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  1. You may have to relog Groundsoeak and gc.com to get it to change.
  2. ROFL!!!!! That's what we do best, right, ya sax-totin' smurf-boy?!?!? Quality is for imported German posts that are over engineered.
  3. So don't leave your drawers in the cache. Tell that to Johnny Stalkers! Ewwwwww! LOL
  4. So don't leave your drawers in the cache.
  5. Today is slap sparky day !!! mmmm.....Spank Sparky day sounds better....... Personal foul...unnecessary sharring...
  6. No, I see that most of the moderators have already chosen different smurfs. Funny.
  7. On the web page where most of the pics are coming from they date these smurfs to the late 60's
  8. Really, and I didn't know they had been around since the late 60's.
  9. I seem to be changing my avatar a lot lately.
  10. post a lot? If I wasn't here for your amusement... I'd be somewhere else Post oh Saxman post...share your wisdom with us oh sage of the smurf.
  11. Holy Smurf!! Thats a lot of smurfing money! No smurfing smurf!!!
  12. I think Doc Smurf could perscribe Viagra then you could be Sportin' Smurf.
  13. And please if you "log" that cache no sharing here.
  14. He** I don't think Mississippi grows that much cotton in a decade.
  15. I dont think you'd even have to worry about the caches being too close rule! LMAO
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