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  1. The twincities metro area is pretty much carpet bombed but with a little research you can find a hole here and there. Dig into city zoning maps and county property information sites. There is a lot of unused public land out there. Then there is the totally untapped private property out there. "Ask and you shall receive." (I heard that from some famous guy.....I think it was Donald Trump) ;-)


    With some ingenuity and brazen stealth there are alot of urban hides waiting to appear. But stay away from the playground equipment :anicute: The Queen of Kiddyland has lock on that stuff! :)


    It kinda becomes like monopoly.......it's all about the real estate.

  2. I came across this doozy of a hint yesterday. Decrypting in the field yielded:


    Judges 16:25 KJV Last 3 words


    Guess I should be packing a Bible in my caching bag.


    So, does Judges 16:25 end with "no hint required"? I'll have to reread my Bible and check it out.


    Judges 16:25 KJV Last 3 words

    between the pillars.


    That's the scene where Victor Mature brings down the house.


    A hints a hint. :)

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