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  1. Maybe I am out of line here but if true please give me a smack offline. Ok, no kicking below the belt. I am sure that we discussed the rules a long time ago. I am also sure that we said we will allow clue swapping to enable more cacher to find the final one. I do not know if this legal or not but it is open for discussion. If one look at the cache chart than 111 cachers have 1 clue. I am sure if you start swapping the clues than some cachers should find the correct clues to enable them to find the final cache. Maybe we should open this for discussion and if we agree and FE agree than we should publish this on each and every listing for a tonteldoos cache. Maybe some movement will be seen on this series. Gerhard
  2. Carbon Hunter you have 7 clues. It consists of 6 finds and you are an owner so you have the clue on that one. You thus found the following, Paul Kruger, Louwtjie Leeus, Transvaal se onafhanklikheid, Young Paul, Howick, Jacobs Concentration Campa and Die Groot Trek. See I am watching you with a hawk eye. Gerhard
  3. Wazat, the nice part of doing rural areas is that you are doing this at one hell of a running speed. If the feet touch the earth you will be robbed. So the 9km should go easy and fairly quickly. Well the 70 for your area is not too shabby, if you take in account that you planted the majority. You have done well. I will be around sometime in the future for a weekend. I still have an appointment with one that side, correction; we have an appointment for one that is crying to be found. Is there anybody that found more than 16 FTF’s in a go? Gerhard
  4. Bouts, I have a total of 87. I got 1 on Friday, 11 on Saturday and 4 on Tuesday. Most FTF’s for one day is thus 11. Most FTF’s found in one month is currently at 16. I hope to get to 20 new finds for this month but if not then 16 should be fine, especially for an Ermelo cacher in MP. Thanks Wazat - I see you are also doing well that side. Gerhard
  5. I was never involved. Only a innocent bystander passing a coin. Gerhard
  6. +the pooks, +Fish Eagle, +iPajero, +DamhuisClan, BruceTP, +GEO936 Wow, suddenly there is a lot of life on this planet. Good evening to everybody. iPajero are all the caching plans in place for tomorrow? I see the tonteldoos caches are going down one by one. Gerhard
  7. Only Cincol is still standing. Gerhard
  8. There is one thing that is annoying – nanos. Most people do not understand how they work and they place the log incorrectly and that is quite annoying when it takes longer to get it out then to find them. Sometimes it is a huge struggle to get it out. This is the correct steps that work for me. Feel free to correct me or to educate me if I have it wrong. No – leave that stones alone. 1. The log fits nicely in the head. 2. Inside the log there is a small metal strip. 3. You unscrew the head and the log is in the head. 4. You now use the body (the bigger part) which contains the magnet to pull the log out of the head with the help of the little metal strip inside the log. 5. When you replace the log make sure that it is back in the head for the next cacher. (the smaller part) I found nanos where the magnetic strip is removed and others are squashed inside when the head is screwed back onto the body. Some of the logs were made smaller and then it no longer fits properly in the head. This is still ok as the log will just drop out by itself. When I start to struggle then it is normally the time I want to place it in my slingshot and see how far a nano can travel. I hope some one understands what I am trying to say. Gerhard
  9. In Kenya there is one on the list. Must be extremely lonely at an event. I wonder how much loading this person is placing on the geocaching.com servers. Gerhard
  10. I noticed this web site by accident. Here cachers are ranked and you can see it per country. Gerhard World wide stats
  11. I noticed that iPajero found his 10th tonteldoos cache. So he passed the halfway mark and he only has 8 to go. Well done and I hope you find them all soon. I am keeping an eye on the tonteldoos caches and at present it is very quiet, good to see that someone is still making progress. Gerhard
  12. Hi everybody, I am in dire straits and I need help. Maybe this is a long shot in the dark but I have to try. We have an event on Saturday (yes, 29 August) at 15h00 and it was planned to do a handover of an achievement coin to a certain cacher with more than 2000 finds. Ok, that was the plan. Just recently we had a strike at the Post Office and at the moment there is one huge bottle neck. Snail mail just turned into something that had a lot of speed. The coins that were ordered about 2 weeks ago will not be available for Saturday and it is a huge disappointment. I ordered the coins from geotees. Questions: 1. Is there anyone that is on his way to Johannesburg, South Africa before Saturday 15h00? Please contact me via e-mail if you are prepared to help. 2. If anyone else has an idea how to get the coins here it will be appreciated. Ok, if your name is Bill Gates with a private airplane feel free to contact me. This is not nice Postman Pat. Gerhard AKA gerhardoosMPsa
