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  1. True, we used the bike for those...
  2. Bapsfontein International... mmm, you don't realise how almost the cache was on that plane, if only it wasn't on the wrong side of the fence!
  3. Cool, the memory stick has been found! A few FTF's are still up for grabs, and I enjoy the logs coming through! The funniest logs are a toss-up between besem, Danie Viljoen, DamhuisClan and Team Ginger... I think the favourite is possibly Juxtaposition (shared by Bruce and I), Hades is an interesting one, Rietvlei View II is most confusing. Country Lane Scramble has been a surprise challenge for most (not sure why when we say do 'this' and people do 'that' to make it more difficult for themselves ), Monks of Capuchino the easiest and Members Only and Overhang competing to be the most elusive. No comments on Frustration - think I have to rename that one to Ginger Frustration... But it seems like the most entertaining one was Out of the Box. At first I thought the logs were joking when the 3 Muscateers (Jors, Wormgeocash and besem - the winners on the day) mentioned a ladder that Jacques brought along. But no, very serious. Until I saw this pic and nearly fell on the floor laughing out loud ....
  4. A red and white memory stick was lost on Saturday at the event on the grass next to the dam, please let me know if someone has found it. Tx, Drix
  5. Congrats to RedGlobe on getting 1300 at Microfest 2010 (without doing any of the caches...! And Wormgeocash hit 700 as well as being part of the winning team (with Jors and besem)! En Danie Viljoen het 900 geklap! Geluk julle!
  6. Well well, what can I say - what a rush! The best part of this event is that the fun continues, I can sit back and wait for the logs, ignore the complaints, have a devious grin, look at the caches received and start scheming as to where they'll go. And start planning maintenance runs... My garage is sorted the way I wanted 3 years ago, and because Bruce did such a good job with drilling holes and hanging stuff in the garage my wife roped him into mounting mirrors and stuff in our bath room and things outside - things she asked me to do a year ago already! Thanks for everyone who supported the day - the quick storm at the end of the day made it look like a flash mob gathering wrapping up, but fortunately it didn't feel like unfinished business. Someone even caught a fish! What blew my mind was when I went to clean up after the rain - seeing that people cleared out in a rush trying to flee the rain, you couldn't expect people to clean up properly? And what do I find, after looking carefully? 60-odd people, a braai with food and containers from home, lots of stuff that is used up and can be discarded... and I find ONE small plastic pull-ring!! Well done guys, you make me so proud to be a cacher!!!!! Thanks to the Damhuisclan for the braai and gazebos (also Cabey and others I think) and GreenJaM for the awesome help on the morning and before, my awesome wife and kids and Mom+Mom-in-law (muffins, coffee/tea, marking, registering, etc., etc., etc.) A great thanks to everyone donating prizes, I hope the recipients enjoy them! BMW Bavarian Motorcycles, Tracks4Africa, Irene Running Club, Team Da Garma of previous years, Wormgeocache (Jacques), GreenJaM (Marinus), GEO936 (Rolf & Silvia), Groundspeak (Andy) - and I've lost track (i.e. who gave the Mugg&Bean voucher?)... so thanks to everyone I've forgotten to mention! And lastly, the biggest thanks go to my partner in crime, BruceTP, the strangest friend I have (no wait there are a few others too! ) He gave time, money, effort, put up with my grumpiness and unstructured ideas and brain, and generally just poured himself into the event. Tx partner, onwards to Microfest 2020!!! ...fading out with the theme from Jaws...
  7. NO!!! What a shock! And what big shoes to fill in order to match your world-class act. Well, I guess one has to do what one has to do, just know that we respect the work you've done and you have become a legend - thank you very much! All the best, and who knows what the future holds, let's hope you're back soon or stay on as part-time reviewer.
  8. Updated teams so far: BIG HUNT 1) Cabey & Alien3Inc & GreenJaM (4?) 2) Team Honeymoon (2, BMW club) & team symbol (1, BMW club) 3) cache-fan (tentative, 3) 4) Far-Jar-Hug (tentative, 5?) 5) Jors (?) 6) Besem (?) 7) Happy Hunters SA (2) 8) GEO936 (2) 9) Esitoli (?) 10) Team Ginger (2) 11) Wormgeocash 12) Team ZA (2, JPMZA & MeganZA) 13) DamhuisClan & The Gold Diggers & Wild Birds (11? part of team) 14) Team Star Trek (Sky Walker & Leia, Smurfie & Jokersguild) BRAAI ONLY: 1) BruceTP and dakardrix (+-10, organisers) 2) 2JMT (tentative, 1, from Finland) 3) RedGlobe (2) 4) DamhuisClan & The Gold Diggers & Wild Birds (11)
  9. We had a board meeting followed by a committee establsihing a charter and policy on the matter and after the vote we decided it would not be fair... But hey, since you supported us from the beginning, I'll gladly send it through on Saturday morning. Can you still bring a braai and gazebo?
  10. Just received word that I must go and pick up some more prizes from BMW Bavarian Motorcycles, Pretoria. If it's too nice, I'll just keep it...
