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  1. I do the cache logging for the entire family, so my experience may be different than yours. I just log the cache and then sign in as the other user. I refresh the log page and I can then log the cache for my other family members. Another method: The PM can copy the "Log Geocache" link from the cache page and send it to the non-PM. The non-PM can then sign in and use that link to log the cache. That is, provided that the C.O. allows non-PM to log the cache at all. Some don't.
  2. I had heard through FB that the search had changed, so I hopped over and took a look. This is an early April Fool's joke, right? That said, I do not see the reason that the entire system was rearranged and made much more difficult to use while, at the same time, reducing the number of accurate results. I, fortunately, have Pocket Queries set up for all of the searches I normally need. I then direct link to the 'Preview This Query' page, so I haven't visited the home page of GC.com in some time. Thankfully, I'm not a new user. If I were, the new search would probably turn me off entirely from Geocaching instead of just being an annoyance. I'm not committing Geocide over this, but I can see that others just might.
  3. A tip: If you don't have a GPSr with a 3-axis compass, use the sun and/or moon as your guide. Line up the sun/moon on your GPSr's display with the actual sun/moon, and the arrow will point at the cache... even if you are standing still.
  4. I managed to snag one this morning at our "local" (60 miles away) store. Now to get it loaded with caches and see how I like it. I've always had Magellans except for an old eTrex camo. The down side of having a Cabela's nearby is having a Cabela's nearby. I made the trip to buy ONE item. When my wife was done (ok, I helped), we had 9 items totaling $1800
  5. I have had units with 3 axis electronic compasses and units without. Compass alignment in a GPSr is something that I stopped worrying about when I realized that all I need do is line sun (or moon) on the GPS' compass rose with the actual sun (or moon). Once that is done, the GPS pointer will point at the cache even when you aren't moving. Of course, I always carry a real compass when I'm caching, too. I take the 'bearing to target' from the GPSr and then simply rotate the compass' dial until number on the face lines up with the arrow on the base. Align the compass' arrow with North on the face, and the compass now points towards the cache.
  6. EXACTLY. This is another case of 'fixing' that which isn't broken. Anyone remember the Google images® debacle? Please, please, PLEASE get rid of the avatars entirely and return find counts. The avatars clutter the page, and I use find counts to determine whether or not a DNF is a warning to avoid a cache (or fix it) and not just a newbie mistake.
  7. Addendum to my previous: I have used the two quart (and gallon) thermos jugs for caches in the past, but they invariably end up wet inside no matter how well the spout is sealed. Admittedly, they are cheap, as most thrift stores sell them for something like .25
  8. Wal-Mart has a ten-pack of locking Sterlite containers for $10 (Perhaps it was $20. i can't find them now). I've put out six of them in December and they're still watertight despite having been snowed and rained on quite a bit. One of them ended up under water and is still going. I get the packs of 'quarto' memo pads and use them for logs. A couple of items from the 'dollar' store for trade items and a couple of cheap pens and you're set. I used to camouflage my containers, but these are all plain plastic with 'Geocache' written inside the lid so it's readable from outside.
  9. I always identify myself as a cacher when asked. I've met others who did not. One time when I was pulling into a trailhead parking lot to go perform maintenance on one of my caches, I discovered a pair of cachers offloading their bicycles. The had a "GPS" sticker in the rear window. When I asked if they were caching, they said 'no'. "Well that's a shame, because there's new cache on this trail that just published about an hour ago". They decided to say that they were geocachers after that.
  10. Yes, but it's only available for Platinum Members. I drive for a living and don't always have time to write the log I'd like to write when I first find a cache. If I can, I always log a courtesy "Found it. Better log to follow" when I am FTF and don't have time to type up a decent log. That tells others that they need not rush out to find it, and it gives me time to write something decent when I do get home or to my layover point. I've been fortunate in combining caching and work in that I've logged caches in five states while on layovers.
