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  1. BZ on 10K, Bubba! Sorry I missed it, I'll be there for 20K!
  2. I love my Oregons. I convinced the wife I need two of them, a 300 and a 550 (the latter holds 5000 caches and has the camera). Really nice to have just one device instead of fumbling with the GPSr and a palm. I think the 60csx gets better reception, but not so much better that I'd use it over the Oregon. So, yes, have Santa stuff your stocking with an Oregon, I'm sure you'll be satisfied! D! BTW, James, do you have a link to that third party Oregon bike mount?
  3. Discouraging to hear, but it's nothing new. We ran into the same thing here several years ago with some power cachers, happens all the time. It really gives new meaning to "it's not about the numbers". It bothered me at first, but people will play the game the way they want. At the end of the day you know your numbers are pure and the cheaters' numbers are soiled. Now don't get me started on pocket caches! Happy Thanksgiving! D! Edited for typo
  4. BZ on the new renal organ! Hope you and your Bro are doing well! Cya on the trail, D!
  5. I got diagnosed with kidney failure five months ago but it feels like it's been much longer. It's been a strange journey with many ups and downs. I only have 2 months to go on dialysis. My brother Dustin was the closest match and has been chosen to donate a kidney to me. He passed all tests with flying colors. Our surgery will be on October 21st at Sharp Memorial Hospital. I expect to be in the hospital for about a week. I'll be out of work for at least 8 weeks. My brother is expected to be in the hospital for 2 days and his recovery is 2 weeks. The transplant, if successful will give me a better quality of life but I will have challenges for the rest of my life. I will not need dialysis anymore, but I will have a compromised immune system so I don't reject the new kidney. I still have a lot to learn but I do know that with a compromised immune system, a common cold could possibly send to to ICU. Hmm, I wonder what my chances are to make it to 5000 finds by this date? Randy, I should have invited you on our Ojai trip. You can easily do 200 caches in a day up there without breaking a sweat. I know you guys will do fine. Cya, D!
  6. I will always remember Ginger knocking me off me feet one night up on Mt. Miguel, she got spooked by a coat of all things! She was the inspiration for us adopting a golden. Took the picture below a week ago today...
  7. If you have not heard yet, Chuy's Ginger passed away on Sunday afternoon. Willow and I will miss her dearly. May she rest in peace.
  8. BZ to The Splashes on 12K! BZ to Chuy! on 9K! BZ to Bitmap on 2K!
  9. This is regarding the dawg team. How does it work? Do you go caching and bring your dog? Sort of... from the DT's profile page: "Membership to the Dawg Team! only costs you an outing with one of the founding members. For your bipedals' efforts to join us, we will give your bipedal a DT! bumper sticker." Hope you can join us sometime! D!
  10. A full week with no posts on the SD Thread? Gotta bump it up. Oh, yeah, my new Oregon 550 just arrived today! Just in time for caching with the Dawg Team!! I'll let you know how it performs! D!
  11. I would suggest just doing a PQ for regular-size caches in the area, but here's a couple of possibilities: GC1352Y or a bit further away GCWD98 Good luck, D!
  12. Okay, then. iGeocacher claims to support the iTouch: http://www.ayefon.com/geo/ Go to the "next page" link at the bottom, I can't seem to link to that page. D! I think you have to have internet/wifi near you for it to work on the iTouch. Seems that way. FJ, I have a couple of old pocket PCs, if you want one they run GPX Sonar just fine. Lemme know. Funny they don't seem to have an offline reader for the iPhone/ iTouch. D!
  13. Okay, then. iGeocacher claims to support the iTouch: http://www.ayefon.com/geo/ Go to the "next page" link at the bottom, I can't seem to link to that page. D!
  14. Great pics, T! I think you're right to be skeptical. If that thing is related to a baboon, then I'm a monkey's uncle. I share more DNA with a baboon than that shaggy professor! Sounds like the guy you talked to likes to weave tall tales. Keep the pics coming! D!
  15. The Itouch needs internet to use the app and you can only wireless on. I tride to buy internet and you can't. There may be a way to view GPX files offline on your iTouch, check this thread Good luck!
  16. Sorry to hear that, FJ. That sucks. D!
  17. Ditto, can't go wrong with a 60csx, it found me many caches. I now use the Oregon 'cause I like the paperless stuff, but the 60csx is superior in many ways. Happy caching, D!
  18. Just curious, why in the world would you want to spend a few weeks in Los Angeles? I guess I've spent enough time up there that I don't want to visit unless absolutely necessary. I don't mean to beat down on LA, but I think you'd be much happier caching in San Diego. Granted, San Diego does not have Disneyland or Hollywood, but we have a world-class Zoo, Sea World is not bad, great beaches and fewer traffic jams. As for caches, see the San Diego Consensus Favorites. I hope you have a great trip and find many caches. D!
  19. I like the idea of lotsa caches coming out, but I think either the event thread or the SD thread would be enough to meet our needs. IMHO. Cya, D!
  20. Why is ordering it online a last resort? I posted my source of it a while back, but yes, it is from an online place. It blends in very well, but now I'm not so sure it holds up to the elements over time. I buy tons of stuff online. I got all sorts of packages this week, from books to camping stuff to CDs. I'm all about ordering things online. Frees up more time for geocaching! Mostly I just don't like it (that doesn't stop the wife, though). Maybe has to do with that instant gratification thing. Turns out I found the duck tape brand I like at Ace Hardware, just under a mile from HQ. Thanks, D!
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