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  1. To geocache in New Jersey, you need to apply for a Geocache ID. Plus a Geocache Seeking Permit for every cache you want to attempt. Fingerprints, retina scan, two references, an FBI background check, a urine sample, a DNA sample, $150 in small unmarked bills (no consecutive serial numbers,) and an extremely long delay are mandatory. Contact your local police department to start the humiliation process. Welcome to New Jersey!
  2. Hey, this is New Jersey you're talking about! Here's NJ Admin.
  3. Less than I've gotten out of it. So it's a fair deal.
  4. Did Radio Waves in the snow yesterday. Didn't cause any interference. Offhand, there are a few. Romeo y Julieta, Friends and Heroes, and Rest in P___ should be do-able as well. (Notice a pattern? ) Of Team Og's, I'd only recommend The Lair of Bob the Bear. And I'm not very sure about that. BTW, there is a gale warning in effect.
  5. Good luck, guys! It's a bit of a schlep, especially with the cruddy road condx.
  6. You can get them at pets.com. Oh, darn I had a pet brain once, but it ran away.
  7. Same with nifflers. But they're even more appropriate, because the muggles can't find 'em anywhere on the planet. Hmmmm... an ammo box cache with froggy legs... has possibilities...
  8. OK, that explains the frog theme! The Creature from the Groundspeak Admin Pool
  9. Frogs don't especially do anything caching-related. So why the frog theme? A much better choice of a caching mascot would be the niffler.
  10. Browning Citori White Lightning, 12ga, 28" bbl. (Already got a G19.) ObCache: I prolly won't take either one caching.
  11. For that matter, if upstate NY had its own governor and US senators/representatives, I might be tempted to move there.
  12. Allow me to offer a shameless plug for The Lair of Bob the Bear. In the non-shameless-plug category we have Enduring Freedom, 1938, Friends and Heroes, and Radio Waves. Note that two of these are bad evil nasty awful virts that never should have been approved. Both were great to find.
  13. SoMDCacherz, here's a place to start (courtesy Crim.) Crim's box is a compact safe. (Unfortunately, he neglected to mention that it's out of stock. )
  14. Medical Transport Chest, U.S. G.I. Aluminum, Unused Ammo Can, U.S. G.I. 25 MM Should suit your needs.
  15. At least one police department nearby is resisting it. That department also has massive operating inefficiencies and tends to smack citizens around if they need help with traffic issues. (On the other hand, it keeps at least one Dunkin' Donuts in business, and the chief has his own private car at taxpayer expense.)
  16. There's one that was just placed in our area by one of the best hiders around -- somewhat larger than a micro. A bunch of people had DNFs on it because the coords were off. for the first day. Even with the right coords, it is not an easy find (I DNFed it this morning.) My concern is the same as the old black lady in the movie Sunshine State, when she visited her church's cemetary that had been encroached by a golf course. As she pitched a golf ball off a plot:
  17. Hi, all, Do you think that cemetery hides are a good idea? The guidelines don't explicitly list them as a no-no, but I have some qualms. Thanks, - Team Og.
  18. Les longs sanglots des palourdes mortes blessent mon coeur avec un languor monotone pendant qu'ils dansent à minuit.
  19. And geocachers keep on doing it until Hydee has had enough!
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