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  1. I don't know about everyone else but I'm still here and trying to keep up. I just haven't had as much time to read all of the posts and/or post in the cointests. Me too! I read this forum almost daily trying to keep up. Just not enough time to participate regularly. I'll be at GW7 in 3 days! ... I'm almost nervous : )
  2. ¡ǝɟıן ɐ ǝʌɐs ¡uoıʇuǝʇʇɐ ʎɐd 5. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
  3. Look Twice, Save a Life! Local TN news Saturday: Off duty police officer killed by driver making left turn. http://tinyurl.com/qdptmd email received May 13th 5:05pm
  4. Stay alert, watch for bikes! May 10th 9:50pm
  5. BE AWARE OF BIKES AROUND YOU! May 9th, 9:45pm
  6. 1) I made an embarassing mistake yesterday while on my way to cash my check...what was it? You mistakenly tried to use a TWR geocoin as part of the pay. 2) KAboom and I went caching yesterday, who won, how many did we find? I may or may not have logged all our finds already. Kaboom Won ... 8 Finds 3) I got something in the mail today, what was it? A letter from an old friend. 4) I OK'd the purchase of something yesterday, what was it? Banner 5) I found something in one of the caches, what was it?? "Close but no cigar"... a cigarette : ) edit to add: Pay Attention!! Save a Life!!!!
  7. I've tried going back, I'm sure I've missed a few answers. Sorry. Hard to catch up... In relation to my trip, what is unique about the following location?? N 31* 11.818 W 105*26.787 You arrived at El Paso the same time you were at this spot. Keep your windshield and mirrors clean so you can see objects unobstructed.
  8. In relation to my trip, what is unique about the following location?? N 31* 11.818 W 105*26.787 Location of Ghost Town. Make room for bikers!
  9. Was able to grab Usyoopers "Todies Wild Ride" coin today! Hope to move it along soon. Also saw a city truck lose a trailer in front of me. Luckily it went right into the ditch instead of left towards traffic. Always be aware of others, you never know what might happen.
  10. My quest to grab a Todies Wild Ride geocoin today was ruined by a CV joint on the old 88 blazer going out. Had to be hauled home with no finds for the day. Watch out for slow moving vehicles and tow trucks!
  11. Cost 46.50 Be alert for bikers at all times! Thought I'd share this log from one of my coins. From Second Hand Lion: Log Date: 3/12/2009 Years ago, I was riding down a highway on my bike and the guy next to me pulled into my lane... Sending me sliding down the highway several yards on my side... Fortunately I escaped without any serious injuries... although it totalled that bike... Several vehicles stopped to assist... to a person, all of them said that I'd been there all along... and yet, when interviewed by the police, all the guy who ran me over said in his defense was... "I didn't see him" ... I will be happy to keep this coin moving!
  12. Hey! Usyoopers hit the 1000 cache mark last week! I was checking to see where they may have dropped off a Todies Wild Ride coin and found one 26 miles from home. Hopefully it'll stay there til the weekend so I can go grab it and actually hold one of these coins! Always give bikes more room than you would a car.
  13. I'm close to milemarker 50 on I65. Would love to discover or grab one of these. Maybe I should 'watch' yours? in TN Always be alert for bikers, they're everywhere!
  14. Don't pass bikes then turn right in front of them! My wife did recently with me as passenger. She felt awful for days about it.
  15. yea, just made me laugh picturing a rolling sign. Wear approved safety gear.
  16. Be alert and keep your mind on driving!
  17. Catching up! Congrats on 1000 Roddy! Nice cointest, I hate I missed it. Gravedigger is my favorite since way back. Jasondulac, can you explain this safety tip from earlier? Rolling signs Takes Lives Hope everyone is having a safety day.
  18. 4. At one of the stops I had a cup of coffee while I sorted out the Cache, How much was I charged for my coffee? $1.89 Always give bikes extra room!
  19. this one is ready!TB2GNQX Thanks geopigs and roddy!
  20. This one is ready! Thanks again, TB2QA9H
  21. ????????? Pay Attention, Save a Life!! WINNER!! Coin info sent soon, THANKS for participating!! That post did you well!! Congrats to all the winners! Been working today so just now checking in. Thanks for the cointest and the two coins from this one! I now need to make time to put the pages together to these two plus my PC. Ride safe and be aware at all times.
  22. pay attention, save a life! tempe,az
  23. 1. When did I get my motorcycle license? 1997 2. What motorcycle am I getting this year?harley 3. What was my 1st motorcycle? honda 50 4. What was my 2nd? honda 150 Bonus: What year and and color am I getting on the new motorcycle? 07 black pay attention, save a life!
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