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  1. I took a look and my head is still spinning! Maybe a couple of beers will help...
  2. Why, Yes! See my Aloe virtualis cache: GCHBT3 The Wild Animal Park has one too: GC3DBD it does have quite a few waypoints, however. D!
  3. Can someone re-grab it, that is, if they've already had it once? D!
  4. Hey Now! Congrats on the new one, PW! Now for something completely different... Two new caches in the pipeline, located in Old Town, get down there with your wireless connection and hit refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh... D!
  5. I know what you mean. The jeep(visit link) that I asked politely for, was sent to me, and I put it into a cache disappeared in a puff of smoke. I've e-mailed Auendave several times with no answer. What can ya do? D! Edit: Actually, looks like he took two: (visit link)
  6. A little from column A and a little from column B. D!
  7. WooooHoooooo!! Go get 'em, Duncan! Thanks guys! I took several days at my Dad's cabin near Lake Arrowhead and went crazy. Funny, I saw TR Violin's sig at a cache in San Bernardino. So? It was the same morning! That man has got to get a cell phone! I won't tell you the story of my jeep getting stuck in some deep sand and having to shell out 200 clams to get it unstuck...uh...I guess I just did. I had it in such a bad spot I didn't think they could get it out, but they did. Hazards of caching I guess. So when's the big party? I'll need to get more champagne. D!
  8. Wowsers! Excellent job to everyone on their milestones!
  9. Radical said he was writing a book, Livinrgttoo was very ill, and eporkchop moved to another state. I guess life gets in the way of geocaching sometimes, whatta drag. If only Jeff got married... D!
  10. I've always wanted to do that Seal Tour, here's the link: SD Seal Tours Of course, you could always take in a game at Petco Park and watch the NL West leading San Diego Padres! I'm going to reset my cache there Friday night. Padres June schedule: Pad's schedule D!
  11. What to do in your free time? Geocache! Old Town is a short trolley ride from New Town. A little birdie told me that there'll be some more caches there soon. Here's a cache in OT:GCG5GH When is the conference?
  12. TR Violin archived it. go here I guess you could still log it, you found it. I did. D!
  13. Picked up a devhead from the Brotherhood Wheel...I think.... D!
  14. I did ask her, but I haven't heard back yet. I'm afraid she was a little miffed at me. Oh, well. I asked her about Bob's TB also. D!
  15. Mystery Solved! Livinrgttoo has surfaced! D!
  16. Hey Sport Fans, any chance we can back it up to 9:30? Thanks, D!
  17. Congratulations, Sean! And...I know it's short notice, but... I'm hitting the Bear Valley Loop caches on Thursday, if anyone is interested in tagging along let me know. D!
  18. Don't forget everyone!!! So, a little poetic license or WHAT!! Buried cache that needs to be dug up with a spade; A whole bag full of expensive swag; GPS technology that allows you to track someone else's vehicle on a PDA; Anything else???? Hey Now! Troulbeshooting a TV show is as futile as giving a cat a bath...so here goes... The killers used the GPS tracking to determine which cache(s) she vistited? They couldn't just check her logs? Also, I can't find a friggin' paintball container next to a rock, but the fuzz can find a "hoodie" and a gun buried under a flat rock? Maybe they should start caching... And what was with that riddle? At least the cacher wasn't the killer! D!
  19. Bravo Zulu Chuy! DANG! Way 2 go! D!
  20. Yes....this happens all the time. It's called the "Mark71mark Syndrome" This is, of course, why I stay single. Though it appears pqmommy and Splashette have this quest to hook me up. --TT-- Hey Now! Tom and I have wives and we have 1500+ finds! Of course, we've both have been married 12+ years ( although, I'm sure it's more for Tom)!
  21. Grabbed one TR Violin from Recess. D!
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