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  1. Some teenagers found one of my caches in a park. They signed the log book and hoped we all had lots of fun. So they're not all bad. I often go out alone and have never felt threatened. I do worry about injuring myself and noone knowing were I've gone on the way home from work. Went climbing around on a steep slope in the Peak District yesterday (near a layby) got really strange looks from 2 lads who stopped to adjust their bike rack - probably because I was still wearing smart trousers and shoes.
  2. Really? I've got a TyTN II and I think it's a superb phone. Caching with it has proven to be a great experience in my book. I use a combination of Memory Map and Beeline GPS. I've not had any problems either, found about 100 caches with it, it's just as accurate as my SiRF III Bluetooth GPS. I'm sure I read somewhere that The TyTN II has this chip, but can't find the review I read back in March. The CPU is Qualcomm. Beeline GPS is great too (windows only). The camera is 3 mega pixels which is sufficient for my needs. The keyboard is good for logging caches from the pub. Internet access is pretty good, definitely better than my husbands LG Viewty, not compared it to a Nokia. Quite like the none caching features too - Office mobile (which I have used), pdf viewer and really easy to use. I get pocket queries sent straight to the phone and then download the gpx files straight to beeline, even when away from home. Main downside is battery life, only a few hours caching and I broke my TyTN I by dropping it (at work). so I'm getting a 'proper' GPS sometime next year.
  3. The Quarry Caper Series (7 miles) also starting from Stoney Middleton is a good circular route - 14 caches in the series and a few others close to the route. Some have combined this with A Stoney Stroll (3 1/2 miles) for a longer walk. Managed to park on the street at the side of The Moon Inn (good food and beer) Just done the Treasure Fleet series today, originally set for the Piratemania event, 18 caches on a 7 mile walk if combined with the slivertrain series, then a short drive to the final 'X marks the spot' (needs a map printing from the cache page to find this last one). Parked on a side street outside the primary school or there's a pay and display carpark next to the church, most Peak District carparks charge on Sundays.
  4. Thanks for all this information. We're coming over next March with most of my husbands family. Unfortunately I'm not going to be insured to drive the hire car so may have to venture onto the bus (can't be much worse than here!). We're not finding out where we are staying until we arrive and could be anywhere within 30 minutes drive of Disney so bringing a PDA full of listings. Have a great trip tnfishdaddy I loved it there last time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone Karen
  5. I use T-mobile's version along with Beeline GPS software, done the trick for 150+ caches . Will get a proper GPS one day as battery life isn't good for a full days caching on the PDA. Always having a GPS in your pocket doesn't help with the addiction . Karen
  6. Not for a few weeks. Had missing notifications of TB movements around the end of September. Weekly notification is fine this week.
  7. What does he mean "geocaching doesn't sound right"?
  8. Welcome to the addiction, message on it's way. Karen
  9. Thanks for doing a great job. One of them published a cache at 2am today (Sunday)! I've received notifications at all sorts of unsociable hours. Karen
  10. Someone has been much less tactful on October 13! I've got 3 decent sized containers looking for good hides. Got a couple of ideas now there is an agreement with the National Trust.
  11. Found quite a few missing this week in the Lake District, one was logged into the cache in 2006! Even international visitors had managed to log visits to these cashes within 24 hours. All my own caches/TB'S are up to date.
  12. I use T-mobile's MDA Vario III with Beeline GPS. O2 and Orange have the same phone under another name. Accuracy seems good, can download loc/gpx files straight to phone, Beeline still works fully after the 30 day demo and doesn't need a phone signal (tried with the sim card out last week). If you download gpx files you can view the cache page offline. You can also do the new Wherigo caches (see www.Wherigo.com). Plus being a pocket pc there's loads of free games.
  13. Congratulations Ernie, you do know about this thread don't you? Karen
  14. I often use my GPSr phone to get me to new places. I'd literally be lost without it! I keep it in an adjustable large mobile holder I got very cheaply from a well known supermarkets 'value' range. Thought you might find this helpful - afterall 'every little helps' []. You would probably still be in trouble if you crashed whilst playing with it.
  15. I had one this morning offering a trade for a personal geocoin. Not really got time to try and find another one at the moment. Mine was released yesterday near Oldham.
  16. Meadowhall, Sheffield had about 12 an hour ago. Asked for a free Geocoin, got a blank look, so pointed at the big poster and got Big Ben. They then asked if I had a GPS and gave me a leaflet.
  17. Round here people hide micros on Sherman tanks. Quite a few places in France have some form of WW2 armoured vehicle at the entrance to the village. I don't know of any within 50 miles of my house that doesn't have a cache in, on, or under it. And there's a lot of places to conceal a magnetic micro on a tank... I nearly did this (only it was a Churchill tank) for my first cache. I'd spent weeks finding out why it was there (sight of biggest ww2 factory), finding out who owned the land, writing about the history on the cache page etc. 2 weeks later it was taken away for restoration! I didn't have any magnetic containers and didn't want anyone to fall off the tank searching, so I put a lunchbox in the trees behind. It's still there, as the place has loads of history, I've only had one 'whats the point?' log. I generally only go out of my way to do a good series, there's some excellent ones in the Peak District. Most of the others have been to break up a journey after work (not always a long one), or whilst taking the dog somewhere different.
  18. I'll be texting, but probably won't be able to listen. Will have to go online later.
  19. Ouch! You won't be wanting to wear any of these then! Sounds uncomfortable to me!
  20. I've got one too and I love it. Not had problems with Beeline! I store all files on a memory card. I create PQ's on it and have them emailed direct to the phone. I've definitely gone out more after work now I always have a GPSr in my pocket! My backup is a Vario II with BTGPSr. Battery life isn't great (about 4 hours) but it outlasts me/the dog. Keep thinking about buying a proper GPS (one that bounces!) but the Vario III is too easy! It's great for logging finds and writing forum posts.
  21. ...speak of the devil, I got stung by a giant hogweed doing this cache today. But, lucky for me it only left me with a slight rash Be careful out there, this is a dangerous sport! Just googled giant hogweed, I don't think we get much round here. I've never seen any but it makes nettles look nicer!
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