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  1. We always drag a 6' section of rolled up carpet with us that has red Kool-Aid stains on it and for some reason most people avoid us.
  2. Go ahead. Call the folks that did the story last time with you and see if they are interested.
  3. No, they will freak out and destroy it anyway just to justify their budget.
  4. You could go out and steal the historical markers.... Thats what I was thinking. Take the answers for questions.
  5. My favorite...The Tuna Sandwich with extra mayo.
  6. They are not they are mine from the transmitter I implanted in your brain...now kill the mouse...I SAID kill the mouse and the... Um sorry, sorry everyone I got a little carried away. I uh just do a little dance and curse the lineage of the cache hider.
  7. But if your life was easier we wouldn't be able to point and laugh. It would be nice though. Thanks for your support. Anytime
  8. Yeah we all know being popular is more important then being safe. And to think we won't be prom queen now.
  9. But if your life was easier we wouldn't be able to point and laugh. It would be nice though.
  10. He started out with the intent of hiding more caches with expensive things in them- He has a history of doing this, long before you could come here and shred him for his reasons why. That was his whole point in that topic - his beliefs "for" 1 time caches. Sucking up to the admins? How, by doing a hide that conforms to the rules as they now stand? I think you got today covered Yeah, I guess....... Once a day? Never be a quitter Sparky! If it is worth doing once a day it is worth doing all day. GO FOR IT!
  11. We do a bit of both. Sometimes we go for the count and sometimes we stop and "smell the roses". It depends on our mood at the time and what the area is like.
  12. They would do better if they had something explaining the activity as well. I see this happening in a local outdoor store first.
  13. Your are getting your miles out of that one.
  14. You don't have to make it one or the other. Have it so people can choose what they want to do.
  15. I contributed in my first post. The posts that followed (mine included) proved that we are going to accept the down side of geocaching because we enjoy the activity. If you want something that people will get uptight about mention guns here then you will get a heated thread going.
  16. Oh and lets not forget the wasted bandwidth. LOL
  17. Now if it was a Chevy and a Magellan then we would be talking.
  18. Just like most things that we enjoy we are then also prepared to ignore the harmful side effects. It is the human way to attack what we don't like and accept what we do like. Just my $.02 worth.
  19. Don't expect it though because people like that usually have an ego that doesn't permit apologies.
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