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  1. Some times there are signs that the owner didn't see for example my cache is pretty close to some no trespassing signs(but not past them) Also someone else placed a cache in the area before but later the college placed no trespassing signs. People told him and he archived the cache I would agree with you.
  2. What I do is find out when you want to stop for example a lunchtime cache. I then find the zipcode for that area. I then search that area I usually find stuff spread outwithin 5 miles of the highway just incase I get a late start or something.
  3. Yehhh geocaching toys are the best!!! I bet you don't hear that very often get over it you don't go geocaching to get toys P.S. your kids won't care just give them something trust me my little brothers don't care just as long as they get a prize P.P.S. why is everybody complaining about toys P.P.P.S. mabye it is bound to become a forbidden topic soon to join the mic.. and Loc......... P.P.P.P.S. yes i'm obsessed with post script stuff P.P.P.P.P.S. stop laughing at me because mommy says you can't laugh at me because i'm speacial
  4. That looked like it was just the priemere issue not a bimonthly thingy person on top of me.
  5. The coin of course!!!! But I'm with you on the money ewww!!!! I go with the other thingy.
  6. Closing topic due to fact that there is a possibility of moving.
  7. well don't make it too big muggles steal that and you are in lot of trouble make sure you hide it very well. If you mess up you are going to have a lot angry TB owners. Remeber don't put it in a place over populated with muggles. Hide it very well. One more thing HIDE IT VERY WELL!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. And you thought normal TB hotels were bad http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=67437 Here's is a whole topic devoted to evil, evil Tb hotels http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...70438&hl=prison
  9. This would be one of the topics I would ignore!
  10. I do not live there. I used to live in Seaville, New Jersey(it' near Ocean City) but Jobs change. first is was California now it is Ohio. Seems like a downhill trend to me what will be next West Virginia. Luckily we do not act like we are from Ohio.
  11. people are fleeing the website, going over to the walmart and price chopper websites to clear the shelves of virtual batteries and bottled water and duct tape Duct tape a bear neccesitie
  12. How could you say something like that I'm reporting you and will start a new post about you cussing
  13. well now it is actually 404 people active in last 15 minutes. those numbers are dropping fast.
  14. Absolutely. You said it in plain English. You would seem to need a shovel (or trowel or something similar) to hide it and that makes it a foul. aw but do you need to use a shovel to retrieve it? the answer is no. People hide stuff under rocks all the time what is the difference? the anser is nothing except you create your own hole instead of finding a natural hole. get it.
  15. So why are you on. There is a record amount of people on today and I was just curious. Why do come on the forums to ask questions to read interesting posts ect. Why? Also is there a reason you are on now instead of some other time?
  16. uh oh here goes the micro subject again you know I think micros on the forums should be offlimits as well as talking about locationless. just makes me shudder to think about it.
  17. This would be for people in northeast OH what i want to do is make a really big multi cache where you have to travel all over northeast OH . Stark county and surronding counties are the preferred areas. but if you want to do it you don't have to place a cache in those counties. if you are interested just post and i'll read your post then contact you. any commets or suggestions would be welcome. Thank You Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
  18. here is how you figure it out. type for very long time(doesn't matter what you type.) count all the characters.
  19. sounds like someone fooling around. I would report it.
  20. I know somebody that hid there's well but they still got stolen all it takes is one uncautious geocacher. Avoiding muggle's is part of the game and some people are not good at it.
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