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  1. David, Thanks for adding the copy button. I see that you have fixed some things like the exit/ok button that really bugged me. I do have some things though that keep me from using CacheDragon. 1. The cache descriptions are cluttered with tags. Its kinda hard to make out some of the descriptions 2. It would be nice to mark a cache that has been found. I know you can click on a cache and mark it done, but when I return to the main listing. I don't have a way to distinguish the found cache from all the others unless I selected it. If you could find a way to change the appearance in the main listing of found caches that would take away the need to use the task manager as described in my post on texasgeocaching.com.
  2. For the 4.0 version I always did a full install, by that I mean selecting all the regions. It never asks for a CD after installation.
  3. So I figured out how to get the loc file to work. GPSTuner didn't like my PocketQuery loc file. However it had no problems reading a loc file downloaded from a cache page. Anyways the program looks promising.
  4. Has anyone used GPSTuner yet? If so, has anyone been able to open .loc files with it? GPSTuner -update- I just realized the version I have is 1.1 and not 1.2. So my new question is: does anyone know where I can get 1.2? Handango has the old version and megalith's website links to Handango. [This message was edited by Geek-Qualizer on September 09, 2003 at 08:38 AM.]
  5. Very nice.. This just might replace GPXSpinner and that whole conversion process. Yea.. I like it.
  6. This is simply awesome. Went out caching today with all my caches in my pda. It was so easy to see the nearby caches. We need to buy those guys at Mapopolis a beer or two..
  7. These are most of the items that are in my setup. Hardware: eTrex Legend w/serial cable Toshiba e755 w/expansion pack and USB2Serial cable Brunton Eclipse Compass (Have yet to completely figure out how to use it) Digital Camera Water resistant flash light with a continuous run time of roughly 100 minutes Extra batteries for GPS and flashlight Small med kit in vehicle Bug Spray Pen Misc. items for caches Big walking stick Software: GPXSpinner Mapopolis EasyGPS Tasks App. on PDA Softgear: CamelBak Hawg 3l Pants that convert to shorts Extra pair of shoes in vehicle Leather gloves A decent hat that blocks the sun Rain Poncho
  8. Just wanted to confirm that crashmore's faq helped get my Toshiba e755+expansion pack+usb2serial+eTrex Legend working. No issues so far.
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