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  1. Whats with the 9:00am stuff. Don't yall ever wait until the sun is warm or anything? We will try and be there. That is almost the time we go to sleep.
  2. [quote Heh heh... Yep, that sounds like me... You can check out the post in question that they are talking about http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_details.asp?ID=92802&L=561794 Besides the shortest route to a cache is a strait line! Who cares whats in the way! Thats my pholosphy! I will keep that philosophy in mind when we place our next caches. You might want to take a snorkel there, "straight line boy".
  3. Oh, I forgot I have also met Manic so thats three Memphis cachers that give caching a bad name. ok JK Manic, Bit and Bugman. [This message was edited by Chris&Cindy on July 12, 2003 at 08:29 PM.]
  4. I would like to know as well. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I hope. but really though Bugman gave me a tour of the Left Memphis caches last weekend and Bit and Bug and I showed up to look for Cactusjeep's GPS last weekend. They both seemed nice. They did mention some crazy guy named Chuck that would rather swim to a cache then take the trail or something like that. [This message was edited by Chris&Cindy on July 11, 2003 at 12:58 PM.]
  6. They are like poison ivy...avoid at all costs. The person below me carries a sock monkey in their pocket while caching.
  7. Are you fidgetting in your pockets when you say this? Do you make strange sounds after mentioning Pocket Queries. I think it is all in the way you deliver it.
  8. We just have some red neck that staggers up to the camera on the news and tells you everything is fine and to go about your work. Kinda sounds like communist China propaganda.
  9. Looks like I need to show my wife this thread and get a new GPSr before we get divorced. "Honey, it's to save our marrige"
  10. umm yup...don't tell her I was ever on this thread. Later
  11. Umm we think ours is self explanatory. Kinda boring too.
  12. I can't stand those newbies...I hope they all go to...oh wait we are newbies...um nevermind. Carry on then.
  13. TPAM posted twice by accedent and can't delete it so they changed it.
  14. The person above me think a GPS as needed will keep the doctor away. Is that GPS taken pr/iv?
  15. Heck my wife and I cache anytime we can...including stopping off on the way to the hospital ,for a CT scan, to pick up a cache that we couldn't find the day before. Nothing makes you look like a cacher like walking into the hospital dirty and sweaty, with that I just found it grin. The person below me uses a metal detector to look for ammo box caches.
  16. Yeah...C&C Music Factory. I will email you then I guess as the DalNet site didn't get the point accross to me. I am a blacksmith not a computer gee...um person. If I can't get something to work I just get it hotter and hit it harder which I guess isn't so good with a computer huh?
  17. I am in for an event to meet some of the other cachers. I have only met Bit and Bugman so my view of my fellow cachers is tainted. Let me know and we will be there if it is a weekend event.
  18. The person above me hopes this thread keeps going since they started it.
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