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  1. :lol::D


    So old Harmon...you think I'm a grouch huh ? Do you think it's easy to see the KWVERs! pass 15000 and have John constantly reminding me that we need to keep up? You know what my stats look like? Found 3, DNF 3, Hide 5, find 0, DNF 1, Hide 3.....it's killing me......This is what I did in the last 2 days: prune a orange tree, fill 10 trash cans with weeds, move 1 yard of rock by hand, clean 50 pounds of bird seed out of river rock through a sifter, duct tape a rain gutter, chicken wire 2 whiskey barrels, plant 3 trees, a flat of ground cover, spread a yard of mulch, move a composter, empty an overflowing pond, spray 4 gallons of round up......and that's just the stuff I remember.......


    Shouldn't this be on the whiner thread? I think Chuy! would say, "Whah!" ;)

    yeah, i'm hoping that smiley is gonna work....

  2. Ha. Talking and driving at the same time is just about the limit for me!

    Just getting a few pics on my lunch break here and there.




    Bird pic of the day...


    Blue Heron



    Click image for a larger pic...

    GREAT pics, D!! Keep 'em coming!! Are you taking all these shots from your bus?!? :lol:

  3. Start at GC2193R and head west... just watch for the cows. Have fun,




    Hello Everyone, So this morning I signed-up for this website and I am totally overwhelmed by the amount of geocaches there are! i'm excited to get started but don't really know which spot to choose. I will be with an 8,6, and 5 year old, along with three other adults. We would like it to be maybe a mile long hike. Does anyone have a suggestion? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!
  4. We want to express our deepest sympathy for Carol and the girls of Yeshuas Girls for the loss of Harmony, of the Meet Harmony cache. Carol... we are so sorry. It is a great loss to the geocaching community and to our neighborhood.


    Condolences to Carol and Denise. You are in our thoughts.

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