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  1. Rephrase: I await specific instructions as to where to go to hide all these pesky things in advance. BTW. I have spare lock 'n locks of various proportions with which to make caches for the finals. Mmm, that's a good point - I haven't actually stated the obvious (buried in my head) The idea with this event - keeping in mind according to Groundspeak rules the braai and social gathering is THE Event, the micro hunt is separate and needs to be arranged not on the web listing but via the forum (here) and e-mail etc - is to do 3 things apart from the social: 1) Have fun chasing lots of caches on one day. 2) Help those who would like to boost their numbers a bit - come on, admit it, although we all like the hunt and getting to nice places (which will also be important for the Microfest), the majority like the stats part as well. 3) By getting people to donate a cache, it shares the effort and financial burden of creating non-micro caches. So, although we will probably plant a few non-micros for the day, I would rather plant 4 micros instead of 1 traditional. Just for this event, obviously not as a rule!
  2. Tx Anton, the gazebo will be much appreciated! My gas braai is one of those about a meter long and half a meter wide (vague guess) - mmm, I wanted to say I'm sure mine will be fine, but if we are more than 10... Jip, will actually be super if you can bring it! I have some wood and will get some charcoal as well. BTW, some of the caches will be in the Star Crater area... I'm sure you and some other teams will have fun revisiting there!
  3. BTW, I am a fan of http://www.extreme-caching.com/ BVG (Big Vicious Grin!) ...depending on time, an 'extreme-caching' contender might or might not appear at this event... maybe involving a tree... just thinking...
  4. ...uhm, I think those ARE the specifics... And to get cache-fan's approval means we're halfway there!
  5. Great stuff! Looks like it might be a Bruce & Drix event then... I'd like some feedback on the concept, hope everyone sees the mutual value of the idea. Happy to amend to suit concerns and cacher requirements.
  6. I like it! Not sure how the owner will respond?
  7. Hi, my name is dakardrix... ...and I haven't been around very much lately. But here I am, planning an event and based on Fish Eagle's recommendation, testing the waters to see whether there would be any interest. So, back to the topic: micro's. Those pesky little things you either love or hate, yet can't leave them alone. This event will celebrate the humble 35mm film container! Date: sometime end of March on a Saturday. Tentatively 27 March 2010 Where: at my place, south east of Pretoria. What to do: 1) In the afternoon, say 2-ish: Bring and braai - I will supply a toilet (useful, and a house for when it rains!), safe parking, gasbraai, coffee/tea, bread rolls, and lots of space. This is of course for everyone and will count as event attendance just by pitching up. 2) The normal culprits can bring their geoware and trade freely. And the usual showing off of coin collections and stories going around. 3) I will set up a gazebo or 2 (mine a bit heavy, can do with someone else bringing 1 or 2?) right next to a flyfishing dam - so welcome to bring your own rods, only catch and release, keep the fish in the water when caught. No charge, you will be my guests - just need to know the numbers to arrange if more than 2 or 3 people are interested. There are 2 dams for flyfishing and 2 others for papgooi if you like. 4) In the morning, say from 7am onwards: I will plant a lot of micros (aiming for 20, 30... who knows - have a lot of spots, not counted yet - focus is on quantity, but maintaining a certain level of quality) in the area stretching from Midrand through Olifantsfontein, north of Bapsfontein, not quite as far as Rayton, but that general area and direction. Every team that wants to participate in the Microfest hunt then will prepare and donate one cache, bigger than a micro. In exchange they will be given the list of 'event' micros, which will be published after the event (if Fish Eagle is happy with every one of course) and can be logged by those who found them at the event. All the donated caches (and some of mine) will then be used to replace as many micros as possible before publication - credit will be given to the creator. Hopefully I can dish out a small 'prize' or two to the best cache submitted, most finds, who knows... So, am I smoking my socks and must get back on my bike and rather go caching, or will there be a bit of interest? Fire away! Drix
  8. Sorry, tried to delete a post just after I posted it, couldn't figure out how. Regarding puzzles, I've only published one proper puzzle before (Nerves of Steel GC19NHG) As I expected, it received very little attention. So what do I do, publish Public Key and Private Key last week. Again, I can see few people bother with it. And I understand it, as I myself do very few. So I guess that's just the way it works - a puzzle has a limited audience, but I know that audience enjoy them. And therefore it is what it is. BTW, happy to provide hints and guidance on the 2 Key caches. I have already changed the hints here and there to add some info...
