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  1. Thanks isonzo karst. That kind of sums up my thoughts.
  2. I would use them as intended w/ the bison. When used that way, the log almost always stays dry...even if the o-ring deteriorates a bit. Log inside the tube, tube inside the bison...or "bison". I have several like this and the log is still dry on all of them. Which log fits in the tube? Nano size?
  3. I was wondering about that. I stuck it a sink full of water.
  4. I would use them as intended w/ the bison. When used that way, the log almost always stays dry...even if the o-ring deteriorates a bit. All bison caches I have seen have not had them in them.
  5. Got some bison tubes in the mail and noticed ey come with a smaller clear plastic tube with a cap inside them. Anyone ever use the smaller clear tube as a cache as well?
  6. What you should have done, was tell him no. Yes, thaty always ends well. If they wanna search your car, they will search your car. Doesn't take much to get that little piece of paper. Just remember, it only inconviences you. They are getting paid for their time. No matter how long it takes.
  7. Would it make it better if you made your cache a "members only" cache? That way, only actual paying members will have access to them.
  8. Again, for seeking caches, yes. Phones are great, and you don't have to have a data signal to use a smartphone to geocache, so long as you have saved caches and maps for offline use. Which essentially negates the primary advantage of using a smart phone. Not if you don't have a GPS and don't wanna spend the extra mulah.
  9. Every time I read about someone being concerned about a Geocache location being mistaken for a "drug drop", I have to ask myself the same question. Where do people get these ideas? I can maybe fathom a scenario where a dealer might stash his goods a short distance away from whatever corner he's working, so he's not caught holding if the cops check him out. But he'd certainly be watching that spot like a hawk, or have a little thug-in-training watching it for him. If you got within 50 feet of that spot you'd know about it real quick. But just dropping off drugs for someone else to pick up? Does anybody think drug dealers and users are that trustworthy that this system would work? Yes they do. They actually will use pay-pal for payment and then leave coordinates for the drugs. First, you're generalizing. Second, it doesn't matter. Third, a coordinated drop in a wide-open area that doesn't have lots of people around to provide as distraction? I can see using a busy place where nobody would pay any mind, but a dead end street in full view of houses/businesses? If I were them, I'd leave coords a few miles away from anything, not a lightpost in a SprawlMart parking lot. If something looks suspicious, someone is likely to say something. This is where some of the off-limits areas were added to the guidelines. This is also where "Stealth" comes into play, and urban caches really push that envelope. And I'm sorry, but I think drug drops are likely a bit more wary of calling attention to themselves than we geocachers are. I can't imagine a drug drop where the pick-up person stares at their GPS device, then pulls the item out, lingers on site for a while, and then puts something back to walk away. That's waaay slower than I'd imagine a crim would act. But, there are dumb crims out there, and there are also non-stealthy cachers. Either will draw the attention of the public. Label your cache inside and out. Nuf said. you'd be surprised
  10. x2 Rugged = Otter Box case Battery Life = This was an issue. Of course if I had the charger cord in the car, then no problem. Data usage = I was worried about that. But there was no big significant data usage on 11 finds. (couple hours).
  11. And people thought we were crazy in another thread. As a LEO, I can assure you that drug drops do happen. Why do they not want to just take the drugs? Because they want to get the bigger fish. Just as in pest control, in order to get rid of some pests, you need to get rid of their food source. Pests would be drug buyers. Food source would be the dealers.
  12. No it is just a recommendation. Otherwise nano caches would not exist. 2.Label your geocache. To avoid confusion and alarm when a cache is discovered accidentally, clearly label it as a "geocache" and include the GC code on the outside of the container. Transparent containers help to show that the contents are harmless. If the container has any military markings, we recommend permanently covering these or removing them. Include a printed "cache note" inside your cache to explain what it is and to provide a brief description of geocaching. The only recommendation that I see is to cover military markings or removing them. It clearly states to "clearly label it as a "geocache" and include the GC code on the outside of the container" and "Include a printed "cache note" inside your cache to explain what it is and to provide a brief description of geocaching." Don't see the words we "recommend" on those lines.
