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  1. I've been busy the last couple of weeks integrating a wealth of new data from several users and the new version of Northwest Trails is now available for download. Full details are available in the Switchbacks Forum.


    One of the more significant changes in this version in terms of functionality (as opposed to data) is that I've changed the zoom level at which the trails appear both in Mapsource and on the GPS. They now show up at 7 mile zoom in Mapsource at "Medium" detail setting. I've posted a poll in which you can vote your impressions of this change.


    outstanding! Makes it much easier to get a perspective on where you are when you can see the trails at that zoom level


    another donation coming your way

  2. Is there anyway that I can convince someone that this app needs the landscape keyboard for us fat fingered people that try to do field notes while hiking?


    +1.. although personally, I only use the field note to actually act as a bread crumb of sorts.. then when I get home, I bring up my field notes, add some good comments (no lame TFTC stuff) and submit them..

  3. please add some more of these folks.. I rely on bookmarks to find quality caches.. I'm working on a bookmark or two of my own to share, but want to make sure I have some good ones first.. and that I am not duplicating those already posted.

  4. please list any favorites you have in the Eastern WA, Northern Idaho area


    We're doing a road trip from Seattle to Silverwood this coming weekend, and I've created a route and pocket query (along I90 corridor more or less.. we'll probably come home via Newport/Kettle Falls; hwy 20) but I am looking for the good ones (arn't we all)


    I could care less about the find count (as you can tell by my measly two dozen or so after five years of geocaching), and hate the typical guard rail cache, but we absolutely love the ones that are in interesting, little known out of the way places. They need to be medium difficulty/terrain or lower due to having a small child with us.


    thanks all

  5. Is there a mirrored site or something where I can download your maps from? I am on cable modem, and I simply cannot get the file to complete downloading.. I have tried about a half dozen times, with two different browsers.. and I have a great wired connection with download speeds of over 5meg bps even from servers all the way across the country from me.


    With downloads from your site, I start out at at 3-400k bps, but then slowly degrades to 20-30k bps, then eventually times out.. the most I have been able to get before timing out was 25% of the file


    I realize your providing these free, but just wondering if your able to maybe mirror the file at some other locations

  6. Just read an article in Everett Herald about a shuttle service that is offered for the Iron Horse Trail now. Here's the link to the Shuttle Service website: Shuttle Service


    The Herald Article is: here


    pretty cool idea, but YIKES.. expensive


    so for me and my small family, it would cost $80 to take advantage of this


    hmm.. not likely.. too bad.. great idea

  7. hey all; this is a pretty amazing deal; there are some people selling the MeriGold all by itself for 275$ and up. I'm asking probably close to $200 less then what you'd pay if you were to buy everything seperate


    I'll even throw in free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 if you win the bid and email me with your geocache ID with your payment.


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  8. hi. I'm selling my recently purchased Meridian Gold which looks and works perfectly; only selling it to upgrade to a Garmin GPS V as I have found my needs for the external antenea and being able to use in a car (and on motorcycle) is more then I thought it would be.


    Comes complete with all the original items plus the following:


    256 MB SanDisk SD card (works great with the MeriGold)

    Padded Nylon carrying case

    MapSend Streets

    MapSend Streets and Destinations USA

    MapSend Topo

    Auto mounting braket

    Auto D/C power adapter


    starting asking price is rock bottom price of $355 (with a reserve of $375 and a buy it now price of $395) - I know the prices have been dropping; but I paid $279 (minus $50 rebate) for the GPS alone less then two months ago and even at bargain prices, those extras will run you at least $300




    contact me at newmanr19@yahoo.com


    Can't think of anything real clever to put here, but one thing I know, if you put your trust in God, you can't go wrong.


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