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  1. I hate signing the log in caches unless I'm FTF and I don't trade trinkets. Where possible I use a paper punch with a design. A find is a find regardless.
  2. A lamp post micro... ...sorry...couldn't help myself...
  3. Next time I end up with that damned bowling ball TB I'll be sure to send it your way C.O.D.
  4. Who cares what catch-phrases were used. It was a positive segment that helps promote geocaching.
  5. That's funny.... I tried that and it didn't work for me. But I think GC was having a "moment" and I was too disillusioned to think more deeply about it. That's perfect. Thanks,
  6. Is there an alternative to guid? For example when linking to a cache I sometimes use ?wp=gcrh7x in the url instead of ?guid=5e9600b5-cca3-415b-a42f-04545dca8bef for obvious reasons. Is there a "?wp=" for a user account? I already have a field for geocaching on the forum I admin in the user's profile that links back to their profile here on geocaching.com. Problem is users have a hard time finding their guid. It would nice if there was a means to pass their caching name in the url rather than their guid.
  7. "There's a little bit of truth in everything you say" Sure does explain a lot...
  8. You have 190 as of one minute ago. Also, I find it ironic that you "just don't care" about your numbers, yet you post "Find number 100: Ice Angels (1/1/2006)" on your profile page... So...? The above is the very reason why a cacher's stats should be private unless made public by said cacher. Kind of like Bookmarks. The numbers breed bad behavior.
  9. I don't like it because it's a form of advertising that hits my email, almost viral. It might as well be email spam I suppose. My own caches, and the caches on my watchlist deliver notifications via email. So when I see a log like this I think spam. I don't mind the advertising that GC does on the site, although personally I don't think I should be subjected to it given that I pay for services this site provides; but keep it out of my email.
  10. I have a XV6700 that I use with Cachemate currently. I've used, GPXSonar, BeelineGPS, Smache, Mapopolis, etc. I've given up using the phone as a GPSr. It works but is too cumbersome. So I just use Cachemate for notes and cache descriptions. Currently Cachemate handles large GPX files better than the above mentioned. There is a difference between Windows Mobile PPC and Windows Mobile Smartphone. The smartphone version is very limiting.
  11. fyi, this is great resource for the MIO: http://hugginsnet.com/ilovemymio/index.php
  12. The MIO 310x which I just bought not too long ago will cover 1-3 and roughly 4(pedestrian mode). It can be hacked to run a short list of PPC apps. I use GSAK to convert to TOMTOM then iGo to convert to iGoDB for POIs. I have 2700 caches loaded. It's good for in car navigation to caches and it's cheap too. Can be found for around $150. I'm using my PDA phone with Cachemate (PPC)(just switched from Sonar) for logging and my Garmin 60CS for in the woods navigation. Just wanted to add that I was lucky enough to download all the maps so I still use Mapopolis on the PDA phone for visual aid of where caches are when I'm not in the car.
  13. A day late and dollar short as usual. I found the other thread here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=153861 just in case someone does another search. Thanks,
  14. Apparently they are moving into other markets. So if you have a current subscription be best to log in and download all the maps you don't have. http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=76767 Sorry if this a duplicate thread, quick search didn't reveal any.
  15. I swear, you guys come a knocking on my door wearing Khakis, Shirt/Tie, and a Geocaching for Dummies book proclaiming it's some kind of bible I'll promptly tell you where to stick it.
  16. Just found this which I thought was comical. http://www.engadget.com/2005/12/06/petcell...phone-for-dogs/
  17. I see these a lot, but I don't know how good they are. There are several others out there too that are GPS/FRS/GMRS based. http://www.trackerradio.com/hunt.htm You can search around for hunting supplies for dogs. As thats where most people will find such a product, and well thats how they are marketed.
  18. Congratulations! I've seen the staffs first hand and they are nice. You know... It would have been awfully hard to explain to my Dad why I wasn't carrying around one of the several he has made for me over the years; would have hate to break his heart just before Christmas...
  19. Ok, I see. A couple of things. -Smache has to work with GSAK. It's just too popular of an app. --Currently GSAK does everything for me. Logs into my email, grabs all the PQs and imports them, and copies the resulting gpx file to my pda. -Smache is very slow importing gpx files. I extracted and copied just four PQs to my device. Told Smache to import all of them. As I'm typing this 10 minutes has passed and it's still working on importing. It's only half way thru and this is only 1/3 of the queries I work with. --Make a macro for GSAK to export, An import utility to run on the desktop, etc. so that this process can be done much faster. I can't report on the functionality yet as I haven't been able to load any caches but I suspect when it's done importing I can start working with the app. I spoke too soon. The error I have now is: "There were errors encountered during the import. Error: processing GPX records. IOException" I suspected it error'd because my device went to sleep. It cuts power to the mini-sd card. So I got 1200+ caches load. Looks pretty good... Just took a very long time to get to this point. A few more things. -Make better use of the screen. The cache listing is in a box with quite a few pixels on each side. -Make viewing caches a signal tap or a configurable option to do so. -The link to GC.com doesn't work. -Smache doesn't like landscape mode. (I have a XV6700 PDA/Phone, I have to slide open the device to get to the keyboard which switches the device to landscape mode)
  20. Mapopolis has an option to save tracklog. You can also convert gpx files to maplets which can be viewed on mapopolis as well.
  21. Thanks for the feedback. What exactly was the "complaint" it gave you? Let me know if you need anything else.
  22. Installed it on my xv6700 and it took a very long time to load/import a 12mb gpx file. Then it complained about some IDs and didn't load but 200 caches. This same GPX file works fine in MapSource, GE, GPXtoMaplet, MapPoint2k6.
  23. I just wanted to say thanks for all the approvers reviewers approving publishing caches here in Texas. The lack of reviewers has always been a huge complaint at events. The wind has changed and it really is appreciated. It's a nice change and it's reflected in the conversations at events.
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