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  1. I can't believe it was over 10 years ago when I first signed up to Geocache. I haven't done it in a few years and had taken time in between other times of not doing it. Figured, I might as well give it another go. Wondering how many names on the forum that I will remember or those who will remember me. I know I've spent a good amount of time on them back then.


    Say hi if you remember me.

  2. Years ago I knew where to go to find some files to print for a micro cache log. I found the one in the Hide/Seek cache page but it's a pull page. Would like the smaller slender ones.


    I'm going to replace a soaking log for a cache owner who doesn't live in the area.


    Someone point me the way!

  3. Would love to meet up and cache, but not sure exactly when you are talking. I work during the week and will be in North Georgia (Helen, Georgia) on the weekend.


    But this does bring up a thought. We just bought a new travel trailer this year and will be doing some camping. Any other campers out there interested in possibly having a get together somewhere here in NC for some fellowship and caching?

  4. dang...no one remembers me... :)


    Sorry, don't remember. But welcome back!!! I see you have 2K posts, and a long gap from 2006 until recently. Any suggestions on how to stay away from here for 4 years? 'Cause I'd love to do that myself. :lol:


    Get a job...lol

  5. I feel bad for the people who falsely log caches, but it doesn't seem like they are cheating anyone but themselves. One local cache, now archived was in terrible shape when I fould it. But two other cachers (one claiming over 1000 finds) said it was in good shape and all was well between my find and the owner cashing it in due to the poor condition.


    I would say they are cheating other cachers out there by not reporting or fixing a cache in such bad shape. All of us cachers expect to find a cache in good shape. If we don't help each other out by helping maintaining the caches, then the next cacher will be cheated. Especially someone doing it for the first time.

  6. Hello! It's always nice to hear of someone returning to geocaching after an absence. I hope everything is going well for you in North Carolina.


    You are still immortalized with a quote in mtn-man's forum signature line. That takes some doing.


    LOL...I see that...man those were the days, when I had so much time to spend on the forums...lol

  7. You were around before my time, but welcome back anyway.


    What made you decide to get active again?


    Getting too fat and old...lol


    Seriously, life had just gotten really busy. Time to slow things down and get back to something I enjoyed before. I even knocked out 7 caches today...woohoo

  8. Do what you want to with it and don't look back. Obviously they didn't. If you feel they shouldn't get credit for it, delete the find.


    Someone pointed out that the "hiders Guidelines" states it's your responsibility to do so. I haven't read them in ages, but if it says that, then you should do it.


    At least you are checking your logs both online and inside the cache. So many people just toss caches out and and never maintain them. Many can't because they live no where near the cache.

  9. Howdy y'all. Been a few years since i've been around. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I'm gonna start caching again and am just checking things out to see whats changed and what hasn't. I've seen a few familiar names still around


    If anyone remembers me, please feel free to say hi.



  10. I carry my Law Enforcement Credentials, amongst other things (D/L debit card, etc).


    In all the places I have lived, you have to have the D/L with you while operating a motor vehicle. Not a copy, but the original and unexpired. Yes many places will let you produce the real thing to the magistrate or even a clerk and the charge will be dropped. This goes for registraion and insurance as well. But is it really worth the hassle to take the chance that Barney fife is gonna pull you over and go by his own law? As others stated, get a duplicate one. It will be cheaper to get than a ticket will cost you and you can usually do them online (duplicate).

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