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  1. On 11/20/2009 at 9:04 AM, C@ptainHook said:

    Not trolling, not trying to get people upset, not looking for attention. I'm just being realistic about TB/GC "requirements".


    I have some bugs now, and nobody owns them but me. I am definitely moving them on, I just don't want to drop my bugs in mediocre caches. I've emailed several of the people that started the bugs.

    Odd, your profile shows that you've had many for well over 9 years and counting. And you claim to not be a troll?



    edit: after reading your forum posts, I think another person was spot on when you were labeled a sociopath.

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  2. Is there a way to filter map results by trackables contained, or is it a matter of opening each to view the info on the cache's page manually?


    Side note: Wondering how travel bugs do these days. Had one of ours taken entirely, one taken logged but never placed again, and ones we've tried to help along be missing from their last logged location.

  3. 53 minutes ago, The Jester said:

    Oh, my!  That gave me a laugh!  80+% is a fraction of available caches alright...

    I already backtracked and noted that the search that prompted my input in this thread was an outlier.


    What on earth is with the toxicity on this forum?

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  4. 3 minutes ago, RuideAlmeida said:


    Large being... less than 10%?  :)

    This is the map search that led me to find this thread. It is a nearby area that we regularly hike/hunt. It dawned on me to see if there were any caches since the weather is not so hellish of late:



  5. 1 minute ago, niraD said:


    For the record, Premium Member Only caches have existed since before you created your geocaching.com account. Nothing changed during your "couple year break".

    That may have simply been a case of very few premium caches when I did searches in the areas I was targeting, so was never noticed to be something I'd been blocked from.. Where I am now, there are a large %.

  6. 3 minutes ago, RuideAlmeida said:

    One last try... after placing the GC code instead of "Go To", hit "Log", please...

    OK, THAT brings up the proper log page. However it does not provide access to the coordinates or description. So I could conceivably log it as found, but no way to have a clue where it may exist.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, RuideAlmeida said:


    Do you know what is a GC code... the unique code that identifies any cache. If you know it, just search for it, get the url and log the cache.

    When you use the geocaching home page search function for a GC code, it brings up a page prompting premium membership.


    I use a garmin as old as dirt, and typically do a map search of the area I plan to visit, and download the .gpx files to upload to the device.


  8. 1 minute ago, hukilaulau said:

    Right. Because these are just a bunch of hippies living for free in the Ballard district of Seattle. How dare they ask for Mo*ey?

    In fact, they should be sending you reports on your travelers' adventures every week. It's the least they could do for the time and effort you put into it.

    Easy on the snark, friend. It is not appreciated.


    1 minute ago, RuideAlmeida said:

    You just need to know the GC code...

    How do you access the cache's page without premium membership, or see on the map?

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  9. 1 hour ago, RuideAlmeida said:

    Geocaching is free... simply use the homepage to access any cache, download the waypoints into the app and you are good to go.

    There is no access to "premium caches" for non-paying members. You can see them listed, but they cannot be accessed beyond that.

    So no, "access any cache" is not true.


    31 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:


    Most of my family plays for free. I choose to pay $30 a year for a premium membership to support the hobby. But I can play for free if I want to. 

    Yes, monetized. You literally cannot access the "premium caches" beyond the list unless you pay. Yes, you can access all of the other ones for free, but only a fraction of the available caches.

  10. I'm curious... Why exactly does one need to carry a gun while Geocaching? Hopefully incase you run into an animal that is a threat and not to remove any FTF competition.


    I'll look past the possible troll attempt and give my POV and answer:


    Because I doubt very much that someone who would look to do myself or my loved ones harm (or innocent folks in general) would care if I am only geocaching, or shopping, or hiking, or attending a class, or going to the movies...


    I carry concealed wherever legal. Innocent activities are not guaranteed safe activities.

    (Also, I prefer not to be a "soft target")

  11. A simple way to solve the seasonal cache:

    Have it multi-staged. First cache gives 2 different choices, one for November->January that would be the coordinates for the holiday display, another for a non-holiday cache location. You could clearly state in note form that the first cache (the holiday one) is seasonal and from when to when.

  12. Geocaching attracts people from all walks of life.


    Be that as it may, if one can afford a GPS, a computer and internet access in order to geocache, they should be able to swing SOMETHING to leave that is not downright disrespectful to the game.


    I have not been doing this very long, but I would be embarrassed to leave something other than an item where folks would think "neat!". I will only take an item if I have something good to leave. If not, I'd simply sign and log my visit. Leaving something unsuitable is worth less than leaving nothing but a signature.


