caches. At least we can share the cost and build some friendships along the way. Maybe this will bring back the comrades among the cachers. Every cacher is a unique person – there is none like you and I. We come from different beliefs, education, cultures and influences and we all act different to the same situation. All of us have some negative things and things in the cupboard. Maybe the real value of the tonteldoos series should be to build the spirit among us. Ok, do not throw stones we all live in glass houses. Maybe my house is thinner. Green light: (from 11 clues to 3) RedGlobe still flying high. Well done. RedGlobe 11 gerhardoosMPsa 9 DiePienaars 5 CrystalFairy 4 Carbon Hunter 4 Antron 3 foraginghedgehogs 3 Nish4 3 iPajero 3 KeithWood 3 Brick 3 Strider_SA 3 Team Ginger 3 Wazat 3 Orange Light (2 clues on tonteldoos caches – well done, this list could change quickly, it is possible to go to green in a jiffy.) cownchicken dakardrix GlobalRat The Gold Diggers Arwen_SA Brahman keithlan Noddy Kwenda Tafuta Wildbirds warthog Sh0w me the Cache LeonW cincol I&J Red light (1 clue and one cacher attended one but no success) Also not impossible only you can chance this, it is only a reminder that you are behind. Do not give up but you can still get there with some effort, or else you can choose to find it later but without the big prize which is a big surprise.) Jokers Guild Robin Hills River God Boff Maverick & Goose Quantam Leap GreenJaM jjtoymachine mdsmith Wormgeocash Jors Donderbos tomtwogates snoopy12 battlerat and pussycat boris Mocco1301 tolbos Krazong ShambleRamble iNokia Chessmate KarlduP Zantus ravenmeistre Wessies Cabey eragonSaphira cslyoda RobSA Tricky Vicky & Mickey cache-fan Shaka & Shakespeare Urban Campers Megaben Rhino and Hedgehog Whostops steve&sav nuvidan2 Blackjack Bailey Trackinfind Gerhard
  8. Some good news and some bad news. I was playing around with the stats in an effort to determine how many cachers will be able to find the complete tonteldoos series and who will be ready to do the final cache during April 2009. When I calculated the stats I took certain realistic dates and determined that 72 days has passed and only 231 days remained to find the caches. I then had to use a frame of reference and I assumed that cachers will find only one tonteldoos cache per day. This is not actually true because if you push it you can find the caches in Gauteng and close by in one day. The following came to light. If you have 11 clues then you took 7 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 33 days in the future. This specific person does have a good rate of find and in all probability he should be able to compete in the final cache. Green light for this cacher. If you have 9 clues then you took 8 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 26 days in the future. This specific person does have a good rate of find and in all probability he should be able to compete in the final cache. Green light for this cacher. If you have 4 clues then you took 18 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 16 days in the future. This specific person does have a good rate of find and in all probability he should be able to compete in the final cache. Green light for this cacher. If you have 3 clues then you took 24 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 15.4 days in the future. This specific person must increase his hunting and must find more than 1 tonteldoos cache per day. But he is still going strong but more effort is needed. Still green light for these cachers. If you have 2 clues then you took 36 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 14.4 days in the future. Effort will be needed and more than 2 tonteldose must be achieved per hunting trip to get back in line. This is a yellow light flickering. If you have 1 clue then you took 72 days to find one clue a day. This person must now find a tonteldoos cache and clue every 14 days in the future. A lot of effort is needed and a red light is flickering for these cachers. Summary At present about 14 people are good to go for the final cache which represents only 20% of the cachers that started hunting these caches. Green light for them. At present another 15 people are good to go for the final cache which represents 21% of the cachers that started hunting these caches. It is still possible to find all the tonteldoos caches but a yellow light is showing. I hope this is of some value. Gerhard