  11. Latest update: Microfest 2010 – The Kosmos Run Date: Saturday, 27 March 2010 Where: GC2381D - Clearwater Flyfishing Estate, south east of Pretoria – Severn Place cul-de-sac. S 25° 51.095 E 028° 15.988 As it is a security controlled area, I will send access details to confirmed teams. All drivers - i.e. vehicles and motorbikes - need to show their driver's license (as we all should carry on us anyway) or ID books in order to gain access. We will be phoned by security and check your team name and only allow those that confirmed (or team names we know) What: BIG HUNT in the morning, braai in the afternoon. Hunt for new caches in the area stretching from Midrand through Olifantsfontein, north of Bapsfontein, not quite as far as Rayton, but that general area and direction. • The idea with this event - keeping in mind according to Groundspeak rules the braai and social gathering is THE Event, the BIG HUNT hunt is separate and needs to be arranged not on the web listing but via the forum (here) and e-mail etc - is to do 4 things apart from the social: a. Have fun chasing lots of caches on one day. b. Help those who would like to boost their numbers a bit - come on, admit it, although we all like the hunt and getting to nice places (which will also be important for the Microfest), the majority like the stats part as well. c. By getting people to donate a cache, it shares the effort and financial burden of creating non-micro caches. d. Inject some life into the sport and the area. Schedule: 07:00 – 10:00 : Registration of teams for the BIG HUNT. 1. Entry for the BIG HUNT is 1 x prepared cache per TEAM – bigger than micro, preferably a REGULAR – OR a R50 donation that will be used towards cache costs. 2. The cache will be handed in, NOT TO BE PLANTED BY TEAM. Organisers will use caches submitted to either replace/upgrade some event caches or plant as a new one – credit will be given to contributing teams in listings. 3. No donation or entry requirements for the braai in the afternoon! 07:00 – 10:00 : Once teams have registered, they will be handed a paper list of all the caches available, their waypoints, hints and ratings (approximately 85 new caches), including a mark sheet that they will have to return and a rudimentary map to help with their route planning and perspective. 1. We will use Mapsource to load the waypoints onto compatible GPS units (mainly Garmin) – the naming format will be, i.e. ‘MF73 Zuma’ 2. We will keep it simple and no Pocket Queries or GPX files are promised at this moment – however our resident genius GreenJaM will play with the formats and might conjure up some paperless option. (BTW, GreenJaM has not been involved with the cache planting and will only receive the basic information beforehand in order to assist. He will not receive any keywords, enabling him to also take part on the day, but he doesn’t qualify to take a top placing.) 3. Teams will then be set off to find a random cache allocated to them within the hour, SMS’ing the keyword found in the cache. Once found, they can plan their route from there onwards, without limitations. The purpose is to spread cachers around the ‘course’ and avoid congestion or queues at any one cache. 4. Caches are allocated points according to difficulty of cache find, terrain and distance from ‘home’ – cachers therefore need to decide which route will give them the best total. A rating for vehicles will also be given in order to help make a decision on whether to chance it with their cache mobile for the day 5. NB: Once a cache is found, the keyword in the cache must be recorded on the mark sheet and the mark sheet handed in for scoring once they return to base any time before 14:00. 6. Teams can decide on their time of caching and return at any time if they get tired and gatvol! No starting before 07:00 and return no later than 14:00 – BUT, do not speed and put yourself and others at risk!! It is only a game after all, not worth it to risk your life – also asses any security situation around a cache and walk/run away if you are not comfortable. Please! The intention is to publish 99% of all caches available on the day, as soon as possible after the event. Thank you to Andy (Fish Eagle – reviewer for Africa) for his support of the event, the preparation and final publishing planned. After 14:00 : All teams returned. Settling down and starting the fires for the braai – at your own leisurely time, please don’t rush home. • The main event in the afternoon is a "dop and chop" braai where we will celebrate the humble (or is that humbling?) micro, sharing our stories and coins as usual. This is of course for everyone and will count as event attendance (a smiley) just by pitching up. • We will provide limited (but hopefully sufficient) braai facilities, bread rolls, coffee and tea. You bring your chairs, eats and drinks. Also not too much shade available, so bring your hats and umbrellas/gazebos. If it rains the event will continue and we will make a plan with shelter. • The normal culprits can bring their geoware and trade freely. And the usual showing off of coin collections and stories going around. • There are 2 dams available to do some "catch and release" fly fishing (only fly fishing rods and gear allowed) and another 2 for papgooi anglers. If you are interested in fishing, please mention so in your logs and for how many people, as I need to obtain special permission - no costs involved. Bring your own rods/gear, only catch and release, keep the fish in the water when caught. Around 15:30 : Prizegiving. Prizes for the best cache submitted and for the top teams include 5 x Tracks4Africa SD card map sets and a 1000 Red Wiggler Composting Earthworms. Other prizes include coins donated by GreenJaM, GEO936, BruceTP, dakardrix – also various prizes from Fish Eagle, Irene Running Club, etc. Teams so far: 1) GreenJaM 2) Cabey & Alien3Inc (4?) 3) Team Lost (2, BMW club) 4) Team Honeymoon (2, BMW club) 5) Team symbol (?,BMW club) 6) cache-fan (tentative, 3) 7) Far-Jar-Hug (tentative, 5?) 8) Jors (?) 9) Besem (?) 10) Happy Hunters SA (2?) 11) GEO936 (2) 12) Esitoli (?) 13) Team Ginger (2) 14) Wormgeocash 15) Team ZA (2, JPMZA & MeganZA) Teams for braai only (main event according to Groundpeak rules): 1) BruceTP and dakardrix (+-10, organisers) 2) 2JMT (tentative, 1, from Finland) 3) RedGlobe (2?) 4) DamhuisClan (?)
