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  1. There will be 14 spaces available (I am taking one!) It will be a first come, first served basis once the listing is published. First 14 "will attends" will go on the walk. No reservations.
  2. Sunday 10 April looking good.......except for me! I may be able to wangle it though (come home from holiday two days early).
  3. About a month's time. Please give dates that would suit you. Tom, you alone? (Moots?)
  4. ARE YOU UP TO IT? Deep under Cape Town, walking in the dark. One and a half hours of adventure ...... I have found someone who will lead a group into the sewers and tunnels under Cape Town. Its a one and a half hour tour. I have space for 15 people. I want to make it an Event Cache. I need to know if there is enough interest before organizing it. The usual cost is R350 to R500 per person. I have secured a quote of R175 per person for 15 people. I was thinking of doing it in about a months time. There would be a get together afterward too. (Suggestions on venue?) Who is prepared to commit.....to the darkness ?
  5. Prof Charles Merry placed Sentinel view, 4 days after the first cache was placed in SA. He should be number 2. He probably registered a second account.
  7. How was it? Is the hike tough? How was the cave?
  8. It looks like the owner of the coin store agreed with you as they decided to make them all!
  9. The "10 years of Geocaching" Coin is for sale. It is being offered exclusively to South Africans for 1 week. After that it will be sold to the rest of the world. It is avaialable at "The Geocoin Store". It is password protected. The password is the name of the dried meat snack that South Africans love so much. Please inform anyone you know who may be interested. It is available in 4 versions. (have a look at the world to see front and back of the spinning disc) Anique Copper: Satin Gold: Antique Gold: Antique Silver
  10. The 10 years of Geocaching in SA geocoin is available at the link given below. It is available exclusively to South Africans for 1 week. During that time it will be password protected to give us South Africans a chance ti buy it. The password is the name of that dried meat snack South Africans like so much. It costs about $10. It is available in 4 colors. Here is the link: http://www.geocoinstore.com/ Spread the word!
  11. The 10 year coins are nearly up for sale.....! Should definitely be ready for order within 3 weeks. The coins will be put in the store with a password required. Anyone who wants one before they go on sale to the world public must get the password from me. This is to give South Africans to buy coins before the rest of the world snaps them up. After a while the password will expire and the coins will be on sale for all. I will post links etc as soon as the coin is available. PM me if you have a great idea for a SA password. I was thinking of a certain dried meat snack we SA dude love with our rugby....?
  12. :mad: :mad: Not going to be able to do the hike with Discombob! :mad: :mad: Anyone up for another time?
  13. I just hid a new cache in the Mont Rochelle Nature reserve in the Franschhoek area. I called the park administrators and recieved permission for the cache. They are aware of the other caches in the reserve and seem to have no problems with them being there. It is a beautiful reserve with some magnificent hikes. It certainly has space for one or two more caches. Information on who to contact for cache permission can be obtained via the Franschhoek tourist info.
  14. Speak to Avnic, they are always very helpful.
  15. Another 101 suggestion: When you add photos to your log, mention it in the log. I find I read the emails of the log and don't often go back to the listing on web. As a result I often miss out on photos that have been posted on my caches. It would be nice to have a note in the log, so that I am alerted to the fact that I must go to the listing to check out the photos. I try to make it standard practice to mention that photos were uploaded in my logs.
  16. Thanks for that. I went and added my 2c worth as well as a vote on that forum. Ditto this - we have lost some really good ones through not being able to be adopted! The caches aren't archived yet, only disabled. I have sent him a message to ask him to reconsider...
  17. I look forward to a younger minds perspective and memories of my caches. (Not too brief, I hope!)
  18. Well Mr Pooks, as you know the way, can we make it your baby? Maybe an Event?
  19. .....dang! There I was thinking I would take a break from organizing stuff.........
  20. So, two years ago we did a group walk which included "Not for the faint hearted" and "Carol's Ledge". Then a year ago we did a mega walk along "Traverse Reverse", the "Kloof Corner" caches and "Frodo's Journey". A Discombob extravaganza. So now Discombob is coming. What are we going to do? Take him on Silverstream and Ledges? Hidding and Ascention, or maybe up Myburgs's and then to the B grade up Grootkop (maybe see if we can find the caves). Let's do a group toughie with D'Bob. What do you think D'Bob? Fit enough? I know Gr8Scot is!
  21. Hey Hey! The sample coins arrived today. They came in 4 colours: Gold - Top Left Silver - Bottom Left Old Bronze - Top Right Coper - Bottom Right Which do you guys like?
  22. Grrr Discombob! There you putting ideas in peoples heads! I have to agree with Wazat. If you are all about the numbers (who ARE you guys competing with????) is not going out and finding a whole lot of individually created, researched and placed caches not more "rewarding" than doing a monotonous, forgettable, uncreative power trail? Aren't power trails for those who are all about numbers, but not up to the bother of finding caches? Power trails are the fast food of caching for those who who can't be bothered to cook.(IMO). There is no nutrition, but they fill you up!
  23. Will let all know when coin is ready. Probably you will need to buy it online. Its coming...... (Due to cost issues, it will look a little different to what's displayed here...will post photos ASAP)
  24. Will let all know when coin is ready. Probably you will need to buy it online. Its coming...... (Due to cost issues, it will look a little different to what's displayed here...will post photos ASAP)
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