  9. Ginger, sorry I missed this one. You said something of publishing a photo on the website of the TB – when? Gerhard
  10. Just my 2c worth. I think there is enough evidence to support me. Most caches that are planted on the peaks are on somewhat established routes. If one analysed these caches then there is many that is not found after two years or longer. If I look at the Swellendam caches then it is actually sad to see that there are no attempts. If you look on the Internet you will find the map for these trials and all the information you need. But yet people stay away from them – but only a small amount of effort is needed. People are different and I accept that hiking is not for everybody. Ok, the majority of people do not climb mountains and they do not hike. Rock climbers are even less. Most cachers do not even know what the term belayer or cam means. To plant a cache in an extreme remote area is in my personal opinion not good. You have even less chance to see a find on this cache than on the one in the established area. On the other hand the cache owner must maintain them. Conditions change quickly – the easy going route can suddenly change in dense vegetation which could be impassable in the next year. One can go overboard and plant one on the moon. Who is going to find him? What is the point of doing it? You plant a cache to show someone something new and to read his log afterwards. If it is bad then you fix it. If it is good you pat yourself on the back. At the end, geocaching is a family sport. My wife can not climb mountains, but she would love to stand on top of a mountain. But she loves to play the backup and she loves to share my photos and memories. It is the scenery and the challenge and how I overcome them that she loves. In most cases I climb and hike alone – even the long ones. For me to go into an extremely remote area is not practical. I am already accepting a risk to be alone and to increase the risk more is not good. There is a fine line that needs to be well balanced. Let us use this example. We hiked down to the old dam in George; some people do not even realized that there is one. It is in bad shape. But the going is tough and extreme. In rainy season you will get hurt in this area. Many years ago there was a path leading up to this area. Today there is just bush and you need to know where you going. Do not think this is established. You walk zig zag and all over the place to find it, GPS is going crazy. No direct routing to this one. I can plant a cache and only state on the listing “Cache planted at old dam, please enjoy”. To get your way to this one and to get back is not easy if you do not know the area. I was basically born on this mountain but it was extremely frustrating to get there. As a cache owner I accept responsibility for the safety of the cacher. I will not plant a cache in this area because I know that there is a good chance of getting lost, that he/she could be injured and if it does happen there is no quick rescue. So forget about the golden 30 minutes. Higher up from the dam is more challenges and a good place for caches, but you must have the ability to use rock climbing equipment. I can take you a R1000 bet that if this is planted in this area that no one will attempt it. Therefore I will not plant a cache in this area although it is a nice location. Wazat just placed a cache in the Drakensberge. This is not a walk in a park and it offers more than enough challenges for the average person. It took a while to remember this one – but I was there before. It is not easy. But you have the support system and you can get the information. You can do a risk assessment and you can mitigate your risk to acceptable levels. In an extreme remote area you have too much unknowns that can not be measured or predicted and they normally comes as a surprise. All mountaineers I know do not like surprises and they do weigh the chances and risks that they must take. My bottom line is that if people loved the extreme isolated caches they would be rushing up mountains, hills and through valleys to find the “easy” ones which are lying dormant for the last 4 years already. This is only my viewpoint and there should be many that differ from me. Gerhard
  11. This is why we have this forum. We learn from the masters..... and their dogs. You have your answer. The only problem is that we are about 300 discoveries behind.
