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  1. I didn't even know that was possible. :lol:

    It's very possible. On Amazon you can set up your own store front on your own site and get a commission from selling stuff on Amazon. On our (wife and I) Medical Coding website, we have a bookstore that is through Amazon, where we sell stuff just on the Medical Coding and Billing subject. However, we still get a commission if you buy something entirely different, as long you through our "portal" (link) and search for something else. So if anyone wants a "GREAT" deal on a Garmin, go to our medicla coding website, then to our online bookstore and click on any of the products and then search for Garmin....lol

  2. USAF Security Police (Law Enforcement Specialist) - 4 yrs

    Georgia DOC Correctional Officer - 5 yrs

    Georgia DHR Police Sergeant (Mental Hospital) - 2 years

    Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer - 1 1/2 yrs

    Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer - Almost 2 yrs now and my current position.


    Any others out there trade patches, let me know....I've been known to stick some extras in caches every now and then.

  3. Hi, I have a Garmin Geko 201 and have a data cable with the serial plug on the end. Well it worked great with my old computer, but now I have a brand new computer without the serial port. Does anyone know where to get a new data cable with a USB plug on it or is wiser to get a serial-to-USB adapter?


    BTW...long time no speak all you regulars!

  4. Hi, I have a Garmin Geko 201 and have a data cable with the serial plug on the end. Well it worked great with my old computer, but now I have a brand new computer without the serial port. Does anyone know where to get a new data cable with a USB plug on it or is wiser to get a serial-to-USB adapter?


    BTW...long time no speak all you regulars!

  5. 95% of your 98 caches were crappy? And you're still here? Why?

    I have a 117 cache finds. And yes I would say about only 5% were what I would say were good or better than average.

    I liked this quote. I think by definition, at least 50% of your finds would be as good or better than average. <_< Are you really saying that you only enjoyed 5% of your finds? I found 30 or so caches this weekend. Looking back, I can't really think of any that I didn't enjoy. I wasn't hand picking them either, I was away from home, just going to the nearest cache on my GPS. Good times.



    I didn't say that I didn't enjoy them. I enjoyed finding them. The caches themselves were crappy. My term of saying they were "average" was to say that those "average" ones are the ones that are the same thing over and over again. Green ammo can hidden in a rock wall or tree stump (or similar type of situation). They didn't offer anything any different. The caches were normally close to empty or had a few items that consisted of the items of which many people complain about here. There were a handful that the caches were excellently placed, thought out, different, etc....

  6. I personally think the only proper way to convince geocachers to hide caches in the style you prefer is to hide caches of that style. I really enjoy micros, even tough micros hidden in the woods where a full sized cache could have been. It is the diversity of cache types that keeps me going. I bet if there were only full sized caches, I may have tired of this pastime a long time ago. They generally make boring hunts (unless the terrain or navigation is a challenge.) Regular sized caches are a big challenge to place in a manner that makes them difficult to find, especially if you rule out "ivy" style hides.


    Please don't tell me what I should be hiding (size, type, etc.), that will just limit my creativity. Show me by example what you like. If I like it, I will probably follow suit.


    (This is not to imply that the OP, or any other person who has posted in this thread doesn't already lead by example. It is also just my personal opinion.)



    I agree!

  7. Hi Jerry. i pop in everyonce in a while when I get a chance.


    Someone said something here that caught my attention. About the cost. Is the reason of not liking the micros because of the size(not holding junk), the cost, or the appearance that it was easier to hide? I find fault with any of those. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of cache it is. If it's crappy, it's crappy. If a person isn't going to take the time to hide a nice micro, then their traditional is probably gonna suck too. I would have to say that honestly of the caches I've found, that about only 5% were what I would call good caches, considering the placement, the contents, the maintenance, etc. And most of those were probably newer caches. On the cost, I don't think that should even come into play. There's no limit on what pay or to put into a cache. AS someone else said, all we will do is complain about people trading crap or not trading at all and taking the good stuff. Micros are not necessarily easier to hide. They do tend to offer a little more thought and effort to disguise over placing an ammo can behind a rock or in a stump.


    My thoughts are don't sway your opinion on the size of the cache, but more towards a crappy cache. Lets get onto these folks that don't maintain their caches.

  8. I avoid micro angst threads. I see both sides (or more like all 5- 6 sides, since there are many twists) of the matter. So I will just sit back and read. :lol:



    What about a temporary microcache placed for a Terracaching event in a spot that could support a regular cache? :D

    Only if I can log it as a moving virtual.

  9. Micro or not, I can usually tell if the hider has taken the time to make his hide worthwhile. It could be based on location, or a clever hide technique.

    Amen to that. Just like this cache that I hid over almost 2 yrs ago,Hide of the Heron. It's been adopted by Anniebananie, because we moved, but from the postings online, it has been well received. I'm very proud of that micro. Could a traditional of been placed there? Of course, but it would of been like any other cache around in that area.


    If I have the time, I generally try to read some of the postings on caches. A lot of time I don't, and yes I too get disappointed with some of them. I'm just happy that they are there. I guess you could always keep an eye out on places where micros are and if you see them to start to go in disrepair, then talk to the owner and see if you can adopt it and make it a cache of the size you want.

  10. Clever hide techniques makes a world of difference. Everyone hides a good cache, right? :lol: I really don't see why a person should make a cache a certain size, in order to help people find it easier. To me that is what it appears to be. I guess they(cache containers) should be made from certain items as well. They should have certain objects in them too. I think the variance is what makes it all the better.

  11. I say, place what you want to place. If you don't want to search for them, then don't. If you think a traditional should be there instead of a micro, then place it first.


    If you want to put limits on micros, then you need to put limits on all the other ones too. Like multi's (i don't like those), ones over a certain distance, ones over a certain difficulty (to include terrain), and etc. I've heard so much on "No more rules" before. Then lets go with that. <snicker>


    Yep, pass the pocorn!

  12. I say no. As others say, "if you don't like them, don't do them"... I for one do like micros. It makes it much more challenging to find. Also if you were to place the largest cache that can be placed there, then you might as well make it virtual! :rolleyes:

  13. Hi Woodsters! Long time no see! :o


    Archeological areas also have issues because people may not know where they are and according to House debate, some are temporary.

    Yes long time no see or vent for that matter...hehe


    I read it a couple of times. I can see where it might say one thing and then another. I email my opinion to Mrs Ceips. Basically that I think there should be some compromise as far as protecting those areas but not to criminalize it. Also to the point that geocaching is pointed out exclusively(along with letterboxing). I would rather see a bill say that it's illegal to damage those areas nad then place a punishment on it. I also told her that I would not visit SC for leisure anymore (which is a shame because I'm just a couple miles away) and would rather put my money elsewhere that will promote me getting outside and enjoying things. I also said that it could put a small dent in their tourism. I forgot to mention, but I won't be buying any SC lottery tickets either! Maybe if she reads this or one her colleagues, that they know the impact that it could have.

  14. You have missed some. Go back and read the closed thread (looong) dealing with the bill when it was in the House. That will give you tons of information.


    A big part of the problem is that Historic areas in SC can cover entire towns, cities or parts of counties etc. That makes it a very broad bill. Plus criminalizing caching at a statewide legislative level is unprecedented.

    Ok, the bill said that the archaelogical or historic site has to be "publicly identified by an historical marker". So if there is a marker saying that it's a historical area, then don't put a physical cache. Perhaps a virtual would work?


    Criminalizing it, yes I agree. It's something that we all talked about that might could happen eventually. Looks like it is starting. I guess it's just pointing it out directly rather than putting it under an umbrella of something else.

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