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  1. Great job Cybret....can I place it on my website for people to download?
  2. This past spring I went and bought a cheap "Pelican" (same as the Colemans) from Dicks Sporting Goods for $200-300. Then I bought a trailer for it from Hart Designs for $400-500 and only had it in the water once. Mainly because of the dern mosquitos in Massachusetts. Now it's at my parents house a few hours away in Georgia. Can't keep it here in the Apartment complex. But I intend and hope to go and use it this year.
  3. Do what YOU feel is the next right step. You already took the first step in which you thought was important by asking permission. If you feel the need to place a cache in that park, then by all means push the issue further as others have stated. Or as some have also stated, put the cache there anyways. Just be ready to accept whatever may come your way if they find out. It may be more hassle than it's worth for just a game. If you are determined to go through so much for it, make sure it's a good cache. My response would of probably been to send them another email arguing their validity and reasoning and then just forget about it. It's not worth it if you have to go through so much.
  4. Thanks well we finally got moved to Charlotte the last few days. We wil ltry and to stop by for this, but not sure if we will be able to make it. Parents are keeping hte children in Augusta, Ga for the weekend and we will be getting them on sunday. So the timing may not be good for us.
  5. Rocky. We are moving to Charlotte as a matter of fact tomorrow (Saturday). I may be interested in the club thing. Don't have a phone right now, but feel free to email me about it through my profile here at GC.
  6. I think you got the wrong person down for compliance Viking, I think I would be a great candidate for it. Everything wqould be in black and white!
  7. I agree with Wadcutter...by the way, nice qual badge there..i've seen one of them before. Another point you have to remember about traffic cops is that they are not out there by their own choice. They are required to be there by the community. You will not believe the load of complaints that a dept gets on people speeding. Then the police depts get ridiculed publically if they are not there at the right time and place to catch these people. And then if you took all the cops off of traffic duty and put them in the neighborhoods for the sole responsibility of patrolling and responding, then people would say that their rights are being infringed upon because they would feel like they are being watched all the time and are uncomfortable. Police depts have been at this for years and do the best they can with what they have, what they don't have and other things that hamper their duties.
  8. Oh no! Even KA is calling him Pony Boy...next he will make reference to the rainbow colors too!
  9. Stunod is going to get you for mentioning KK! mmmm sweet delicious when hot...i'm talking Krispy Kreme donuts, I say!Hey maybe we should put a sign on KA's back that says "Hot Donuts Now!"...lol
  10. You can be jealous all you want. Don't you have some cream donuts to refill? Ok....it's not a good idea to show your butt in a pose like that and say "don't you have some cream donuts to fill"...that's just gay....
  11. Oh, how cool...impressing the ladies with your big magic warn wand. A regular knight in shining armor... I heard his wand was small, not big....
  12. Not a privilege to geocache. A privilege to use this site instead...
  13. or stop posting so much...how da heck am I supposed to catch up...
  14. Your right John...I made it sarcastically. Just like the "email threat " thread proves...better and more detailed logs are better. The thing is that you just have to be able to take the good with the bad if you own a cache....
  15. If things are not what the wizards say... should the wizards get banned instead? that is the question
  16. hmmm Wizards hasn't posted in a couple hours....think harleyguy made good on his "threats"? lol
  17. Don't wanna assume anything , but it's all kind of messy.
  18. A total of 3 scoobie from what I saw... What I find interesting is that 2 of the TB's were found on 9/2 and the other one on 9/9. Yet if you look at their finds on caches, none match up to those times except some virtuals on 9/1? The other closest date that I saw was 9/20 of finding a cache. Actually 3. So they had chances to drop them if they didn't. Upon looking at the online log entries they make mention on one cache of leaving a TB. But not which TB it was. But the next finder mentions taking a TB by the name of "Fish Tale" which is on the wizards find list, but not one of the 3 they show as holding. Perhaps a good reason to mention dropping off a TB and it's name. Edit: they did find some caches a few days before 9/2 , I believe 8/31 it was.
  19. LOL Halden! I would be running from that... I didn't take a picture of the one I did for my micro. I might need to before I adopt it before moving. But I took a limb the was about 3-4" thick and about 18" in length. I drilled out a section underneath it that I put a flim canister into it and glued it there. It lies on the ground and you can't see the canister until you move it. Have had some that couldn't find it. I came up with that after finding a couple micros that had the round orange match containters fused to the end of a stick the same diameter.
  20. Yep and sometimes better to just say "TNLNSL TFTC".
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