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  1. Check out peakery.com for you peak bagging cachers.
  2. I wish I had that 'brolly for the whole hike considering how red my neck is!
  3. I think a road trip to Austin for Necropolis is in order... Looks creepy... I like. Not sure if I can swing a trip to Texas, though.
  4. Hey... I'm looking for suggestions for the big 20K coming up soon. I'm considering GCAB , but, as I said, I'm up for suggestions...
  5. Yes. I'm bringing my girls, 8 and 10. I think your son might like the dessert contest, maybe he can be a judge. Also, FATTBOY is always good for a giggle or two. D!
  6. Hey Now! Super-cachers to the rescue! Way to go! If there's anything that truly deserves a "Like" button, this is it. I have to admit, I was wondering about that myself... I knew someone would bring that up... it's just what TripleCrown told me. So now the spotlight of inquiry pans from Duncan! to TripleCrown. The operative phrase here is "... had the opportunity ...." As it is one can only speculate about ways to "... wake up some handsome firefighters." What happens in the firehouse stays in the firehouse, is that it? Note to Self: Gawd! ... now those stupid Like buttons are on the Forum threads. Nowhere to hide .... I was a little surprised at the communal sleeping arrangements at the firehouse. Duncan! rang the bell, the light came on inside and since the blinds were open, we saw all the young firefighters jumping out of their beds in their shorts (no shirts...because they're it's too hot.) Soon they were all suited up and rolling in the rig! The fire at the campground was soon out, but NOT the fire in Duncan's heart! The fire wasn't quite that far north...
  7. Hey Now! Super-cachers to the rescue! Way to go! If there's anything that truly deserves a "Like" button, this is it. I have to admit, I was wondering about that myself... I knew someone would bring that up... it's just what TripleCrown told me.
  8. This Just In... Dawg Team! Thwarts Forest Fire, Bags 10 FTFs On The PCT. Mt. Laguna, CA - In the early morning hours of September 4th, Dawg Team! members Chuy!, Duncan!, Mocha!, TripleCrown, and Willow! had just finished caching and hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail when they spotted an out of control camp fire at the Desert View picnic area, close to GC31H0Q TripleCrown called 911 while Duncan! sped to the nearby fire station. Duncan! rang the bell at the front door of the Mt Laguna fire station and had the opportunity to wake up some handsome firefighters. After alerting the firefighters, Duncan! and TripleCrown returned to the fire to find Chuy!, who was traveling in a separate vehicle, also phoning 911. Firefighters arrived on scene and quickly doused the flames which encompassed several hundred feet. Afterwards, Chuy! and TripleCrown made the short walk and scored the find on GC31AH6 Which took them much longer to find than it should have!
  9. I hope that you at least post notes to thank those that hid the caches. Why? What's the difference between someone logging your cache when they were never there and someone not logging on line when they actually visited the cache and signed the logbook? The on-line logs are skewed either way. But I guess it doesn't matter how others play the game, does it? John It matters because most hiders that I know of like to get thanked for their efforts. So... it does matter how others play the game. We don't live in a vacuum. I agree, it cheapens the game and it cheapens my efforts.
  10. Yep, that's my girl, Claire. She was feeling really sick at this point. I don't think it was the award ceremony that was making her sick as much as the malted milkshake we picked up from the nearby fast food joint. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Just after Tom wrapped things up she proceeded to lose the contents of her stomach on the table. Did you notice how quickly we left? I did give one of the staff a heads-up about what was under the pile of napkins on that table. Harmon, thanks so much. I laughed so hard when I saw this that I pulled a muscle somewheres. D!
  11. I would not like to spoil the ending for anyone by speaking out here...but I would mention that in 1939, Tiffany Thayer authored a version of the Three Musketeers told from the perspective of Milady de Winter. This books was sometimes purchased by librarian's for the Children's Sections (and also for school libraries) which made it immensely popular when the children discovered that ol' Tiffany was rather explicit when dealing with intimate relationships. (Indeed, as this is a family site, I have toned down the cover art...) The book is no longer in print but one can find copies quite inexpensively through Amazon and other used book retailers. James, You are amazing .. a wealth of knowledge. The follow-up question is obvious ... might you be related to Tiffany Thayer? Harmon, this one looks like it's right up your alley. So to speak.
  12. So, who's all going out for FTFs tonight?
  13. I suggest you go to a geocaching event near you and hook up with some other cachers! Some events in the OC County area. Good luck!
  14. The last time I saw Carl he had found a pair of my sunglasses that I had left at some cache somewhere, and we met up for a FTF hunt in MTRP. He was still very strong but told me about some health issues with his legs. RIP, General. We will miss you!! It was an honor to have known Carl. I'll always remember his smile and his bone crushing handshake. D!
  15. Torrey Pines State Park is a great place for a coastal hike. Not a lot of caches, though. Have fun! D!
  16. You might have better luck here: http://www.thegba.net/
  17. :D Congratulations to Ragfoot for entry into the MLRA Hall of Fame!! :D
  18. Congrats! Funny, that was the first cache page I looked at back in May of 2003. I was doing a google search for the Goat Canyon Trestle and I stumbled upon the Powder Can Cache page. D!
  19. Not my neck of the woods, but I did enjoy the Bridge to Nowhere hike. http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=423674 Cache near the trailhead: GCH426. Looks like it will be archived soon, tho. Have fun!
  20. You do see the freakiest things in the desert. Honk if you know where Harmon is. Go here for the full flickr set
  21. I'll get this added to the list we keep for traveling and armchair caches, all of which are excluded for determination of distance statistics. If you hear of others, please note them here so that we can add them, too. Thanks! Could this one be added to the list as well? GCNJCX Thanks.
  22. Looks like a typical work day for a TSA agent.
  23. I suspect that photo has been 'shopped. Found the real photo on the web: What about that gas???
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