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  1. I once saw a cute little airhead putting her contacts in while driving down I-75 near Detroit during rush hour. That was years ago and I am sure she is dead now. Traffic accident I suspect...Probably poked her eye out too What about that second link scares you? Is The Man really coming down too hard on people who kill others? I am all for it myself. A driver is suppose to be driving the car, not watching tv or talking on a phone or texting. They are no more alert than a dang drunk. I don't feel the cops are intruding on me, I feel the airhead is intruding on my rights. We forget who the enemy is here. ... or looking at cute girls... sorry... way to easy...
  2. What about that second link scares you? Is The Man really coming down too hard on people who kill others? You get back in your car from finding a geocache. A mosquito inadvertently finds his way into your vehicle. As you're driving thru town the mossie flies into your eye and briefly you look away clearly distracted. The kid who wasn't paying attention steps out into the street. You hit and kill him. The street cameras that are installed in your new police state catch you looking away. You go to jail for a really long time. yea, a bit sensationalist. I'm scared cause the government in ever encroaching on my life.
  3. http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/injury/dro...e03/summary.htm Old report and I'm sure things have changed since then. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/275387...ss-drivers.html It's not the ticket I fear, it's where we're headed that scares the crap out of me.
  4. I think nowadays laws are written to generate revenue not for safety reasons.
  5. Speaking of packs I have to recommend the Palisades Pack from Ruff Wear. It's a great pack and pretty darn tough with some nice design features. The packs can be had for around $90. Don't pay the MSRP of $125 should you decide on going with a pack. I'm assuming your pup is young and I wouldn't recommend her carrying a load until she is around 1.5-2 yrs of age so her body can fully develop. For training purposes you can keep it lite and the time short like 10-20 minutes.
  6. The problem with trail walking a dog that isn't 100% command trained is that sometimes a dog will catch you off guard and yank the leash when they see a chipmonk or something. Next thing you know, your dog has lost itself in the woods (assuming its a wooded area) and has a leash attached to it. Not a good combo. A "Halt-E" type collar helps a lot. Never assume your dog is 100% and research the pros/cons of using a "halt-e" before considering it's use.
  7. "No person is completely worthless. At the very least, one can always serve as a bad example." I have no interest in taking lectures on basic forum etiquette from a person who deliberately violates basic forum etiquette. Congratulations. You have just given me my very, very first reason for using the Ignore function. An absolutely righteous point and well received.
  8. Can I just call you a Drama Queen and be done with it...? Just kidding but I know you like to stir the pot every once in awhile.. Man... you couldn't possibly be further from the truth.
  9. Good example, uh, unless you think I was trolling. Did your intentions of that thread match any part of the following description? Be honest now ... Always better to be a part of the problems than part of the solutions? Sometimes it's necessary to contribute to the problem/s in order for the solution to present itself. However trolling isn't the problem.
  10. Well, I was trolling. I hate the proliferation of LPCs but I don't hate micros perse. It's just that there is no good way to filter them. So after seeing another local's cache get declined citing the guideline I thought it would be slightly humorous to pose the question here on big green knowing the response it would generate. Same reason why you posted your naked event cache thread. As far as the forums go... The big difference is HGCS is a community based forum that derives no profit. The forums here are a customer facing aspect of Groundspeak which in turn affects the business. The behavior that's allowed to breed on these forums is unacceptable. A behavior I won't allow on HGCS. A newbie can't come to these forums and pose a question without being attacked. It doesn't matter if it's been asked a millions times. It's still not right for them to get attacked. What great way to drive away a possible paying customer. Of course I'm generalizing and I know not everyone here is so bad but I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times someone has come up to me at an event and complained about the forums here. They'll flat out say "I'll never post there again...".
  11. Here you go Training Your Dog to Sniff Out Caches - By Peter Harrington
  12. Over 6 years. Not a bad track record... better than most. - Ok, So I was being facetious... but it would be nice to bring back virtuals and do away with LPCs...
  13. Well, it's not often I stoop down low enough to participate in these forums. I do slip up on ocassion though.
  14. Maybe the guidelines should contain similar wording.
  15. A well hidden cache in a forest of trees is not easily found using Google Earth. Can you get close? I suppose. I don't think I need to detail the difference between finding a lamp post in a parking lot using Google Earth vs. finding a cache in the middle of the woods or some other well hidden urban hide. You guys should be smart enough to figure that out.
  16. A muggle in most cases is unware of the guideline/s or geocaching for that matter. Therefore your interpertation of my logic and or question doesn't apply or fall within the scope of my post.
  17. I didn't state my position on the matter... Indeed. However the guideline doesn't clarify actually using a GPSr as a requirement in finding a cache. It simply reads "the option of using accurate GPS coordinates as an integral part of the cache hunt must be demonstrated" So wouldn't that invalidate a reviewer's interpretation of the guideline when cited in the manner I stated in my initial post?
  18. As per the guidelines shouldn't a cache in a large parking (lamp post) not be approved or otherwise disallowed? Reviewers have declined caches numerous times for caches that could simply be found without a GPS citing the guidelines above.
  19. It amazes me time and time again that this kind of juvenile behavior is tolerated on these forums being that it's a customer facing aspect of the Groundspeak business. Right or Wrong HoustonControl is a decent human being and doesn't deserve this kind of ridicule. This thread should be locked.
  20. I'm fully aware of the ways to find and log PMOC caches. I'm sure you can think of other reasons why the logs for a cache might need investigating. My point was is that it's been the experience of a few that switched a cache that was continually being stolen to a PMOC and the pirating stopped. There are rational reasons for a PMOC outside of the elitist connotation.
  21. Maybe the feature you're buying into is the audit log on the PMOC? The "elitist" feature is useful if you have someone in your area going around pirating caches. Anyone can anonymously sign up for a free account and start pillaging caches. Creating a PMOC helps (not completely) circumvent these types of actions. I'm sure you'll feel differently when you have $50 invested in a cache only to have it defaced with only a note left behind saying your cache has been pirated. At least with a PMOC you know that Groundspeak has the personal/billing information on the cachers finding your caches should there be a need to investigate for whatever reason.
  22. Breeze and Raine Breeze my 4.5yr old lab Raine my 1.5yr old lab
  23. My suggestion would be more from a technical perspective. A single syllable word/name that doesn't sound like any verbal command you have for your dog. My dogs are named Breeze and Raine (rain). Easy to say their names with commands and doesn't sound like sit, stay, down, come, here, etc... I'm sorry for your loss. May this new pup bring much joy to your life.
  24. A lot of people seem to be worried about destroying an expensive camera. If you've made any kind of substantial investment in your camera gear get insurance. I certainly wouldn't buy a sports car and tool around in it like an old man. Use it and abuse it...
  25. I have this bag. It can accommodate my DSLR an extra lens plus my geoware. I can tell you the 100 is too small. If you travel lightly the 200 will be fine. The 300 is pretty darn big. I had the 100, upgraded to the 200, and a friend has the 300. All these bags have the rainfly sewn in to the bottom back pouch. You pull the fly out and stretch it over the bag. Works great.
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