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  1. We discovered a glitch this evening while on an FTF hunt -- the new 7 character waypoints don't work through the WAP interface. We're getting a message "No waypoint found." when we select "Log a Cache."


    Same problem here, too.



  2. The weather killed caching today and tomorrow is not looking good either..... :P

    Hopefully Friday will be better! :)

    :P It killed caching? I wonder where John is then. I haven't seen him since 0630 when he left with Chuy! and his GPS and new "bag" (he got rid of the Target shopping bag)!! :P:)
    It was really windy and pouring rain up here most of the day. Those guys went out caching? Maybe they went to the desert or some place where the weather was better....I bet it was really hard for John to get rid of that Target bag.... :D


    Just talked with Chuy!, they're still going at it. He said they are up to about 40 caches on the day. Tsk, tsk, only 3.3 caches an hour. :)

  3. B):lol::lol: SOMEBODY REACHED 5000 CACHES THIS WEEKEND :lol::lol::lol:




    WHO IS IT ??????????



    That $kimmer is unstoppable. Not only five-thousand finds but the greatest number of DNFs on a single hide, the greatest number of webcam caches, and the most overall DNFs.



    Way to go $kimmer, you make us proud.


    :P:D BZ $kimmer! :D:D Don't Worry, you're still 265 caches ahead of me!


    :D:D BZ Yeshua's Girls :D:D , too!

  4. This just in ....




    Honk if you know what they will do to me.

    You are in sooooo much trouble!




    The "hand rubbed finish" is what sold me.

    I reckon it will only cost a few bucks each if we all chip in.

    Can we have a viewing???



  5. Hello, I live in Michigan and have a friend who lives down in Riverside, California. I had this great idea for a Christmas present; bury their gift in a location near Riverside and then mark the coords. Then, in their wrapped gift box that I would give them, I would put only a piece of paper with the coordinates of the actual gift inside. This friend of mine has no idea what geocaching is, but I'd also write on the piece of paper to "Search Google For: Geocaching", and then they would have to figure out the rest on their own.


    Anyway...I was wondering if anyone down in that area would be willing to bury the said gift (it's a gag gift, a World of Warcraft Belt) and then tell me the coordinates. I would of course need to send you the gift and all that jazz, so you'd have to be willing to give me your address as well. My goal is to get the gift filled with the aformentioned sheet of paper to my friend before Christmas, so we will have to move fast.


    Oh, and on an unrelated note; I have only geocached once (recently), so I don't know a whole lot about it, only that it is frackin awesome. Right now it's all I can think about and I am currently saving up for a GPS so I can do more.


    Thanks for any help!


    The "northern" southern Californians hang out here:




    Check out their forums there.


    Good luck!

  6. I noticed Duncan!'s recent log for Coyote Mountain. The "airstrip" he mentions is actually the remnant of a radio telescope that once graced Clark Dry Lake. The "telescope" was a T-shaped array of conical helical antenna elements, much like the garland or string of lights around a Christmas tree that did not have branches. The telescope was steered to capture signals from different directions by electronically phasing the recieved signals. There was a cinder block building with a control and signal processing center (mini-computers) as well as a small machine shop. Maintenance roads ran along the legs of the array for servicing the elements and interconnecting cabling.


    Clark Lake is exceptionally quiet at radio frequencies due to the sheltering of the Santa Rosas to the east and north and the Ysidro range to the west. The facility's main technical problem was flooding of the lake bed, which shorted the coaxial cable running from each antenna element to the control center.


    I last visited during its last days in the late 80s, shortly before the University of Maryland closed it down as an economy measure. At the end, the staff was down to two - a physicist/principal investigator and a machinist/technician.


    In WWII, this was an aerial target range and you can still find .50 caliber machine guns shells, bullets, clips, and other debris from that period. I can post a photo of the facility taken when it was operating if anyone is interested.



    Location: California, United States

    Duncan! found Coyote Mountain Summit Cache (Traditional Cache) at



    Log Date: 12/1/2006

    Hey Now!

    Enjoyable little hike up the hill with GoBolts!, Chuy!, SuperDave! and

    Map4Nav. Our impetus for climbing up here was for the new Hell cache,

    but we were more than happy to stop here for a quick score. Incredible

    views of the lake below. Is that an airfield down there? We were

    wondering about the regularly spaced dark spots. TNLNSL. Thanks for the





    Thanks for the info, GD!

    Post that pic if it ain't too much trouble.



  7. Osprey and Mystery bird at Torrey Pines SR GCZ68Z



    Nice photos. That looks like the same Osprey I saw on Saturday on a long run down to Black's Beach and north to Torrey. The one I saw was on the cliff top just south of Flat Rock. It flew from its roost as I was approaching the sandstone trail at the base of the point between Black's and Torrey. The second bird looks like it may be a juvenile Sanderling, depending on its size.



    Thanks. That's the exact spot where I saw this one.




    Don't be silly, he got a Mac 'cause it works swimmingly BETTER than Windows :laughing: .