  12. Anlufu, sounds like there is an option open. Maybe geo_kitten have a contact in the UK for a TB for a dog. Maybe I should get one as well. Ok, next time you see me wrapped up in bandages – do not worry, it is not the fault of the cacher I only retrieved the TB number from Anlufu’s dog – the friendly one. But you have a point. If the TB is on the dog and www.geocaching.com is on the tag as well then someone should be able to figure out how to find the owner. I never thought about this one. I see light in the tunnel. If your dog becomes separate from the owner then the chance of recovery is greater. After all it is easy to publish the number – it is a positive identification. The chip implant should then verify it as well. Nice idea Analufu. Gerhard
  13. There was a hidden message – I think most cachers missed this one. I deliberately placed the link to see if cachers react to what they see. Sorry for the test. If you click on the link in my first message it will take you to a website. The number is clearly visible. According to the rules you have discovered it and you can now log a find on this TB. So easy to miss a TB. Poor guy, the whole of South Africa is now going to log this TB. I am waiting for a answer from our shop in South Africa –we will buy three. Thanks for the reply. Test summary:It appears as if out of 98 views only Jors logged it. (1%) Gerhard
  14. The world of TBs is changing. Now you get a T-shirts and a TB for the vehicle. The T-Shirt is a new one to me. I can’t help it, but I visually see a picture of a girl walking down the street with her bug and number on it – a guy walks up to her and asks if he can retrieve the bug. Ok, please hang onto your T-Shirt. However, we are more interested in the decal for the vehicle. My wife thinks it is absolutely crazy. We live in a small town with no cachers around. What is the chance of anyone noticing the bug on my vehicle and still have the time to write down the number to log a discovery? According to her I should have a better chance for a bumper bashing in Gauteng. Maybe this is where the exclusivity comes in. A hard one to find, except if I visit an event and if the cacher recognized it as a travelling bug. However, I am busy getting 3 for my vehicles. To me it is more than a bug, but a caching symbol. I personally think it is better than the GPS or GEO sign. For the non cacher it should be a weird sign and I belief that some people will question me about it. Maybe we can educate some muggles. On the other hand it is easy to identify the cacher. You only need to look at the number, a quick search on the internet with your cell and you know the name of the cacher. Please walk slowly if you see my vehicle parked near a FTF cache. I would like to hear the comments about this TB decal on your vehicle; I would leave the t-shirt alone. Am I crazy to stuck it on my vehicle – ok strike one to wife. Or is this the way to go. Opinions will be appreciated. Gerhard Vehicle decals
  15. Well done Dakardrix, I see you have found 450 of them. Gerhard
  16. Wazat, I loved your comment – you captured the essence of the climb. My family sometimes find it hard to understand. As a young child we have done many hikes in the Outeniqua Mountains. We discovered many things - for example there is a cave in the Outeniqua. We searched high and low but could not find it. My brother was present when we found it in our young days. We agreed on the area but could not find it. My brother left early for some business and I decided to climb the mountain on my own. It was during this stage my family asked me why I am doing it. Every time when I am down in George I climb the mountain. How many times must one climb to the top to be happy. I could not explain this. I then stated that it is there and I love the feeling of the hard work, there is no bull – it is like facing yourself and your limitations. The next is the feeling what you get to stand on top. It is something I can not describe. First it comes from the inside the relief that you made it – a proud feeling and a feeling of achievement. Then it is external – the beauty and the scenery and a feeling of peace even when tired. I packed my bags and I was ready to rumble or to stumble. It was only then my wife suggested that I should plant caches. This was not planned. We then delayed the hike and the next morning we bought some proper containers and goodies as I had none with me. Murphy’s Law then happened. The next day it started to rain and it drizzled for about two days. The peak was covered with mist and it was not good. The family then suggested that we should go to Cape Town but there was more rain and flooding that side. On the third day the rain started to clear and the caches were planted. The only thing I feel frustrated about is the caches at Swellendam. Since 2006 no one bothered to find them. It was on our hit list but we could not get to it. We targeted them because the owner went to check on them and he found them in good condition. It looks as if he really wants someone to find them. I am sure that the hike is good and that the cache owner wants to show us something good. The positive is that he is interested in maintaining his caches and he wants someone to find it. I done a lot of studying – the area and information on the hike and it is not a walk in a park but also not that dangerous. If all is well I will attempt it next year. Thabana Ntlenyana is however still on my list. Maintenance is an issue and I can only get to it in about 3 months time. This will not be acceptable to the reviewers. If I turn this in an earth cache then it should be ok or if someone can be found that can maintain it. I personally do not like to shift my responsibility so the earth cache is the one to go. An earth cache could survive the locals. On the other hand it could be no good because there is no cache or a log to sign. I also believe that the majority of cachers will not like the earth cache. So we have some sort of planning to be done on this one. The best part of this trip is that everyone can do it. If you are a lazy person or do not like to hike then you can do it on horse back. They get very close to the top. From September to February is rainy season in Lesotho. It is not the rain that bothers me but the lightning. What is the chance of getting struck by lightning if you are standing at the highest point south of Kilimanjaro? I do not have to answer this one. Up to October it is the snow that bothers. Maybe this will happen soon. I will inform you as I do pass through your town. Gerhard
