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  1. Finally rec'd my coins. Silver one isn't as great as I'd hoped but the black is truely spectacular. Thanks
  2. Any interest in trading for our personal coin?
  3. We too would also be interested in a trade
  4. The O-A arrow would get me interested...always on the lookout for Scouting related geocoins
  5. TeamEccs21


    Any news on when the Jeeps will be rolling out?
  6. We will be there with personal geocoins to trade Still deciding on we are poker players or not
  7. If you still have traders available we would like to join your list. Great looking coin either way
  8. Great looking coin...Email sent for possible trade
  9. Would like to trade for our personal coin Email sent
  10. TeamEccs21


    Any idea when coins will start shipping? Love the look of the samples Can't wait to see something in my mailbox.
  11. Congrats on #500...When do you have time to make coins
  12. TeamEccs21


    Ordered a couple of blue Jeeps to go with my blue Rubicon
  13. Great looking coin, as a 30 + yr member of the BSA I'd love to trade you for our personal coin. Keep me posted as to when they might be available. YiS
  14. Order went through without any trouble at 12:05 EDT. Sure are glad they weren't sold out
  15. I,ve been a Boy Scout for over 30 years and I'm sure that if the local unit that will benifit from the sale were to submiot a fundraiseng application to their local council all copyright and trademark issues would be moot once it is approved. And I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be. YiS
  16. I'm pretty sure I could get the team financial advisor to agree to at least 25. Can you get us on your list?
  17. Ww have v1 & v2 and would be interested in a couple of the anniversary coins. Maybe one of the designer version if it becomes available as well
  18. I'm trying to create a route for Caches Along A Route. I create the route in Mapsource and it shows all of the turns. I save it as a GPX file. I upload it to Geocaching.com. When I look at in in the Route query, I only have 2 points on the route - beginning and end - and the map shows it as a straight line rather than a turn-by-turn route. What am I doing wrong???????
  19. Some are still alive and Kicking...I have One that I will be releasing soon. They pop up pretty often here in SE Michigan.
  20. We were lucky enough to get a Green Jeep TB from Groundspeak at the Mid West Geo Bash. So far we haven't been able to log it as it hasn't been activated. Does anyone know when this will happen? We would like to plant it somewhere and enter the contest but can't get the activation code. Any one know when the will go live?
  21. Worked exactly as you siad looks like 7 bucks well spent. thanks for the help
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