  9. WELL DONE CRYSTALFAIRY!! Keep it up and show those Kiwi's how it's done! Ditto! Well done!
  10. On the original topic, there is still a FTF up for grabs on my Mafika Pass (right next to a beautifully tarred road), planted 31 Dec 2007 - Mafika Pass GC18AK3
  11. Tx CH - the Dakar has done 40,000km over the last year, at least half of that involved a cache, either en route or as the target.. then a lot was done in 4-wheelers, mostly with other cachers... Congrats to rodandjoan on their 400 today!!
  12. Congrats to cache-fan 1200 RedGlobe & warthog 750 Carbon Hunter & Wildbirds 400 Blackjack Bailey 350 Damhuisclan 200 and GreenJaM - 500 in 365 days! Awaiting CrystalFairy 1,5k...
  13. Congrats on 50 BruceTP! Hope you enjoy the next 50 as much too..
  14. Well done Wormgeocash! 200 came quite fast, especially over the last while - keep it up, seeing that it's not about the numbers...
  15. Megaben did 400, seems it is a popular number of late - congrats! Also to team Cabey who hit 300 - yahoo!!
  16. Tx everyone - also congrats to GR on his 1100!
  17. Well done to both GreenJaM and gerhardoosMPsa with their 400! Quite a year and it is not finished yet..
  18. The Woodies (KeithWood) hit 500 at the Cradle Caper event - cool!
  19. Well done Brick7! Love your photo with the Star Crater log... (note to all - does everyone know Star Crater is not too serious...?)
  20. Great stuff to Team Ginger on her 400, RedGlobe bursting into 700 all over the country, GerhardoosMPsa and Carbon Hunter flying past 350 and iPajero on 1000 (any day now!)
  21. I some times also use SmartGPX, but no were can I find an option to quickly export a cache to a landmark for use in route 66. Could you explain how you do this. The only way I know of gettting a landmark is to use the nokia macro within GSAK, it creates an output file that can be used with nokia landmarks. Check if you use the latest SmartGPX, mine is V0.10.8 When you see the list of caches (or from inside inside one) and select Options, go down to 'Landmarks' (between 'Delete' and 'GPS receiver') and from there the first option is 'Export to Landmark DB' and voila, when you go to landmarks, it will be there, easy to see.
  22. I lost my N95, the only GPS at the time and the one I started geocaching with. It was a blessing in disguise as my N95 was slow and sometimes took ages to lock. With the insurance money (and a bit extra - just a 'little' you know, in case my wife reads this) I replaced it with a 6110 Nav and a Colorado 300. The Colorado (my first real GPS after the N95) is fantastic when it works and the DEM maps brilliant. But it gave me endless problems, intermittently and was finally replaced this week. The point though, is that the 6110 is much better and faster than the N95 and I use it to supplement the Col (or in its place like these few days without the Garmin) I use Trimble, but often find I run into trouble with a GPRS/3G signal and also use SmartGPX then - SmartGPX is also quick to reference. The nice thing about SmartGPX is that you can quickly export your cache as a landmark and use Route 66 to route there, switching back to Trimble when you get close. Long and short, I just love my 6110 and even when I use the Colorado mostly I often double-check with the 6110. And then of course those sudden caches on the fly when you only have the Navigator...
  23. Just a quick note about something people might have missed. When you list your hide, there is a space where it asks who did the hiding. You can literally put anything there, 'Pietie, Kosie & Sannie' This is what people see when they look at the listing's 'hidden by...' and this could be confusing. However, that cache only goes against the person who was signed on to list it. Therefore, in my eyes the others can log a find/HTH against it and the logger is now the owner, not the others (even if they maintain, take custody, whatever) My friend Trackz does not share my sentiment and doesn't do the HTH thing, that's his choice. I have not been in that situation but would happily log my HTH if I can. Therefore, I interpreted CF etc.'s logs in that same light as it makes sense to split the maintenance of event caches between the organisers. So not really a 'finding my own cache' situation. BTW, even though people don't admit it most of us are in the numbers/stats game here. Otherwise people would not not get so upset methinks. It doesn't take away the joy of interesting places and discovering history, but personally I enjoy both aspects equally. And I love riding my bike, so they combine perfectly. Maybe only for a season, as I might get bored in 2 years time (or sooner when I see the politics going on, best to avoid the forums) and take a break or something. For now, let's have fun! Please? My R2...
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