  13. Eish Wazat, that is annoying – with friends like that you will never ever have the need to have enemies. I think the guy has the same name like me but I do not know him at all. I am sure that I never met him. We have to manage this annoying friend of yours. This is my plan of action to deal with this chap. Next time he comes around you do the following. Tie a rope to your big toe. Hang the rope out of the window and go to sleep. Stick a note to your front door and explain the rope theory on the note. Your friend will no longer be annoying as he will wake you up. The 04h00 time will also be resolved. Ok, if you find yourself hanging about 6 inches from the floor and stuck to the window like a beetle on a windscreen then I will seriously reconsider the relationship just before my big toe departs from my body forever. This is yet another well designed plan against annoying and to make geocaching more pleasurable. Yes, now I feel bad. But we will make a plan for this one. I wonder what this misadventure is going to cost me. Sorry. Gerhard
  14. I hope it was a little bit of a relaxing exercise for some. My personal view is that many things annoy me but geocaching is still good. At certain caches I even manage to annoy the owner. Last night I was applying reversed engineering to this question. “What is the thing that I do enjoy, and where at the same time there are no zero annoying factors?” I like my work but it annoys me not to get unlimited resources, my trip to work every morning, the morning meetings – the list is to long. It seems like there is nothing in the world that do not have this annoying variable build into it. I am now waiting for the next one “gerhardoosMPsa annoys me”. Will have to keep an eye on this forum. Sorry guys. Gerhard
  15. I notice a couple of new cachers among us. To assist them to be safe and to be well equipped in the ever caching environment of geocaching which involve everything life can through at you – from Metro police with guns to illegal caches I have design a special survival kit just for you. Also we have decided to be pro-active and we want to enjoy the game without the annoying little things. Our research department have exhausted all the resources to design a special geocaching survival kit for the beginner and the more experienced cacher. The final protype is tested and it is working very well. You now have a tool that will assist you with 98% of all challenges geocaching through at you. At a 2% uncertainty level annoying should be quite acceptable to the average cacher. This is the same probability and the confidence level that the Gautrain have not to disappear in a massive sink hole inside the worst dolomite area in South Africa. Please contact the writer if you want to form part of this new innovation system which embraces “out of the box thinking”. Feel free to join hands with us with a new innovative concept. Our marketing department is clearly forecasting that this is going to be run away sales. This will become fashion and please be the first to get yours now at a geocaching shop close to you. Footnote: We sell this with no guarantee, no free refills and with no risk to ourselves and we will not accept any claims whatsoever. Signed Gerhard (I hope this helps to get rid of annoying things)
  16. Vtro, you are one cool dude !!!. Even when cornered by the Metro guys you still keep to the fun part. The glass is not half empty but half full. For 15 caches you had more experience than guys with 1000 finds. I am glad that you will keep caching, well done and it is good to hear from you. Caching will never be boring. I hope the story have a good ending. I also think the comment from GR is valid and true and I second it. Gerhard
  17. Danie, The stats looks great. Just one word of warning, some of it is not correct. I have two caches in Natal near Newcastle. Baboon rock with 44 finds and Hilldrop with 40 finds. I know that these are isolated caches and there must be caches with higher counts. Newcastle view is also in the run. In MP this is “Where is Jock” with the most finds. The data was only tested with the active caches. Correction: Something horrible went wrong. GSAK is cutting off logs, comment about "Where is jock: is not correct. Correct setting at GSAK to display more than the specified caches to get all the logs. Sorry Danie. Gerhard
  18. Eish!! Luckily this was not a regular. I think you should cool down – get the proper permission and place it again. If they remove it again then you have the ammunition to get to them. If you have incompetent people you must always make sure that all loop holes are covered and you take it step by step until they hang themselves. Do the same. Maybe this is a dangerous area and just maybe they acted correctly. There are always two sides on a coin. I hope the other cacher is ok, he probably felt like a terrorist planting a bomb. Gerhard
  19. This is confusing and I am worried. I do a lot of assignments for Unisa. If you do any statement such as “This is based on this and therefore this is then this”, then you are in trouble. Any statements must be based on facts and you must quote from your resources. The intellectual right still belongs to someone. But I do not request permission from the writer of the text book. Ok, I also do not copy and paste but I use my own words. If I find information on the Internet and there is no specific terms that prohibits me from using or copying the information then that should be free for use. This is where it gets complex. This person (let us call this person X for argument sake) bought the original article from another person (for argument sake this is person Y) for a specific amount of money. But person Y is not the person that has the intellectual rights as this was discovered by a geologist. Person X now published this article on the NET with no prohibition for copying or using the information. To me this is now public domain and the idea is to share this information. Now it gets involved. Because I do not know what to do I then contact person Y asking for his permission to publish this information. He does not respond and I am now in the dark with no moon. I like to play with rules but here I think we have a problem with the rules and I would like to have some more clarity. I just discovered something. Attorneys are not cachers. Gerhard
