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  1. I want to make a 55 gallon container cache and place it in the middle of a busy park. seriously
  2. that is an interesting way to find a site but even weirder is that you looked into it glad you like geocaching
  3. I agree with you I think it is !#24$&^* but that may just be me
  4. hello this is my 200th post I know this is dwarfed by others but this is quite an achievement for me I just wanted to ask what % of people have ever gotten as high as you are now you can do this by clicking on my assistant then click on top ten overall posters find how many posts you have find that number then do a little math here is the formula 66,349 divided by what over all poster you are. I am the 800th top poster so 17.07% of people ever post as much as I have. :D
  5. most people have one account per immediate family but all in all it is up to you. Shoobie & the Sand Crabs P.S. I like your name "the helmets can't stand the level of rock "
  6. watch out people get touchy if you simply mention micros and if you talk about where they mostly get hidden people will argue till somebody comes in and closes the forums
  7. Our signature items are Mcdonalds toys but somebody in the Canton area uses vacuum tubes as sigs
  8. I think that if you didn't use the geocaching as part of your advertisement have it be kinda a suprise Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
  9. About all you can do is encrypt their logs, delete them or ask the person who logged it to edit their logs to remove spoilers. Happy geocaching! yes you dhould do this this delete the log then e-mail the cacher and tell them to redo it with out the spoilers
  10. I think you should list it as a mystery cache.
  11. I agree don't let people see it un less your out in the woods somewhere unconcious but at that point I don't think you could stop them
  12. I agree but the Approvers should be allowed to make exceptionsif you ask them and you have a good cache that can't be placed anywhere else.
  13. I myself do it purely for the fun I like to hike and "treasure hunting" is fun too. Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
  14. hope you make it to eagle dang I thought i was the only kid on here cool
  15. holy smokes four palms that is amazing i'm hoping to get a couple of palms but who knows and vigil in the OA amazing
  16. I hope you make it to eagle scout. sorry though I can't make it to the jamboree unfortunately by the time I found out about it it was too late to get my troop to go I relly wanted to go I'm getting teary eyed i just can't stand it P.S. don't make fun of me I really Really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really wnted to go (sound sincere cause it is)
  17. Very interesting. I was a scout for a couple years. My son is now in his second year of cub scouts(3rd graders). Cub scouts was kind of disappointing for him last year and this year is not off to a great start. They get told things they are going to be able to do at the start of the year, but then the leaders never do them. This year we were told it was going to be different. They asked the kids what they wanted to do this year as there are a number of things they have to do in the book, but they could pick things from a list. To make a long story short things are not much different this year then from last year. Other then there are a lot less kids coming to the meetings. At the next meeting I'm hoping to bring up geocaching to the leaders. My son thinks it would be fun to take the pack geocaching so will see what the leaders think. Wish me luck, This tends to happen in cub scouts alot boy scouts is much different.
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