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    It's about a long lost geocache GC15TJF.


    This cache was a small ammo can that we had place up on a river bank (The little river) in North Carolina near the town of Goldsboro. The cache had served us well for a couple of years and then in the fall of 2008 we had massive rains and the river flooded. When the water in the river had receded back down to normal levels we went to go check on the cache. When we arrived at the cache site, the ammo can was gone. We looked all over for it. We even walked about a half mile downstream looking and it was no where to be found. Never had we thought the river could flood to the level it did and actually reach up to the cache site. After looking a bit longer, we were forced to give up and just consider the ammo can gone and we proceeded to notify the owners of TBs that were inside of the bad news. We felt really bad that our ammo can had trackables in it that had now washed away in the floods and were most likely gone forever. We archived the cache and after months/years we had forgotten all about that little ammo can.


    Now fast forward to the fall of 2010. Over 2 years after that flood in NC, we got an email out of the blue from a family that lived on the North Carolina coastline, over 150 miles away from Goldsboro. They found our ammo can! It washed up on their property and to everyone's amazement, the contents inside are in amazingly good shape. The logbook was sealed in a plastic bag and is still in tiptop shape. All the trackables and coins were in plastic bags and look great; even some swag lasted the journey. Only the ammo can itself was severely rusted after two years in the water.


    I can't thank the Keen family enough from Swansboro, NC for finding the ammo can and then caring enough to track us down (they are not geocachers), contact us via the geocaching website, and then ship the original ammo can and all it's contents to us (we now live in Las Vegas, NV). Such a kind gesture to help us get the contents back into circulation.


    Can't wait now to log the trackables back into an active cache and tell this story to their owners.



  2. I never meant for this puzzle to be solved. I was looking for help. I have never heard of a British crossword. I thought I could get it explained to me. Telling me that it uses anagrams was helpfull. It gave me somewhere to start. Talking down to me because I asked for help is just plain rude. I never asked for the answer to be posted nor has it been.

  3. There is a puzzle cache in the United States (North Carolina) based on British Crossword puzzles. I have tried for months to solve this. Any help, clues, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    "You must use your British crossword solving skills to find the correct coordinates. The correct answer to the following clue will indicate the correct coordinates for the cache, hidden somewhere near Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Swami Sally is all astir about her new diet -- soon she'll realize her fondest dream."


    The cache is GC1DK9Q MC-4 For All You British Crossword Fans



    Thanks to anyone who can lend a hand! :)

  4. Is anyone else having problems with TB and geocoin icons not displaying on the search results pages or on user profiles?


    Today is the first time I've noticed that some of the icons for certain geocoins are no longer displaying. I've tried multiple computers and get the same error.


    These are icons that used to display just fine. Not sure what happened to change them.

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