  20. Yep, only Bouts and GpsStorm is left to keep the EC’s rolling. They are quiet so they must be busy with something up their sleeves. There is another one that I need to do near Nelspruit but I need to talk to both of them before we all three do the same one. I see there is some new EC’s that is screaming for a visit. By the way Cincol I found 4 of your other caches which I still need to be logged. Which ones – I won’t tell so keep an eye on your e-mails. Gerhard
  21. Thanks Bouts. I sneaked around very quietly but somewhere someone was watching. I should complete the finds requirement this week end. With the placement of the last required one we still have some hurdles to cross. The municipality can not confirm the ownership of the property. They think it belongs to them. So I must wait until they have discovered that they are the owners. I told them if there is any problem then I will gladly accept ownership to smooth things. This was not funny to them at all. They have no problem with the placement of an earth cache. But they first want to confirm ownership before permission is granted. Thanks again for some good and well researched EC’s in MP. I hope GpsStorm, CarbonHunter and you can do some more of them. The only challenge that remains is to find more active cachers in MP. Gerhard
  22. Sounds good. It is pity that the ones close by are archived. They were good and everybody enjoyed them. Cachers please supports this event. The FE events are good quality ones and they do put a lot of effort into these. Wazat, it does include you as well. You can drive to my house and stay over for the Friday night. I will give you a lift to the event. Yes, it does include the return trip. I really would like to introduce you to the hills, thorns and the beauty of Nelspruit. Sometimes it is like a combination of the beauty and the beast. All it takes is to get to me. Gerhard
  23. Woohah, we have some new cachers in Ermelo. Team is called Thequeenofhearts and Babbelenbekkie. I hope your guys have a long caching career. We need some competition here in MP. Welcome. Gerhard
  24. This figure points to a cacher that has many caches but he is not out there finding them. My karma according to GSAK on my personal stats is 0.51 but I have adopted caches so this does not count. But I believe people such as Fish Eagle with more than a 100 hides should appear somewhere in the list as well as CF. Gerhard Update: I had a good look at the data. Somehow we are not talking the same language. Caching karma = (number of finds on caches hidden by owner)/ (number of cache finds for the same owner) The above is Caching Karma = (Number of caches/ ((number of cache finds for the same owner) This is not the same. This ratio or caching karma is not specific; you have to look at the data for each cacher to understand what you have. You can have a cacher with 100 stashes with 1 find for each of them and 10 finds. His caching Karma is 10. You have a cacher that enjoy hiding caches but do not like to find them. On the other side you can have a cacher with 1000 finds and 1 cache hide with one find. Here the karma is 0.001. You have a cacher that loves to hunt caches but he is not hiding caches. With other words the higher this number the more this cacher is giving back to the geo caching community in the form of cache hides. But caching Karma is a bad figure to use and to understand. You can have a cacher with 1 hide and a very bad one but yet it is found 1000 times. But he has only 10 finds. His caching karma is then 10. If you compare this with a cacher with 100 hides and 10 finds then they should be equal. Nope. The one have only 1 bad cache and the other person has hidden 100 good caches. With other words caching karma does not present anything to me of value. If you do it for a province then it adds value. You will get a feeling of activity in the geo caching community. Gerhard
  25. Wazat I had myself in a knot with laughter for your comment – that was good, I enjoyed it. Ok, the bottom line is – never ever do any caches with gerhardoosMPsa under any circumstances. You get to play with a boom slang, roll in the mud, have a long walk back to camp in darkness and you get to play with many spiders bigger than you face and you end up with tick bite at the same time. Your little lady will meet me with a broom in her hand the next time I knock on the door. And that is not for sweeping. That reminds me - we still need to go and look for a special one in the Drakensberg. I hope you are prepared. Is your little black book up to date? On a serious note – that was one of the best times I ever had. I love snakes. Catch them, cut the dangerous part off at the right vertebra, remove the skin and the stuff that is not good in the inside and cut him up in rings like calamari. Cook with tomatoes and onions and serve with potato slices and you will be glad that they are there. The next time you meet a snake you look him in the eye and he will see all his brother and sisters in yours and he will go away with speed as he will know that he is the next one on the menu. Gerhard
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