  13. We have a few kayaks. If you are in the Lake Norman, NC area and want to do some island caches in Lake Norman (just looked and there are 4 that I see), then let me know. Even if I get to them before you, I would be willing to take you out if I have nothing going on and weather permitting.
  14. C;geo is not an authorized app, so it does not get the support as others do. It steals the information from the geocaching.com, so that means there are occasionally bugs like this that happen in the app. Last I heard c;geo had always given access to PMO caches, regardless of the users status. As the other person had said, a lot of times-on geocaching.com, the forums, and perhaps the apps as well, you will have to log out and back in for whatever your product is to recognize your PM. You spent the $30 for the premium, spend the extra $10 for the official app.
  15. Well, it is an extremely low-end, long since discontinued handheld GPS model. Just sayin'. Yes and why the iphone is so much better. I can use the app and make my log entires instantly. I don't have to "send" cache coordinates to the GPS. I started to look at buying a new GPS, but there's no reason why I need to. I've found the iphone to be pretty fairly accurate. As long as it gets me within 25' or so of the area, I'm good. Sometimes even further away. After doing a few caches, you kind of pick up on the hiding places. And no matter what, no GPS is going to tell you exactly where a cache is, if it's hidden good. And then you have to take into consideration of what the cache hider used to mark the coordinates and how decent they are at figuring out that they have good coordinates or need to shut it off and redo it.
  16. Funny...I just noticed a reviewer as to having 13 finds. Yet someone is encouraged to have 20 finds before hiding one. I believe the majority of reviewers have a separate player account. I have a lackey friend that I know does, and they occasionally review caches. This is correct. Most reviewers have a separate account for reviewing (although a few use one account for both work and play). I personally have maybe one find on my reviewer account. To the new cacher, they would not understand that. So if they see the reviewer with 1 cache found, then why would they feel the need to find 20? I understand the fact of having two seperate accounts and think it's a good idea. But maybe all the finds should be listed under the player account and not the reviewer account. What purpose does it serve to have it under the reviewer account?
  17. Funny...I just noticed a reviewer as to having 13 finds. Yet someone is encouraged to have 20 finds before hiding one.
  18. This past monday night I was on my way to work and noticed I had an email. It was a new listing. That email was at 8:43pm. Cache was located and logged by 9:25. So about 40-45 minutes for me.
  19. Think about it. People working in a store sees someone go over to a lamp post in the parking lot and lift up the skirting and retrieve a pill bottle. They take something out and put something in. They don't know exactly what was taken and left. Then lets say another cacher comes up the same day and does the same thing. What would a normal person assume? Without saying anything about it, my wife made the exact comment the other day as we were caching. She said people are probably thinking we are doing a drug drop. Drops are common. It takes half of the suspects out of the scenario at any given time.
  20. When I started cachin back in '03, I bought a Garmin Geko 201. Not the best GPS, but what I could afford at the time. I also used to print out the cache pages and take them along with me. I cached off an on for about 10 years that way. Never really doing it significantly. Last week I started thinking about doing it again and using my iPhone 4S, we did about 11 of them in an hour and a half. I found the 4S to be pretty accurate. But to be honest, all the caches seem to be the same thing. A micro hidden under the skirt of a light post. Now when ever I pass a light post, I wonder if there is a cache there...lol I went to use the old geko, but found it not so friendly as the iphone. I need to find the cable so I download some coordinates to it, but part of me tells me not to bother. The ihpone is working pretty good.
  21. 11 years ago, I believe it was required to put a description in/on the container describing what it was. As it's been a number of years since I've hidden one and haven't looked at the rules/guidelines, I wonder if it it still the thing to do. AS a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, I highly recommend it. We were finding caches this weekend in highly populate areas and in front of one local LEO and I kept wondering if people thought we were doing a drug drop.
  22. Sorry to ruffle your feathers TDM. Just going off what I read in two different posts about basically the same thing. Guidelines are one thing, but rules are another.
  23. Didn't you say in another thread that they are guidelines? But now you say they are pretty strict.
  24. Sounds like the complainers need to hook up with other catchers that have a boat.
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