    Yep.. and you can still run Windows software ! Awesome!


    If there were a current mac app a PC user wanted to run, no way they'd be able to do it. But on a recent mac just fire up Parallels or boot right into XP. Awesome!

    so you get a MAC to get away from Windows and then you load Windows on it?? :laughing:

    That's what they call "Mac Logic" :ph34r::P

  9. http://www.dfg.ca.gov/lands/er/region5/bod...anyon-topo.html

    The land mostly belongs to the department of fish and game according to the website and all the signs in the canyon...


    As for GoBolts! Dingy, we are all hoping it gets removed. None of us wanted to see that. :laughing:


    PS for a group of people that did not want to "see" my dinghy you sure have been looking a lot...

    Richard has looked at it 11 times and Duncan! is a real dinghy gazer...here is the proof!



    Audit Log for: GoBolts! Little Dinghy!


    An audit log is a list of users who have viewed your premium member-only cache on the web site. Click on the user's name to visit their profile.


    Last Visit --------First Visit --------User----#Times

    11/11/2006 10:02 PM 11/10/2006 Duncan! 22

    11/11/2006 8:03 PM 11/10/2006 PassingWind 11




    Server local time is 11/12/2006 12:03 AM


    How do you create an audit log???


    First ya got to make a subscribers-only cache. Then, once it's published, look for the "read the audit log" link on the cache page. Then, whammo, you can see everyone who has viewed the page and Bob's your Uncle.



  10. http://www.dfg.ca.gov/lands/er/region5/bod...anyon-topo.html

    The land mostly belongs to the department of fish and game according to the website and all the signs in the canyon...


    As for GoBolts! Dingy, we are all hoping it gets removed. None of us wanted to see that. :ph34r:


    PS for a group of people that did not want to "see" my dinghy you sure have been looking a lot...

    Richard has looked at it 11 times and Duncan! is a real dinghy gazer...here is the proof!


    Guilty as charged. It's even on my watchlist!! :rolleyes:



  11. Greetings,


    My friend, Bill McDannell (aka Radical Geezer) is walking from San Diego, CA to Washington DC and, yes, he is a travel bug. I don't want to get into the reason for his walk as this is not the appropriate "forum" for such things. If you see him walking by be sure to ask him for his TB number so you can discover him. Here is his route.


    No, he will not be caching along the way, he has lots of walking to do.


    If you do see him, post it here, maybe with a picture! Here's a picture of him, just about to leave San Diego County...



    He'll be wearing the white shirt and the jeans for the entire hike (not the same ones, I hope!). :rolleyes:

    If you see him tell him Duncan said Hi!




    Edit: Forgot a link to his TB page: WTETW

  12. Pretty cool D!,


    You should start a thread in the TB forums with a reference to his page. It would be cool to see how many cachers "log" him on his trip. Can you give us the link to the TB tag? I'd llke to see how many "discover" him...he'd be kind of hard to drop in a cache. :rolleyes:






    That's a good idea. Thanks, Dave!



  13. Hey Now!

    I caught up with Bill (Radical Geezer) in the desert today. I hid a cache in his honor (GCZAM4) and even made him a travel bug... him! He thought it was very funny. I got very lucky and caught up to him just as he was approaching our CITO sign...




    His pack is about 40 lbs, looks like he'll be roughin' it for awhile...



  14. E. By any chance have you been wanting to buy a new GPS receiver? If so then I can set you up with a convincing Forum response that might make it through your spouse-filter.


    I might need one 'a those in the near future...



  15. I already knew I had one duplicate. I logged a cache again after it was adopted and relocated 200 feet or so. Isn't that legit?

    I never log a cache twice as a find. If a cache has moved and I go back and find it in its new place, I log it as a note. Others see nothing wrong with logging it as a new find. There is a reasonable argument to be made for either position. As far as I'm concerned, this is one of those cases where you can decide for yourself what rules you want to play by.


    Edit: I checked out the date feature and I have found 82% of my caches on the weekend. March is my main caching month. I've done my least amount of caching in May.

    The date feature tells me that I need to get out more on Wednesdays! :o


    "Based on your overall rate of 0.08 finds per day, you'll find number 200 around 12/21/08 and the big 1000 around 5/08/36."


    Watch for me -- I'll try to log my 1K via Ouija Board :o


    Someone remind me to post a congrats in the Congrats thread for M2... in about 30 years... :unsure::mad:

  16. By the way, I love your quote Team Reid!



    "Numbers are pointless, but memories are priceless. If you've got more finds than fond memories, you're playing this game backwards." :rolleyes:


    Thanks, Pat! That's what Team Reid is all about. Yesterday was a prime example. Had such a blast at Tomb Raider and Mud Cave Cookie tin. I think I only scored 4 caches in the whole day, but sure did have an incredible time! Thanks to Richard, Jerry, and yourself, I'm stuffing my brain with more memories!


    Robyn :(

    I have fond memories of every cache I have found - some for a lifetime; others for a few minutes B) .


    Who is this "Chuy!" guy?? :(

    Do I know him???



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