  11. If I'm reading you correctly... What I would do is to edit the coordinates in GSAK. I would then 'flag' those caches that have not been solved. Create a filter to ignore those caches with a set flag, and then upload coordinates to your GPSr. The unsolved puzzles won't be on your GPSr at all. When you are done uploading, you can cancel the filter and the unsolved puzzles will still be in your database to peruse at will.
  12. Me too. I didn't log them as finds. I go ahead and log them as finds. "Thanks for bringing me to your special place", for instance, on the cache beside a dumpster behind the local movie theatre. "What a truly interesting lamp post" - Walgreen's parking lot. "Nice parking lot" - Wal-Mart parking lot. (Kudos to Seamus for that one) "What lovely views and aromas! I spotted the rare Rattus Norvegicus at this location" - Next to the dumpster behind a fast food joint Edit: Did I really put an apostrophe in kudos?
  13. Addendum to the above: You can search from the Hide & Seek A Cache link on the left side of every Geocaching.com page. I, personally, search for events from my State page (third box down) as it lists caches in hide-date order. All upcoming events will, perforce, be at the top of the page since their hide dates are in the future. Whoops. Just saw that you're across the river. You can search by country and then province by selecting the fourth box down. The first drop down box on the page that opens will allow you to select -only- events. Better yet, drop down a bit on the Hide & Seek page and enter your home coordinates in the boxes provided. Once the search results come up (they automatically sort by distance from your search point), click the 'Placed' link, and the events will pop to the top of your results sorted by date, with the distance to your home coordinates displayed on the left. If you don't mind (and are able to) crossing the border, there is an FUN annual event on the 26th of March which starts at Big Boy on Jefferson (just down the street from the bridge/tunnel) and continues on to Belle Isle. There's a CITO (Cache In/Trash Out) event being hosted on the 23rd of April, also at Belle Isle. If you go to either of them, tell Rattrak (Tim) and/or Brummelbear (Leo) that Ernie said 'Hi!'.
  14. You should expect (to answer your question) roughly 3m/10ft in theory. In practice, I consider any cache I find within 30 feet of the posted coordinates (according to my GPSr) to be acceptable coords. The tolerances between units are such that it's possible to have two good units with good reception be off 15" in either direction easily. ...and disregard that 'Accuracy' notation on your GPSr. If you're getting accuracy readings in the high double or even triple digits, then there's a problem. Other than that, it means little most of the time. For some reason, it irks me when I see "My GPSr was 10' of accuracy when I hid this". Ditto "I averaged this 2000 times with 8' accuracy". I still prefer the old Magellan's 'accuracy' notation: EPE, or Estimated Placement Error.
  15. Should have copied this one to my previous. There are, indeed, other reasons than stalking to have a cache be PO. What I mentioned before is one, and another reason is to encourage non-paying members to become premium by supporting the hobby monetarily.
  16. My problem is not this CO that i have solution to handle.. the problem is that i dont want CO´s monitoring who is looking at there geocaches...and trhu that ge given a staling tool Being able to monitor who visits a cache page is one of the reasons to make it PO in the first place. I won't mention any names, but a banned member (from Geocaching, not just the forums) went through every cache in a local WMA and destroyed them because he had issues with the COs. This required over ten miles of hiking. When the COs replaced their caches and re-enabled them, he went through again; destroyed them all and filled several log containers with urine. The COs made all their caches in the forest PO and he never visited them again despite the fact that, until his bannination, he was a Premium Member. He knew that they were able to see who was visiting their cache listings. His brother, also a cacher, has not visited any of their cache listings since his bannination. In this case, it's cheap insurance. They don't have to replace 11 birdhouses in the woods, nor spend money on gas to drive an hour away from home to do so. In your case, I'd have to see the email before I'd call 'stalking'. If you don't want to get emails from them, ask. If they start sending you a bunch of them, then contact Groundspeak.