  12. Current count - 69. Some more tomorrow and then we'll slow down.
  13. Ag, on the other hand, what more do I want on the Oregon 300? I only need a brighter screen, and that I can't get via firmware.
  14. Got some more goodies today from Irene Running Club... nice! And a couple of teams from Pretoria BMW Motorcycle Club... watch out!
  15. Just heard from Tracks4Africa that they will donate 5 SD card map sets. Tx guys!
  16. Just to expand a bit: 26 are suitable for all road vehicles / tar roads (Porsche and super bikes!) 10 are on gravel roads (this is suitable for any Porsche or road bike, just means it is not on tar anymore) 18 are on slippery and sandy roads (this is where you start to feel sorry for the Porsche, but any vehicle should still be fine if you don't go too fast; experienced bike riders should be able to take road bikes here slowly, without damage - as long as you stay upright! GS riders will be in their element.) 3 are totally offroad - bundu bashing (a portion of the road might be bundu-bashing, but you should be able to stop and walk the last bit. No cache will require 4x4 abilities, these caches (vehicle level 4) will only benefit from height, i.e. your standard bigger bakkie. GS riders with a bit of experience and normal tyres (i.e. Anakees) will be fine) Of course, if it rains, things might change! But the forecast for the day is 16/28C - no rain. BTW, I suspect we will end up with approximately 70 caches for the day.
  17. I have just been doing the maths... If people leave promptly at 07:00 and cache nonstop till the 14:00 cutoff. That is 7 hours. Alternatively, 420 minutes to drive to, find, sign the log and be off to the next one of 57. That mean no more than 7,4 minutes per cache. This event gets more interesting by the day... I wonder if that is why there are only six responses so far? Are the targets too formidable? Are we scaring the caching community off? Where is the sense of adventure? I think at best the winning team will get 25 caches. I have been rating the caches - a standard close to the tar road, not difficult and not very far from the event start/end point will earn you 2 points. I think the most difficult cache will give you 6 points, but most are 2 or 3 points.
  18. I'll sponsor a 1000 Red Wiggler Composting Earthworms with full instruction manual, I think just a gift voucher on the day or in a temporary container. The winner then has the choice to keep them in this container or to upgrade to better "worm farm" which I'll guide him/her to build/buy it. Tx Wormman! I've been curious about your worms since the first time I figured out where your name comes from. Will be nice to have it there to show the people how it works (please bring some leaflets or whatever if you have)? Maybe we should keep it for the fishing competition... hehe
  19. To be fair, most of the caches planted in the urban areas are micros. However, we have planted small and regulars in the more bucolic settings. Also some of them we would like cachers to replace the micros with decent sized regulars once they have found them - another reason to bring a pre-prepared cache along with you on the day. So even if micros are not your scene, please still come an have a great day out, especially the braai afterwards to catch up with everybody else. Remember, if fishing is your scene we have something for you too. Hokaai Bruce! People still get confused with this. NOBODY is going to replace any cache on the day - what is there is there (even if muggled already) We will take the caches handed in and use AFTER the event to go and replace where it makes sense. I will try and publish all those that I am certain will not be replaced asap after the event. And hold back on those with possible changes in case the cache size change on the listing and publish them after replacement. Hopefully by the next long weekend, just don't want to promise it. And for those who donate the 50 bucks instead of bringing a cache - the money will be part of the pool of replacement cost, magnets, etc. Hope that makes sense?
  20. Right... there are 57 caches planted now, end is in sight, but we're not finished yet. BTW, I'm a bit short on prizes (although we want to keep things low key - hopefully it will inspire more people to host an event with caches, at lower cost) - but any business people who feel generous can contact me on 555-... Any small contribution will do, to grow the pool!
  21. Ah, now it all makes sense! BTW, happy birthday for today Bruce!!!
  22. Jippiee! So there will be 12 people now Nothing like a good reason to ride bike again! Amazing how well the bike works as a ladder when you park it correctly... Make sure you take enough fluids.. The morning should be cool, but by 12 you will be quite heated up on the bike after all the activity, and Pretoria just fakes autumn anyway..
  23. Just looking at those few photies, I now remember why I was so tired for the rest of the weekend! At least I removed my helmet more often... hehe
  24. Here is BruceTP at Star Crater this Saturday, in the sweltering heat, after we walked about 200m into the crater, and climbed up about 5m... don't ask...
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