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  1. Verstek



    Yip, that's the one - 'verstek'.


    Wonder if somebody knew that? I learned the word in the 80's while trying to write an Afrikaans document in the IT environment and nobody knew then. I had to task the special pool of typists/'taalversorgers' to find out for me. Wordprocessing on Wang machines, if I remember correctly. Those were the days... Not the good ones. :) Ever since then I have found maybe 1 or 2 people over the years who actually knew the answer off-hand. And nobody's ever offered 'standaard', which would be a fair option.

  2. 'vooruitbepaalde' ?


    'vooropgestelde' ?


    'standaard' ?


    'standaard' is close - one online source gives 'standaard waarde' for 'default value'


    The question is, if you use the word 'standaard', will anyone ever translate it back to 'default'?


    So there is another (shorter) word... :D:)

  3. Seems like a shame, but if that is how the game is played, when in Rome ……………………




    Ag, remember, the game is open to anyone, so it attracts all sorts. For a lot of people the novelty wears off after a while, so the enthusiasm to maintain a cache too. Some become fanatics and for most of us it goes up and down! :)


    So forgive people in advance, ask their forgiveness for what you haven't done yet and enjoy the ride. There are awesome caches out there!! :D:D

  4. Icosagon. Always wanted to know that... :) Who sits and dream up these names? I mean, there I was sitting in my lab, and here this icosagon floats by... being chased by an avatar...


    Aparantly you can also call it a 20-sided polygon. Serious.

  5. Hi Dakardrix


    Thanks for your response. I agree, common sense should prevail at all times. I am asking the questions to find out what the procedures are, not because I want to do a song and dance. The reason why I am asking is because I have visited a cache where we did not find the TB. The previous log also stated that there was no TB. This was more than a month before we found it. Do I leave it at that: Surely someone should remove the TB from the inventory? Common sense?

    Regarding the maintenance request, we found a very nice cache that was exposed by the rain. We patched it up as best we could but in my opinion it detracts from a well prepared cache and I would hate for it to be muggled. I understand that the owner cannot go to the site five minutes after it is reported but I honestly do not know the procedure to follow. Maybe I should email the owner?



    No, my response not directed at you! And your common sense makes sense, different situation.


    Best advice that we all learn the hard way: Relax, don't try and fix everything. Apply a bit of that common sense in terms of logs and communication, develop a thick skin, ignore the caches that don't look great, then move on to the next cache and enjoy the game!

  6. Well, my micro-count is way to high as it stands... but it's hard to say no... uh-oh, I think my eye is twitching. Give me a minute to think...


    <1 minute later>


    I'm SO there!




    Mmm, that's a point... although not every single cache on the day will be a micro (and I simply don't have enough, actually very few , 35mm holders (go try and find them - photo places just don't see them much anymore) - but I have lots of micro variations), the actual caches published later will, as intended, be bigger. Hopefully Traditional, but I guess Small as well.


    Soooo, when you log against them they will not count against your micro count... Everyone ok with that? :D


    BTW, I have given the Micro thing a lot of thought though - I don't think it is that much fun hunting a micro in the middle of a rocky koppie. Especially when you are at number 80 for the day... hehe Where it is feasible and I am reasonably convinced that I will replace with a Traditional size, I will attempt to place the micro in a bigger temporary holder so as to make it easier to find. :)

  7. Yes Tom.

    But as dakardrix had already asked the next question without the go-ahead, we didn't verify if he was correct or not.



    Sorry, newbie error... :)


    Mondrian is not the answer I have - but will check if it might also be right. My answer is SA-based..

  8. :D For some puzzles, the owner could just as well have given no clues at all, and it will make no difference in my ability to solve it.. :)


    Some are just impossible (without getting help, of course :ph34r: )


    ...not mine, I hope!? :D


    Let's make a deal...


    Please leave me a hint inside Astrofix ?


    Ok! Oh, you mean the actual cache??? I just look at the numbers and I go numb - can hardly find my way home (with a GPS) then you want me to cross my mental block with maths, trig, that kind of stuff...!! Private Key is much simpler, just a cut-and-paste job...


