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  1. Look under the getting started section, but it means Signed Log Took Nothing Left Nothing.
  2. Yep. Everything is back to normal. Is she wearing a boat?
  3. Just think, if he used more then one he could have gotten a Darwin Award instead of a mention of r.com. Next time we can only hope.
  4. Nothing reeks worse than gangrene........nothing! She is of the opinion that gangrene comes in a close second behind wounds infected with pseudomonas bacteria. I will have to take yall's opinion as I don't care to find out. I do know my foot smelled bad when I spilled molten brass on it. I guess it hurt too.
  5. She's a better woman than me. It's hard to believe that there is worse than that. Quite a job you've got Cindy. God bless ya. And God bless the poor b****** in that photo. She treats wounds that don't heal naturally so take that first wound with all the nasty dead, rotting skin and add it to the second one and thats what she deals with.
  6. Cindy (the wound care nurse) said without hesitation she had seen worse. More power to her.
  7. Or HomoGeoCide, where he takes his ball and crys until others go home.
  8. Well with only 1 female smurf I think quite a few are flaming..... err....... galactic smurf? Bad smurf, bad.
  9. Ask them what they want as well if you don't care if it is a surprise.
  10. Did you google the word? It's also a really cool Robert Mitchum movie. Sn gans Yakuza Smurf? Was that the sequal to Yakuza?
  11. Actually that is fine with me as after today I won't be a smurf again for awhile.
  12. You are having that much trouble with a frog? How can you move on to other animals if you can't even do frogs? You will never make it to Meer Cats.
  13. Would it be a "Hermaphrofrog" then? Sounds good to me. Whatever turns you on... Maybe it's a good thing you can't make my cache event! I said I may not be able to...what are you skeerd?
  14. Maybe they will find some missing TB's when they squeeze him.
  15. Would it be a "Hermaphrofrog" then? Sounds good to me.
  16. LOL he needs a red shirt, then he would officially be "He's dead Jim".
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