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  1. I think the Lumberjack would like to spend the holidays in Western New York. Once he has made the rounds of some of the caches up there, The White Urkel has offered to give him a lift back to NJ when he returns in several weeks. Thanks anyway Brian, hope you have a nice trip. Mrs. Og
  2. That's three thousand hits! Lessee, at our current rate, we'll make that about fifty years after we're dead... Congrats to all -- well done!
  3. At this time, may I also shamelessly plug the newly approved Venus Unilateral?
  4. Thanks for the offer! Mrs. Og hasn't decided how to reformulate his mission yet -- whether it's to orbit Niagara Falls, return home, or transfer to another owner. We'll advise. - Mr. Og.
  5. Mrs. Og's Homesick Lumberjack made it home to North Tonawanda, NY (Niagara Falls area) in record time yesterday. Mrs. Og had released it not far from our home. Just by coincidence, TheWhiteUrkel (an Army Reserve member from the Tonawanda area) wrote me to ask about a cache of ours, and one thing led to another. Thanks to TheWhiteUrkel for snagging the Lumberjack from the Palisades, taking him home, and protecting our country! Also thanks to mr.magoo, wtes, and Outdfoors Lady for moving him along. Don't know if four hops and 3.5 months is a record, but it sure seems fast to me.
  6. OT: You know you're really a serious shooter when you can look at a Dillon catalog and think about reloading equipment.
  7. That one won't fly since most GPS units use Nyquist quadrature frequency shift keying to enhance spectral efficiency. Bzzzt! You're confusing a phase space with a Kolyvagin space. QFSK will experience vortex fragmentation in a Kolyvagin space, due to quantum chromodynamic effects. Einstein didn't know everything -- get with the times. Besides which, the woods were all dark and spooky and I thought I heard something behind the tree.
  8. Searching on zip code 33813 works for me.
  9. Hard to get consensus on this, but which do you think are the best new caches of 2003? I can think of several ways to rate them: scenic location, interesting hide, novel container, mental challenge, physical challenge, cache page design... The floor is open for nominations.
  10. The keyword is "influential." There is only one poster who can actually influence what goes on at Groundspeak.
  11. Ionospheric transduction through a shear vortex in the Heaviside layer.
  12. About the usual surplus catalog prices but no shipping needed. (OTOH, there was a $7.00 admission and I had to drive 60 miles to get there.) Had .50 caliber boxes, plus some really huge ones.
  13. ...and found myself looking equally as much at ammo boxes, decon containers, and powder containers as the top-billed item. My, how times change. Couldn't find any loopholes so I didn't buy anything.
  14. Just got a few German army butter dishes: Available in all kind of surplus outfits.
  15. Wow, thanks! Always glad to share the limelight with KA, but I do have to wonder why? I think the total extent of moderating I've ever done in the forums consisted of deleting a few spam posts and one thread insulting everyone in a region because their sports team lost to the topic originator's. I guess the send me $1 and add your email address to the bottom of the list posts might have been fun if I left them. Well, let's just say your actions wrt a certain PITA newbie who wanted to place a virt in Kingston had something to do with it. Plus, ya got a sense of humah an ya knows howta use it. BTW, there's a little Christmas present for you in Magoo's Memories of Merit, in return for a quick approval on a one-stage offset.
  16. He might have carved the tree in 1999 and registered the virt in 2000. The truth is out there... it just doesn't want any email.
  17. That movie looks like a real winner...
  18. That'd be inconsistent with Michna's assertion that he placed the cache in 1999 -- a year before selective availability was turned off. An early Usenet posting here: And the later one:
  19. pah. Why would I have introduced them in the first place? Sheesh Uh, Markwell... Hans-Georg Michna created the first virt, AFAICT.
  20. Whatever you leave, make sure it is something you'd want to get. A couple of cachers around here leave stuff that never seems to move out of the cache.
  21. Yew dinnt luk clos enuf, den. Eres wun rite ovur yew...
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