  17. Wazat, thanks I was there before. I was then half my weight and nearly half my age. Maybe I will visit this one day – they say good wine is not old wine but mature wine. Somehow, this is not going to help me. I was wondering if any one was thinking about going to Thabana Ntlenyana to plant a cache or just to climb it. To me this was the ultimate peak. Height is 3482 meters ASL and it is the highest peak south of Kilimanjaro. About two years ago I was on this peak with my friend Dave. Not extreme climbing but a very long trip. There is enough rock at the top to hide a cache - the remains of a volcanic eruption many moons ago. We discussed this in detail the other night, maybe one should make this a earth cache. Somehow I think that very few cachers will ever visit the location. Both the orange and the Tugela have their sources in this mountain. We are planning to visit Lesotho some time or another and we will go up the mountain during that stage. It just gives me a good feeling to stand on top of it. I do not know why I climb mountains maybe it is the challenge or the feeling when you get to the top. The view is good and the climb is not that tough. Maybe this cache will be able to stay safe in Lesotho. Are there any other cachers that have done this hike to Thabana Ntlenyana? I planted three caches in the Outeniqua Mountains which have fantastic views. But at present I am worried; I was expecting some attempt to find them but nothing is happening. The one at the bottom is a walk in the park but it appears as if the majority of cachers do not like climbing and hiking too much. Maybe I am in a hurry to see a find. At present we forecast only one or two visits a year on them and the probable persons visiting them could be foreigners. I am watching these caches every night but it does get boring when no one is going up to them. Ok, now is a bad time with the weather. Maybe this is why the first to finds are probably waiting. Thanks for the info – maybe one day I can log the cache. Gerhard
  18. Wazat, I am trying to remember some of my old days. I have done this trip about 15 years ago when I was still staying in Newcastle. Maybe I thinking of the wrong peak. If I remember correctly then there is a Wazat factor here. Somehow I remember that we battled to get to the top. There is only one way to go and if you miss it then you will not make it. I remember a rock face which stopped our progress and if I remember correctly we had to go lower and then we found the route. Could you please send me some pictures to refresh my memory? I will appreciate it if it is possible. Gerhard
  19. We will attend the function to do the other caches in the area. The scars are still showing for the down trip. We will miss this one – will wait for Bouts to arrive. Thanks Gerhard
  20. You touched on something that was in my mind for a while. I also placed mine in a plastic bag because this is what most cachers do. But yet I found a couple of caches with no plastic bag and bone dry. A while ago I visited a cache where the plastic bag disintegrated. I could not place it back – too many plastic pieces around. While I battled to get hold of all the pieces I was really wondering if I should not remove the bag from my caches. I planted one without the bag to see if it will hold – 2 months later I found it inside a plastic bag. I left it – maybe this was the correct way. I am sure that some cachers experimented with this before; I would love to see their comments. I came across several camouflaged bags – I must say it appears that they are doing well. I know FishEagle uses them in several places and they look good. If I can get my wife to do this then I would also used this technique. The other thing that worries me is to get the cache out of the bag. I am always wondering if there is not a nasty hiding in it. I would love to hear the comments from the other cachers and their experience. Gerhard
  21. I have noticed that MrGigaByte is logged on. He does have 5149 caches to his name and is from Soviet Canuckistan and a charter member. Please tell us more about your hometown – it looks like a very interested country. Gerhard
  22. Congratulations to RedGlobe for achieving 11 clues on the tinder box series. He went pass the major milestone of 10 clues. Well done !!! Next milestone is 15 finds and then 18. We must give him some competition or else he will be the only one doing the final cache. For more information: http://www.silvershoes.co.za/Tonteldoos/ Gerhard
  23. Maybe of interest to someone. This is the list of the cachers and the amount of clues they have with reference to the series. (only 3 or more) Top Tinderbox cacher, he is not finding them - he is chasing. RedGlobe 11 clues. Six clues gerhardoosMPsa Four clues, at present somewhere in the Cape CrystalFairy The following cachers have 3 clues. Antron Arwen_SA Brick cincol DiePienaars foraginghedgehogs iPajero KeithWood Nish4 Strider_SA Team Ginger Wazat
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