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  1. You can also put it where you put you avatar pic then open the pic and copy and paste the link to the IMG.
  2. I don't want to go to a third world country to cache...er nevermind.
  3. You got it! Newbie here that read the article. I got online the day i read it. Welcome to the addiction! I'll look forward to hunting some of your own quality caches! :backhands CWL: LOL
  4. Sounds like a great type of cache to me. Maybe add some space to just sign your name on the label.
  5. I got this old anvil I was thinking about getting rid of...hmmmm JK
  6. Chickens come from eggs.....no....wait......eggs come from chi.......ummm......well, there's another dead horse we can beat while we're at it! Well a chicken and a rooster were drinking in the back seat of a Camero...
  7. We used to take The Ugly Puppy backpacking when she was younger. The packs with handles on the backs are handy. TUP has that set up on her life vest and it makes it easier to pull her into the boat. I can imagine it would be helpful to help get them over some obstacles.
  8. I have had 1 get muggled and 2 get cut down and hauled off (the trees they were in were cut down and removed from the parks).
  9. I never saw the threads too often. Sounds like a boredom warning.
  10. Be patient. I haven't started a Father's Day thread yet Another thing my tax return will be paying for is obedience lessons for my new caching dog Be gentle with Bob as she is young still. I guess this weekend is they day she arrives huh?
  11. Some people have a penchant for getting a little out of hand in the forums and need to be warned from time to time. That's what the Warn % is for... I'll probably submit the CITO Event Cache next weekend. Y'all make your preferences known... Hey, Whats with mentioning me and warn % in the same thread? I know nothing!!!! I was framed...all those times.
  12. I was bitten by a geocacher who was also going for a FTF...I got better.
  13. I guess I have collected enough warnings and bans that it is obvious I don't use a sock puppet account. However I haven't vented in a while and I had this idea of a great avatar...er...nevermind...
  14. Is that the official stand or the Sax-stand on that issue?
  15. I talked to them for the last event and they were nice so maybe someone could swing by and ask about a CITO there.
  16. Army surplus store are the way to go if you have one. I get my cans for $3.00 a can.
  17. The name is worn of but I think they are Dr. Scholes (sp?). We just look for ones that feel soft. I have tried cheap ones and they tear up in less then a month so get some good ones and they will last much longer. I think the ones we have now are gel filled. As for elevation gain we backpacked into Little Yosemite Valley (Yosemite NP) which is a steep hike. Coming down I thought my feet were going to be smushed into the toes of my boots but everything was fine. We also did a 3 mile slope in the Ozarks and came out fine. Like carleenp said it is all in the fit. I wear my boots a good 2 months before I hit the trail because the trail is no place to do any type of breaking in.
  18. For backpacking my wife and I both wear Vasque boots with replacement insoles. For short hikes/geocaching I wear a pair of Timberland boots with replacement insoles and Cindy wears tennis shoes. Neither of us have foot problems.
  19. Adopt it Sparky. It was a classic cache (that I need to log).
  20. For selfish reasons (I havn't logged the caches around Herb Parsons) I would vote HP lake. But I will go where ever.
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