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  1. I'd be up for a pint or two! Mmmmmmmm.....beer. D!
  2. LOL! Too funny! The cows liked me! Chuy, please check the link below and identify your attackers. photo D!
  3. The Artist's Secret appears to have been muggled according to recent DNFs. Duncan, can you check on this one since you work down in that area? --TT-- Glad to report that "The Artist's Secret" cache is still there. Mr. V is doing a great job with guard duty. Watch for muggles here, high traffic, you know. D!
  4. Congrats to Lucky Kid & Proud Parents on 1000 caches! Now for something completely different... If anyone is interested....I'm heading up to the Palm Springs area for some power caching (cache til ya puke). I'll be up there Thursday and Friday (13-14th). I know it's short notice, but....I'd be glad to have some company. Let me know. D!
  5. Thought you were done with caches in MTRP? Think again. I have but one more to do and I'll be done with that park (Another Micro Cache in MTRP). However, it might be missing. The two I placed are fairly easy, a little hiking required.... D!
  6. Personal best was an even 50 up in Palm Springs/La Quinta. As for the 12 FTF's, I was up at my Dad's cabin in Crestline (near Big Bear) doing some caching. The following day about 16 new caches popped up. That was a great day. D!
  7. I started with a Gecko 201, got me to my first 500 caches! Easy to hide when muggles are about! D!
  8. I must say, Duncan, you could probably be prosecuted for treason for that one! Giving aid and comfort to the enemy....... You could always "pretend" to give him a ride, and leave him in the middle of nowhere. Oops, did I say that out loud? Bad big brother. Your ideas intrigue me, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. D!
  9. Lot of good it did him.... Seriously, Flagman has set up quite the adventure on Local Treasure. Go get it all of you who've yet to try. Very fun and rewarding! --TT-- Har de har har. Sheesh, I get no respect! No more rides for puzzle boy. Tom, ya think? D!
  10. I have Friday free, can fit one or two in my Jeep. I have a stock Jeep Wrangler, don't know if it will be enough...
  11. Can any local puzzle masters crack this one? It's a 5/1. Crop Circles
  12. Dang! Got back from Ontario (CA) and Crestline at 8:30PM, visting the grandparents. Of course, I did all the driving. At least I got eight caches over the two days... You guys have fun! I'll miss those brownies.... D!
  13. Congrats to P.wood on 1000 caches!1000th
  14. Hey PC, Remember what that little green guy said: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will..." BTW, have you been talking to McCroskey? D!
  15. If you haven't tried it, don't knock it. It's quite a different world hiking a long trail at night; and with a full moon, you won't need a flashlight until its time to look for the container. The stars in the heavens sparkle like no place on a city street. You might see owls fly overhead. And at twilight, you may see a colony of bats fly overhead. Of course, in the summer, the bugs can eat you alive, but that's what bug juice (deet) is for. Anyone interested in doing some night hunting on a Friday or Saturday night, say 10p-1a? Hey Now! I'm game for the Friday 10 to 1AM shift. Do we get to bust some perps? BTW, what does ICE stand for? Sounds cold. D!
  16. I came across this and had to share it, Jeff will probably hate me for it... Jeff, I can't believe you didn't know how many shots are in a pony! visit link Congrats! D!
  17. Who knows?! Get 'em while they're hot! D! Edit: I kant spel
  18. I plan to be there most of the day, call my cell when you get out there. D!
  19. Hey Chuy, I'm meeting T.R. Violin at the visitor's center 9AM on Friday if you want to meet us there, or if anyone else wants to tag along... D!
  20. Both stores say they haven't seen them in months, one guy didn't know what I was talking about! Sorry, D!
  21. Well, since I work at the Zoo and I frequent Starback (gasp) I will have a look for you. Stay tuned. D!
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