    Laat ek sien of ek dit kan uitfigure (sonder om die GreenJaM gang te corner!)...


    Where: at my place, south east of Pretoria.



    I would have thought that C-Max in Pretoria Central would be far easier to access, but I suppose their braai facilities are not that good. :)


    That's nothing, I was thinking of making a Multi or a Puzzle that you have to solve before getting the final destination! :D Mmm, wonder if that's allowed... have to chat to FE... :D

  10. :D For some puzzles, the owner could just as well have given no clues at all, and it will make no difference in my ability to solve it.. :)


    Some are just impossible (without getting help, of course :ph34r: )


    ...not mine, I hope!? :D

  11. Must say, of my few caches, the logs of 'Star Crater' GC18JVF still provide me with the most entertainment. It started with Cabey and Alien3Inc's logs where I have heard the story behind the story... :D


    :ph34r: Who knows, you may even encounter something of value at the bottom?


    Don't you get demoted when you reach the bottom of the log...? :D Sorry, Private joke! :)

  12. We have found a couple of caches over the last few weeks and have had the privileged to "own" other peoples TB's and GC's for a short while. I can see how some people say that you can get hooked on GC's. Some are quite amazing. This leads me to some more questions about protocols.


    1: TB’s and GC’s: We have come across caches which have TB's missing but they are still listed as part of the cache. I have just logged that they are no longer in the cache. Is that good enough or should I do something else in this regard. I wonder how many are retrieved and never logged. It is obvious that the caches were not muggled so someone must have retrieved the GC and either neglected to log or not have the intention to. I am sure that the owners dread this and I have decided to make it a point to log the retrieve or placement of a GC or TB as soon as possible so that the owners are aware of the movement of their property.

    2) Caches; What are the correct procedures and how are things handled when a request for maintenance is logged?




    1) Just be aware of one thing - when I do a trip to i.e. Durban for a long weekend or so, I might pick up a trackable on the way there or down there and only log it when I'm back, meaning a normal delay of a couple of days. I used to get VERY annoyed when the next logger asks where is the TB or coin. Now I just ignore it, but still think someone must realise over a weekend or in the holidays it is better to wait before you make a song and dance about it.


    2) But the most annoying thing you can do is - have something like 14 finds, then, when you don't find a cache where the previous log is still a find, log a DNF. Then go back a few days later when no other cacher was there, don't find it again and then log a Maintenance or Archive request, WITH a patronising tone! I think I put off a newbie for life with my response after I went to check up and found it safe and sound as I expected and I'm sorry about it, but pleaseeee... just because you're a newbie doesn't mean you can't apply common sense, or am I wrong?

  13. Must say, of my few caches, the logs of 'Star Crater' GC18JVF still provide me with the most entertainment. It started with Cabey and Alien3Inc's logs where I have heard the story behind the story... :)

  14. dakardrix - we have also given it a lot of thought, brainstorming and googling.... will contact you soon for some assistance. two friends are engineers and I would love to beat them at solving the puzzle with my limited IT knowledge...


    Cool! Just to get everyone interested started, the background refers to the most useful PGP tool that you can use - 'Portable PGP', you can download from http://ppgp.sourceforge.net - use the smallest download there, can't remember which one it is...

  15. It is not the lack of any interest Dakardrix. Some people like us just seem to take a lot longer to work out some of these puzzles. Especially if you are not in the It field. So we've gone back to school for this Public key/Private key caches that you planted. So as soon as we figure that out we will do them. We normally take 3 nights aweek doing what we call 'homework " to figure some of these caches out.


    :) Tx, good to know! BTW, Public Key encryption forms part of something like your online banking - every time you see the lock on your browser, it is the type of encryption in use (a bit more obfuscated, but part and parcel)

  16. Ok, the tentative date is Saturday, 27 March 2010.


    I've updated the first post. If we don't get any complaints or resistance to this event that need to be dealt with in time, I will publish the listing by the end of next week.

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