  17. I ran 105 straight days with a find before I finally just quit. Matter of fact, I quit for almost two months. It just got to be too much like work. What I did was have a couple of easy caches laid on for my commute and then check my Pocket Queries before I left. I keep a query for unfound caches, so I was able to substitute a FTF on a new cache for one of my planned caches on occasion (26 FTFs all told, including 4 days straight with an FTF). My map looks like shotgun pattern. The hard part was, as you've said, keeping caches for later days. There were a couple of days that I cached just before and just after midnight, which gave me a reprieve. In 105 days, I found 178 caches in four states (KY, GA, IN, SC) with a cache-to-cache distance of 2845 miles and I guesstimated a total drive of 15,000 miles to find them. Here's the ones I bookmarked during the 105 days, excluding some 'flyers' and the GA and SC finds. The yellow dot is home, and the barely visible red dot in downtown Louisville is work. I can (and do) take either 31W or I65 to/from work. Of course, with 965 finds in a 30 mile radius of the house, I still have over 1000 caches that I haven't found within 30 miles of my house.
  18. I just use plain flat paints. The 'Ultra Flat' paints are nice and I use cheapie Wally World primer for the black, red, and gray flat colors. I tried Krylon Fusion and had mixed results. With real Lock-&-Locks, I use a wax and grease remover which is available at any parts store. Simply wipe on and off with paper towels. Make sure to wear nitrile gloves, as the stuff will pull all the oils out of your skin (and it makes cleanup easier when you're done painting). I can also recommend one of the spray can adhesion promoters before your first coat of paint. There are several on the market including Bulldog, VHT and Krylon.
  19. Using C:geo also violates the terms of use of this website. Specifically: Which term of use? I'm not familiar with the app (as my phone doesn't use apps), so I'm honestly curious when, where, how... Is it that the app gives Premium features without paying for Premium Membership? OT: I've tried using my wife's NUVI 7xx to find caches and, even with it set to 'Pedestrian', it tries to route me to the nearest road. One thing I have done is to tap the car icon, which brings up the 'My Location' page. On the top left are the coordinates to where you are. Using that, I walk until they start to go in the direction I need to go. It is pretty accurate, but not designed for what we do.
  20. That's the way I would have it, but I've seen a number of what I would consider straight-up Multis being posted as Puzzles. One series had the first stage at headstones and the final someplace else. Information from the headstones used to find the final coordinates. In my mind, that's a Multi. Instead, they were posted as puzzles. Not that I'm complaining as I need more Puzzle finds to qualify for that Challenge cache, but...
  21. Hear, hear! B) In most cases a simple "I'm right on top of that, Rose!" log should suffice if the reviewer posts a 'What's going on with this?' log. Playing the devil's advocate, though, I must admit that I have seen reviewers occasionally miss or ignore those owner logs and post another 'What's taking so long?' right on top of the 'What's going on' log.
  22. I'll share a tip here: Pocket Query Set up a PQ with "That have not been found" (Are not on my ignore list, I do not own) checked. On the main Pocket Query page, you will note that there is a 'Preview this query' link to the left of the cache name. It looks like this ---> Right click and save the link location to some place that you can access it easily. This gives you one-click results to your query whenever you want them. I have mine saved as a link on the 'Links' bar in my browser. I logged FTF #243 yesterday.
  23. Yup. If a multi is going to take more than a couple of stages; or will take driving to get to then it needs to be in the listing. A local put out a 12 stage cache that took 100+ miles of driving to retrieve. It had five finders in the year it was active. I have a D5/T1 puzzle that has been out for 10 months with only two finders. My other active puzzle has an average of 1 find per month over the last three years. Like Brian said: making it a puzzle or multi will pretty much guarantee that it won't get a lot of traffic in many locations.
  24. Report those "delitions" to the Local reviewers. Even though the CO "deletes" the log, it is still in the system "archived" and can be found when searched for. You can find your deleted log by following a link in the notification email sent to you when the log was deleted. Copy that link if you want and send it to the reviewer also. COs need to be fair and should if they can't self-monitor, they should be monitored by someone else. Just flogging a long dead horse. Everyone pretty much learned to just ignore her, even though she's still an active cache hider. It's just a game, right? Better to take the high road than to sink to her level. One person I know temporarily put out a 'shared', 'public' bookmark list of all her caches with the title "Caches with known bad coordinates". Making it public and shared put the bookmark link on all of her cache pages.
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