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  1. Hey now...Oh that is Duncans line...Maybe we can adopt that too in our logs being that we moved up to a !... Thanks for all the kind words! Still having fun!


    Hmmm, we'll have to see about that, it is copyrighted, after all. Maybe I'll let you use it (once) when you pass me up in a month of two. Cache on!




    Edit: Oh, yeah, Congrats!!


    Since the geocaching.com google maps clearly show the boundaries of that park and the relationship to any geocaches, why would they bother with mapsource?


    I wouldn't trust the gc.com google maps either. I know of a few instances where the Google maps are innacurate in regards to managing agency/management status.


    In this case I think the maps are pretty good. I remember seeing the park boundary markers near this cache: GCMFWV



  3. I think I might try to make it, I did hear it was one hek of a hike ????

    Chris / TEAM DUCKIT

    Yep, lots of bouldering. I hear the last 400 yards can take an hour or so due to bouldering up and down a steep hill. Total hike is about 6 miles averaging a mile an hour; cachers can add an hour or so for the three caches along the route - yes, more bouldering and climbing. We must be nuts - I can't wait!

    Chuy!, you should of told me the scoop before I volunteered to go!! :) I can't wait either!!! :( Cool if train roars through!! :) Im gonna miss Ginger on this one.


    Can you believe I didn't get that cache the last time I was at GCT? Well, it was 10 days before I discovered geocaching... and before the trains were running!



  4. Thanks. How to I tell it to begin a "New Search"? I thought I played around with all the buttons, but I must have missed that part. Thanks for the help. I'll be going back in that direction in March and want to have it all figured out. Karen


    From the Satellites page hit the menu button, choose "New Location", then hit "Automatic".



  5. ????????????????


    You have attempted to access this site with an invalid IP.


    If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at webmaster(at)socalgeocachers(dot)com.


    Be SURE to include the following information in any email!

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

    Remote Address:

    Client IP: none

    Forwarded For: none

    Try the e-mail address above or try the cacher FullOn, I believe he runs that site.



  6. I just noticed that Tombmaker is now a member of team !. Tombmaker! When will there finally be two members of team " ". I need to email my son, armynate. Probably Armynate! by the end of the week.


    Very interesting! I still have not received my 'application' for team !! :D


    Maybe you submitted your request to the wrong team. Shouldn't you be part of team ? ?

    There's no application to fill out, just send all final coordinates to any puzzles you have!! ;)



  7. Hi there,


    I'm looking for some nice multi caches in the Los Angeles Area (if possible close to Long Beach/Rancho Palos Verdes). Distance between 5-10 kilometres. Focus on nature, not to difficult, just to enjoy a nice hike and discover some new area's in Los Angeles. Anybody any suggestions?






    Hey Now!

    You might have better luck at the forums over at http://www.socalgeocachers.com/

    Happy caching,



  8. And Now For Something Completely Different, the ability to change one's username has been reinstated. Here's a link to the thread that provides the information needed: Announcement Thread


    Thanks the gods of geocaching! Now I can finally be accepted as a !




    I am going to change it though... :)


    Did you submit your application to Team Exclamation?? :lol::):)


    I won't do the Basalisk by yourself. I've done it and if you were by youself and well you now the rest of the story. Good luck and you don't need a rope.



    My friends and I went up the slot and there was no way I could have done it without a rope. One rock was especially difficult for me to get over. Luckily one of my friends could moonlight as Spidey, so he got the rope up for the rest of us. Ya don't need a rope, but you might want it.



  10. San Diego scores again! Some people (and you know who you are) will dash all the way from National City to Scripps Ranch or vice versa at 5 in the morning to get a FTF. I never seem to beat those guys to the prize, so I went farther afield -- 7000 miles farther afield -- to get the big FTF smilies! See GC15MZ2 for the scoop.




    Nice score!

    Link above for the lazy.



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