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  1. I dunno, but I did find out the other day that legend Jors' name is derived from 'Jors truly'..
  2. Oh yes, forgot about Trackz...sure I read about that in one of your logs. Oops, I got the model name all incorrect...it is late, I haven't had much sleep lately !! So does this mean it is our turn to go? Can't believe it 'cause I haven't been able to be on line much lately! Yes, your turn..
  3. I know you ride a BMW so I presume it is a "Dakar" with the "drix" coming from Asterix perhaps? Did Obelix get you into caching? Funny!
  4. Jip! Never mind the Drix, just a name evolving from Hendrik (birth certificate, but you'll ruin a friendship if you call me that! ) which was replaced by Drikus to distinguish between all the Hendriks in the family years ago, which became Drix by friends after school. And yes, my current F800GS is the official Dakar F650GS replacement, but they didn't call it the Dakar or the Adventure as some expected... to me, the Dakar (bike) will always be special as it started my second life as a biker (or more specific an adventure biker, as these bikes are classed) and my geocaching path started soon after, the perfect marriage! Trackz introduced me to geocaching, but I didn't quite get it - GreenJaM made me get it, so I'm grateful to both! A real highlight is still doing our 500th find together (with GreenJaM) within 12 months from registration (for both of us) - took some juggling near the end to make it co-incide. So, although I don't ride a Dakar anymore, it will be my great memory forever, so dakardrix it will stay... Over to you... maybe you can explain your own Bavarian/BMW link..?
  5. Ok, staying on the Jors/Adoons theme... why am I dakardrix and who got me started with caching?
  6. Giving my age away... T.O. Honiball! Used to catch up on all the Adoons comics in the Landbouweekblad when I visited my grandparents' farm in the holidays.
  7. ...after you've eaten spinach and you haven't brushed your teeth..?
  8. YAY! Abba it was! The album was ""The Visitors" (wonder what one of those would be worth today?) The first album released onto CD was by Billy Joel (52nd Street). Take it away TG! Hey, that's my favourite ABBA album! There I said it, I like ABBA...
  9. Radio Kalahari Orkes? Die Briels?.... ;]
  10. I'm going with Michael Jackson? Maybe Bad (although I remember the album so well, difficult to associate with CD...)
  11. I also had had to re-read the explanation a couple of times, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_while_J..._on_the_teacher You need to had had an understanding of what the context had had of "had had". I think.
  12. Mike Ulmer... I watched the video a long time ago, gave me goosebumps! I'll leave it for someone else.
  13. Well done, that's the one! 'Deepest in Africa' was a decoy, it's actually the deepest wine cellar in the world! 857m underground. Yours.
  14. Just a last note - people like me really don't like long logs (I mean writing, although I love reading them - yes, I know, double standards!), but it honestly does not mean I don't enjoy it. If you get a 'Tx!', I just really don't have much to say about the cache, and I don't want to tell you how lame it is... hehe I'd rather you give me 2 'lame' caches (meaning I don't understand what you want me to see or know about) because I still like the satisfaction of finding any cache. So, go forth and multiply!
  15. Maybe they mean killing the opposition..? Right, where is the deepest wine cellar in Africa?
  16. Mmm, to punt some of mine from a Pretoria point of view... if you want a quick adventure (not ok for normal car, Avis should be ok! ) then do Star Crater. Planet is my other favourite, requires a short walk, so another worthwhile option. Then you can add (or start here if you only have a car) Cornwall Hill (not available on Sundays) and Centurion View and go to the Irene dairy and do the caches there (lekker food, albeit a bit pricey), Milk Galore, etc. In that area are a few others - I just love the Irene area! Next or alternatively you can take a ride over Klapperkop and do the ones there, What a View, Klapperkop, etc. and the few in Groenkloof area right next door - I always love the ride. Groenkloof Nature Reserve is an option, but you need a bakkie again (or height) and you won't have time for much else. However, my favourite area is Hartbeespoortdam, there are some great caches out that way, like Harties on the Med (hehe.. mine) and Haarties Best View (walk or bakkie), and lots of other. A great place to have brunch while you're in the area is at the Van Gaalens Cheese Farm - S25 47.270 E27 46.326 Hope it helps!
  17. Berimbau, the staple instrument of Capoeira, 'the famous' martial arts dance.. ?
  18. Geez, it was a rhetoric question. We're so serious, must be your weather. Well done, you're right then, moving on.
  19. Can I ask a question that I don't really know what is the answer? What is the Afrikaans for GPS? Not the direct translation, but a common daily word...
  20. Well done! Did you know that, or did you look it up? You're it! ...only knew to look for Robert's... Have a bud that's a serious birder. Him and his dad. So if they see something they SMS each other, like 'CB' for Chinspot Batis. So we're riding in the car when this chicken runs over the road. Took his dad a while and a conversation to find out what was 'C'
  21. Anyone travel without their GPS? What if there's a cache around the next corner...? The 2 competitive events that I did as part of Team Da Garma had 32 teams (dunno how many people) at NOLY (The Neighbour of Leap Year's Day Bash) and 30 teams/95 people at KotC (Keepers of the Cache (2008 Geocaching Event)) BTW, has the argument on WAAS in SA been settled? On the Garmin site it simply says WAAS is only in North America. Then I have heard that if you turn it on in SA (assuming there is no WAAS) it actually worsens your result. AND then I heard that WAAS is being tested in SA, so you might get some WAAS assistance on your device, but I don't think there is an indicator to show it (on my Oregon anyway, not sure)? So maybe we should just all make sure it is turned off to ensure a standard? As you anyway don't know if it helps or not?
  22. See you there! Remember, I'll be the dirty oke with the bike coming via off-road Soweto. From Pretoria. Serious! 71 people? Gee, I hope not too many pitch at the Microfest... I told my daughters they must make muffins for the morning... I expect about 10 people or so...
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