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  1. Lulu499=500 Congratulations on 500 LuLu499, I guess you will soon be Lulu1000 Congrats Lulu1000!!
  2. BZ to Jahoadi & John on 7000!!!! Yep, they are there. A little birdie told me! Now I have to look out for you guys too! Congrats!
  3. Hmmm, we'll have to see about that, it is copyrighted, after all. Maybe I'll let you use it (once) when you pass me up in a month of two. Cache on! D! Edit: Oh, yeah, Congrats!!
  4. I wouldn't trust the gc.com google maps either. I know of a few instances where the Google maps are innacurate in regards to managing agency/management status. In this case I think the maps are pretty good. I remember seeing the park boundary markers near this cache: GCMFWV D!
  5. BZ to Sled Head on 1400 and 1500 in Las Vegas!!
  6. Hmmm... I haven't seen you log any of my latest puzzles... They're not *good* enough for you?!?! PolarBear has new puzzles out??? Why don't people tell me these things??? D!
  7. I did have plans to go, but it looks like I'll be in the UK instead... D!
  8. Careful on puzzle #2, not all sources agree!! D!
  9. Congratulations! I forsee a lot of new caches in your area in the near future! Maybe a puzzle of two?? BZ!!
  10. The prices on this site look pretty good. http://www.armysurpluswarehouse.com/ I have never bought from them, FYI. If you get some will you pick me up those aviator goggles? D!
  11. Yep, lots of bouldering. I hear the last 400 yards can take an hour or so due to bouldering up and down a steep hill. Total hike is about 6 miles averaging a mile an hour; cachers can add an hour or so for the three caches along the route - yes, more bouldering and climbing. We must be nuts - I can't wait! Chuy!, you should of told me the scoop before I volunteered to go!! I can't wait either!!! Cool if train roars through!! Im gonna miss Ginger on this one. Can you believe I didn't get that cache the last time I was at GCT? Well, it was 10 days before I discovered geocaching... and before the trains were running!
  12. Try these two sites: http://www.iecachers.com/postnuke/html/index.php and http://www.socalgeocachers.com/ Happy caching, Duncan!
  13. From the Satellites page hit the menu button, choose "New Location", then hit "Automatic". D!
  14. Try the e-mail address above or try the cacher FullOn, I believe he runs that site. D!
  15. Very interesting! I still have not received my 'application' for team !! Maybe you submitted your request to the wrong team. Shouldn't you be part of team ? ? There's no application to fill out, just send all final coordinates to any puzzles you have!! D!
  16. Hey Now! You might have better luck at the forums over at http://www.socalgeocachers.com/ Happy caching, D!
  17. Thanks the gods of geocaching! Now I can finally be accepted as a ! I am going to change it though... Did you submit your application to Team Exclamation??
  18. BZ to Sled Head on 1000 Caches!!!!!!! And congrats all other 'stoners!
  19. My friends and I went up the slot and there was no way I could have done it without a rope. One rock was especially difficult for me to get over. Luckily one of my friends could moonlight as Spidey, so he got the rope up for the rest of us. Ya don't need a rope, but you might want it. D!
  20. First episode has to be a day of caching with the geobabes... that's gotta take considerable survival skills... D!
  21. GC15MZ2 Nice score! Link above for the lazy. D!
  22. No whining in two days? What's that all about?? What gives? Huh? Must be a record. D!
  23. I'm not one to be tellin' tales outta school, but someone by the initials of "T.T." is in town. Watch for P-bombs. D!
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