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  1. Update 0.4.8 was released to fix these problems. Update your phone now.
  2. Yes. Simply create a bookmark list, name it "My FTF caches" and just add yours to it. Done. Then the stats page could be modified to show the number of caches on your personal FTF list.
  3. But, why do that? You can make a bookmark list, and bookmark your FTF caches. That way you can label it FTF, it doesn't limit you to 1 out of every 10, and it doesn't mean you have have to mark a "lame" cache as a favorite. You could even make the bookmark list public if you want.
  4. Perhaps this goes without saying, but, do a night cache if you have not already. I did my first one recently. The pattern on that one seemed to be that one reflector indicates that I am going the right direction. Two reflectors means I am getting close enough to leave the trail. Three reflectors marks the location of the cache. The hide was not challenging. The hard part is simply getting to the right tree. You should probably "beta test" the cache by asking someone to attempt to find the cache. If they get lost, then maybe you need more reflectors or better placement.
  5. I use that app too. The search nearby function no longer works, but the search by GC code still works. So, you can enter the GC code and then mark that cache as a favorite. Then you will be able to see the details, the logs, and the coordinates. Logging from the app does not work either. The app author has said on Twitter (https://twitter.com/preCaching) that he knows about the problems and is working on fixing it.
  6. You are asking to be allowed to use more than one point on the same cache. Think about what that would mean: People with more finds would have more votes than people with fewer finds. (In the same way that larger states have more electoral college votes in the USA.) This implies that your opinion carries more weight than mine. I only have 23 favorite points. I do not think your system is fair! One person, one cache, one vote!
  7. The guidelines suggest to trade for something of equal or better value than what you took. If everybody actually did that, the stuff in caches would gradually get better, as each person trades for something equal or better. After a while, you would find keys to new cars in there. Of course, you would need to trade for a key to a better new car, so the next person has something to find. What actually happens though, is stuff gradually gets worse until there is nothing in there but some used golf balls. I guess people are working on the principle that says "one man's trash is another man's treasure." They trade their trash, and hope that the next person will think it is treasure! You did not mention anything about the type of cache container, but in my experience, most micro containers contain only a log. This is simply because there is not much room to put anything in. I usually take nothing, and leave nothing. I am not seeking the dirty golf balls or silly bandz; I only want the experience of finding the cache. I also take and leave trackable items. But if it is empty inside, that is okay with me.
  8. This. Most people don't bother to say anything unless they have something to complain about. I like the updates. But I'm not saying anything about that.
  9. I had a FTF tonight. Even though it was 20 degrees and my hands were numb, I still logged online from my phone. Maybe someone out there decided not to go out in the cold because of it. Yay.
  10. I never understood the idea that a "muggle" will "muggle" (steal) a cache. Why would anyone take a random plastic container with a list of names in it? I would think they would just leave it be.
  11. If you don't mind, please send 3 votes to this: http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/7577...onger-in-caches I enjoy the game of moving trackables, but seeing trackables in a cache inventory when I know it is missing is frustrating.
  12. He still wins the First to Find While Drunk prize, which is way more of an accomplishment, really.
  13. Tiny rubber o-ring to keep the water out?
  14. The GPSr in your phone is a "real" one. But the antenna may not be as good, so the accuracy ofd the coordinates may be poor in some conditions (tree cover, valleys, buildings, cloud cover, sunspots). If you can be sure that someone using a quality GPSr will be lead to the right spot, then that's the important thing. The easiest way to be sure, is to use a quality GPSr. Borrow one or buy one, it's all the same to us. Otherwise, you may frustrate people who will not be able to find your cache, or find it 150' away from where the coordinates say to look. You might have good results with your phone plus online maps, but you might not. It's hard to say for sure. Sometimes people used "real" GPSr coordinates and still got it 60' wrong anyway, so it's no guarantee.
  15. Look for this symbol on the cache page and on the pocket query page: It means "available in winter."
  16. Images to make it easier for others to see these "pico pain pills:"
  17. Of course that IS what it says. Words have meanings. Nouns and verbs. Pretty simple. Most people will interpret that to be the same as saying Logically (or literal) minded people will read it as saying: Lawyers will interpret this to mean anything you want, for $400 an hour plus expenses.
  18. Don't even need to upload it! Just copy/paste the image URL and it decodes that.
  19. I am assuming that this quiz would only be taken once, and then you would get your "hider's license" and not have to take it again. That would be okay. Are you assuming that, in order to hide 160 caches, the quiz must be taken 160 times? That does sound like a pain in the rear end.
  20. I found one two days ago. They are not trackable like travel bugs, and the intention is not to replace geocoins, as far as I can tell. They seem to be collectibles and signature items. The one I found bears the name of the cacher who left it. After I entered the tag's serial number (and signed up for an account) I read that I am welcome to keep the tag. The tag's owner is notified that I logged it, and I can see the owner's profile. I do not want to keep it, so I will place it in another cache. I took it thinking that it was like a geocoin, but now that I know more about them, I think I will just not take the next one I find. I am not interested in collecting things.
  21. That reason is totally invalid. It would actually take fewer resources than it does today, because the site would no longer have to serve up 100 cache pages, 100 log forms, and process 100 cut and paste logs. In comparison, uploading one file from GSAK with a single log text and a list of 100 caches, would be much easier on the site.
  22. Yeah, you need to be more patient. First, just log as "did not find" and put the cache on your watch list. Then wait. Maybe someone else will find it. Or maybe not. You cannot be sure if it is not there! If a bunch of people log DNF, say 5 in a row, or fewer over a long period of time (like 6 months), post a needs maintenance and ask the cache owner to please check on it. The CO should respond to e-mail within a week or two. Then be prepared to wait a month for them to actually go out to look for it. Fatal Fowlers was archived right after you posted, because all this stuff had already happened before you did. It was not found 6 times, then the request for maintenance happened, then 3 months passed without an update. That is more than enough time. So your NA was clearly the right move. Unless you are impatient to get your own cache in their spot. Then give them about 1 hour! The reviewer will give the cache owner a fair chance to replace the cache even if you do not.
  23. That would be a handy feature, but there is a problem with it. If you have a way to ask the system if you are close to a secret cache, then you could deduce its location by trying several points and asking if each one is too close or not. It would be like playing the game Battleship. If you tried enough points, eventually you would see a circle forming around one point, and that shows you the way to the hidden cache. And if the system told you "no, this spot is 300 feet north of a secret cache" then you would only need three other points to triangulate the location of the secret spot. This is why the reviewers have to get involved. If someone is playing this game, a reviewer will notice "hey, this guy is guessing spots all around the location of a puzzle cache! Make them stop that!"
  24. Did you have to walk to it every morning, uphill both ways, in the snow?
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