    Hope to place a cache this weekend. My wife and I stopped at a dollar store and for much less than $20, we filled it with some neat stuff. This may sound harsh, but I would hope that visitors not leave crap. Folks should put some thought into SWAG. I'd not think it too much to ask.

  13. If you think an area is so unsafe that you feel the need to carry a gun, it can't be a very safe place.


    ~.~Scare Force One


    Thank goodness for "gun free" zones.

    Thank goodness for malls with the "no handguns" policy signs on the doors.


    There are plenty of "safe places" where the criminals are potentially more "safe" than honest citizens.


    PS: I carry a Sig p229 in 40.


    Unintentional shootings accounted for 27% of firearm deaths. Ask these groups of people what they think about people who carry guns;

    A 4-year-old Hartford boy died early yesterday after he apparently shot himself with a revolver he found in a bedroom closet - the third youngster to die in an accidental shooting in Connecticut in the last month, the police said.

    Two 12-year-old boys, one from Naugatuck and the other from Hartford, were killed in accidental shootings on June 22 and July 8.

    These childern are dead so you can't ask them but I bet their parents are very willing to talk about people carrying/owning guns.


    Have you statistics for "accidental" shootings related to folks carrying concealed?

    It really sounds as though you are simply anti-gun, rather than anti-carry.

  14. This is very interesting. There is a cache right down the street that is similar - a bolt that was added to an empty hole on a bridge. To sign the log , the bolt has to be removed, then replaced. Since the cache owner added the bolt to a useless hole (there is nothing about this that affects anything structural or safe about the bridge), I just thought it was a clever cache. Never even thought that it was tampering with gov property, etc. If we go down that "tampering" or "unethical" path, wouldn't a lot of caches be subject to this line of thinking? Micros stuck on signs, magnetic key boxes on guardrails, etc?


    IMHO, it boils down to this:

    A LEO sees someone taking a bolt out of a government-owned item, or appears to be tampering with something in a suspicious way (with the state of the world the way it is, many folks have their eyes open for such stuff), his first thought is not going to be "perhaps they are simply playing a friendly game of hide and seek".


    I would personally not want to put a seeker in such a position.

  15. I think the City Navigator NT is was having issue with Nonautomobiles, however the 60csx version 3.50 fixes transfer issues via USB on Mac OS. If someone would confirm, that would nice. I dont have the NT version of the maps , so i cant assist..


    The latest version for my 60csx is still wonky USB-wise. A great deal of pluggin in, rebooting, handstands and gregorian chants are needed for mapinstall to acknowledge that your device is attached. Afterward, it takes a few hours for mapinstall to ATTEMPT to upload the city nav maps to the garmin.


    I really get the feeling that the folks working on the mac software at Garmin are clueless as far as macs are concerned. I mean, a simple thing like having the USB work right should not result in the wonkiness that their coders have instilled. On the flip side, 3rd party shareware like MacCaching works flawlessly.


    In short, they need to hire some mac tallent, as the folks they have on the payroll simply fail.

  16. As I get further into this hobby, I can feel myself drawn to helping the little TB buggers along. That said, a cache that lists contents with TBs gets my notice. If I made the effort to find a cache in order to give a TB a boost, and find that the bug had not been there for days (but not logged as taken), I'd most likely feel a little miffed.


    IMHO, ASAP for logging. If I find a TB and retrieve it, I feel I owe it to the owner to log it as accurately and up-to-date as I can. I'd also feel I owe it to the folks seeking out TBs in caches. ESPECIALLY things like jeeps, which folks may plan entire GC trips to seek out.



  17. Complete newbie here, I've never really looked into a GPS unit, but my wife and I do like to go out hiking and snowshoeing so I've often thought about it. Generally speaking we stick to paths and places we know but this idea of Geocaching seems like a great thing to do. (An old friend we met at a wedding got us thinking about this last weekend as she apparently is pretty active doing this)


    That being said, we have 2 two young children so money isn't easy to come by.


    Realistically, what should we expect to spend for a GPS unit, and are there other expenses we should expect to incur (software etc)?


    I just started a week ago.

    Here is my purchase list to date:

    $280 - GPSMap 60CSx (after $50 rebate)

    $60 - Topo 2008

    $10 - Screen Shield

    $20 - 2gb memory chip

    $20 - 4 Travel Bugs to place (soon)

    $30 - Yearly subscription to GC.com premium


    $420 total so far.

    (I intend to get the $140 bundle of US street maps, dash holder and cigarette power cord)



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