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  1. Alright, folks! I'm considering contacting the media to see if we can get some more positive press for our CITO effort. I'd hate to look like some kind of loser with a handfull of people Trashing Out in the country's largest urban park. Are we gonna have a good turn-out for the event? 20+ people? Sure would be cool...


    Call your caching pals and build some interest! OK? Most of the cachers in the area don't participate on the boards. I know we won't have as many participants as the March of Dimes Walk America event, but we should still be able to represent ourselves well. ;)


    I'll have at least 5 people. How many are you bringing?

    We will be there.

  2. they haven't hidden any traditional caches.  they just have 5 virtuals.  i wouldn't stoop to that level anyway.

    You could go out and steal the historical markers.... B)

    Thats what I was thinking. Take the answers for questions. ;):P

  3. I am not sure if I speak out loud or if it is in my head. Come to think of it I am not completely sure all of the voices in my head are even mine. :D

    They are not they are mine from the transmitter I implanted in your brain...now kill the mouse...I SAID kill the mouse and the... Um sorry, sorry everyone I got a little carried away.


    I uh just do a little dance and curse the lineage of the cache hider.

  4. but don't come back and try to buy people's admiration by sucking up to the admins and hiding caches with expensive FTF items in them


    He started out with the intent of hiding more caches with expensive things in them- He has a history of doing this, long before you could come here and shred him for his reasons why. That was his whole point in that topic - his beliefs "for" 1 time caches.


    Sucking up to the admins? How, by doing a hide that conforms to the rules as they now stand?


    I think you got today covered :o

    Yeah, I guess.......

    Once a day? Never be a quitter Sparky! If it is worth doing once a day it is worth doing all day. GO FOR IT! :D:D

  5. Look at it as a photograph. The negative produces a positive (with a little work). And perception is reality. It is a personal choice to percieve something as negative just as it is a personal choice to extend the negative into positive.


    I am sure one can find negatives to go with every positive.

    I'm just not sure what is the purpose of this discussion. :D<_<

    Stop smoking that s*** :):mad:

  6. <_<


    Anyone have anything to actually contribute to this post?

    I contributed in my first post. The posts that followed (mine included) proved that we are going to accept the down side of geocaching because we enjoy the activity.


    If you want something that people will get uptight about mention guns here then you will get a heated thread going.

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