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  1. I'm trying to gather a list of underground caches in San Diego.  Take a look at my bookmark  list: underground caches

    to see which I'm missing.  There are a few caches that you aren't supposed to know about the underground, so don't call those out!  We don't want to ruin the surprise or give anything away.


    Lemme know if your cache is on the list and you feel its giving something away.  I tried to be careful.


    Gold Silver Cotton Wood is not in a cave, but it is near one. I realize my log implies the cache is in a cave, but it's not; hope I didn't confuse anyone.


    icon_tu.gif BTW, I am FTRYBL - First To Rate Your Bookmark List icon_tu.gif


    If you add night caches, you can rename your list Caches That Require a Light Source :o .


    You're right about the endorsement bit; that's kinda catchy; will start one or two or three... soon.

    Flume with a view has no cave-like features.



  2. Close To Home 2


    Was enabled as of today....It only took 3 e-mails to Admin over the last 6 months....and a few to the, MIA, owner...who never responded.


    Man I am a cache adopting fool. :D


    PS Read the logs...this cach has quite a history.

    Funny, after I had my adventure with this cache, I offered to adpot it. The owner refused my offer. Way to go, Dave!



  3. Don't know how many noticed, but our fearless leaders, the Splashes, just passed the 3,400 mark, have the MOST finds in San Diego County, and are currently rated in the top 50 in the WORLD of Geocaching!


    Congrats Janie and Steve!

    Hey Now! Way to represent! I only need 825 caches to catch up!



  4. Searching for Bobby Fischer is a tough puzzle; good luck with that one! Kawikaturn, the adopter will gladly help you out if you need it.


    Triwizard Tournament - The Goblet of Fire is the final cache of a 5-part multi where you need to complete the other 4 first. The furthest cache is downtown San Diego.


    Rounded off coords to your hotel are N32 58.700 W117 15.360; plug them here to get a current listing.


    The nearest funnest cache will be Power House Park - Hobbit Holes by The DAK Girls (GCHTQ1), about a mile away but along the beach near a nice park to stroll through.


    Indian Caves by sweatmonkeys (GCR02E) looks promising, about half a mile away, but I have not visited that cache yet; the logs look encouraging.



    Indian Caves and the caches in Crest Canyon go on my must-do list. Torrey Pines atop sandstone bluffs, very scenic.



  5. Does anybody drive a Jeep for their commuter car?


    I was thinking of looking for a Jeep for my daily transport. The problem is, I drive 35-40 miles each way to work everyday. I was looking around a used lot one day, and the dealer told me I was crazy to buy a Jeep considering my drive to work.


    He said the rough ride and noise would make me crazy, and since the traffic moves close to 80 MPH down the I-15, he said I would wear the Jeep out since they are geared low for hill climbing and not meant for continual high speeds.


    Then again, we was trying to talk me into an XTerra he had on the lot!


    Anyway, I figured I would pose the question here. If I got and Unlimited with the longer wheel base, would that help the freeway ride?


    What is the difference between a Rubicon and a regular Wrangler?



    Don't do it. My jeep was meant as a "toy", but has become my daily ride for the past 8 months. Can't wait until the wife gets a car so I can get my Taurus back. Just my 2 cents.



  6. Hey Now! It seems that every several months we get asked for "must do" caches in San Diego. Instead of a few answering back with a few caches, I was hoping to compile a list, publish it on my web space, and refer that URL to whomever asks.


    So, I'm asking you to submit your top three caches in San Diego County. If you want to include more, that's fine. If you want to include an urban and a country list, that's even better. Post here or feel free to e-mail me. Thanks in advance for all your guys help,



  7. "We're in a tight spot!"

    Mrs. 4x4 got an ouch on this little manuever.  ;)

    It could have been a lot worse!

    The irony was that this was the very last obstacle on the trail!

    Lesson Learned: It pays to have a tiny little Jeep on some of these trails....especially on the 5th toughest one in Moab!!  :blink:

    Vacation Day from work... -$200

    Tank of fuel... -$65

    GPSr... -$300

    McToy prize... +$1.06

    Telling your wife you're home from caching early so you can take her out to any restaurant she desires for a champaign dinner... Priceless! :lol:


    ''Let's take my car sweat heart. You deserve the best. Have you been loosing weight because you sure look pretty.''


    Sweat heart? :lol:

  8. Just when I thought I was getting close to clearing a 5 mile radius! :D...

    Tell me about it! I'm up in Scripps and once upon a time I had a 19-mile radius cleared and only 15 caches to clear 20-miles. I blink my eyes, and now its something like 250! I have 25 to clear just to get back to 10-miles!

    Ok, Everybody stop telling people about geocaching.... No New cachers and No New caches until everybody gets caught back up to where they were 6 months ago.... B)B)

    I never really paid much attention about clearing my area. I prefer to hit a spot and clear that area. Like clearing out Iron Mountain in one shot, or Bear Valley (I ended up going there three times!) Yesterday I hit Daley Ranch, though I ran out of time for the Mallard cache.

    Now, I'm a bit frustrated with Sweetwater. The same three caches sat up there for almost a year. I finally make time to make the steep 8-9 mile bike ride to grab them, and Jahoadi and John drop five caches up there two days after my visit! So, Cegrube and I go on a 11-mile night hike to grab them. Then, two days after that, Lostguy51 decides to drop four more! Now, Fshnjack's gets published today. Urggghh.


    You now what that means? WAR! I've got a few to place myself :o

    MTRP all over again... B)



  9. neither...get a pocket pc....IPAQ rules....

    I totally agree. Ipaq's rule. :(:unsure:

    In what way do they rule for caching? Are you familiar with Cachemate? What's the Pocket PC equivalent? I was eyeing those new Windows Treos... :unsure:

    PocketPC uses GPXSonar. Get the unlimited wireless internet, you can check for caches on the go.



  10. Well, Duncan!


    How dare you plant a cache just a couple miles of where we were camping sans internet!! <_<


    Oh, well, next time we'll get it! :P


    On edit - I see we were trailing Duncan! around the park. We'll plan to hit high ground for a quick cache listing update before leaving next time! :rolleyes:

    Can't tell ya how many times that happened to me!



  11. <_< Oh Oh!!


    Suspicious bucket on Idaho 55's Rainbow Bridge holds up traffic Possible bomb was really part of elaborate game

    As Police spokesman Rick Ohnsman said, "I don't know if it's legal — but it's stupid."

    Hey Now! One of the big misconceptions of geocaching...that there's a GPSr in the container! Now that would get expensive.


    "The suspicious object turned out to be a geocache, a container with a GPS tracking device used for a kind of scavenger hunt called geocaching."



  12. Help! we've been held captives in Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and Camden, Maine as well as Cape Cod, and Providence, RI. Our captives have forced us to kayak, sail, mountain bike, hike, Geocache, and even gorge on New England seafood.


    Please, o please notify authorities. We can't take it any more.


    Harmon & Sandy

    Hope ya choke on a lobster!!!!!!!! <_<

    (I mean that in the best possible way).:o


    D! :laughing:

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