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  1. Tigard is not really in the Seattle area. (being just south of Portland Oregon.)

    Anyone know of a radio store closer to Seattle Tacoma?

    I did the reverse one day trip from Tigard to Safeco Field to watch a baseball game a couple of weeks ago. I'm a die hard Twins fan. HRO has a pretty good catalog. You could read about the radios at least. Don't forget you save sales tax by making an Oregon trip.




    Yea I bought my Yaesu 150 from them over the internet, I was never really happy with the placement of the control knobs, fat fingers. Guess when I get my new Garmin 1450T, I will break it in by doing a road trip down to Tigard.

  2. Glad I saw this tread. This last weekend I charged and tried out my old YAESU VX-150. too bad the menu key is not working anymore. Got to go looking for another radio, I think the radio market is even more crazy than trying to find a GPS. Too bad that ham radio store is gone from seattle. No where to handle some radios anymore in the seattle area. got to buy them online.


    Thomas & Dingo KD7WLU

  3. When I was doing the national map stuff while caching I wore a reflective vest like the construction guys do and carried a clipboard with the maps and cache info. Even a middle aged white guy walking around schools and such never got a second look.

    Who's that ?, oh never mind hes wearing a construction vest with a clipboard must be official. The few times someone actually came up and asked I told them exactly what I was doing, both the map stuff and the caching. As most here say, just tell them the truth.

  4. Good job with the Fake Rock instructions, I did this same thing to hide my Honda generator when camping in the woods, looks like a huge rock boulder or a dump from a dino. camo'd the extension cord also. People used to come by and watch the movies I showed on my digital projector and 60inch screen and would wander around trying to find the generator, you could not hear this thing at all, had small computer fans in the rock hooked up to heat sensors. Looked crazy but worked outstanding. Working on a cache version for one of my existing caches.

  5. Not a bad idea for a program, but the latest version does not work, run time error. Used the older version and when I selected a cache and loaded a map, I got the map and 2 other websites also (ad sites) kind of lame, I closed Firefox and tried another cache and this time got the map and 4 other web sites, 3 of which were 404 errors, did not want to try for a third cache map.


    Still needs some work, but a nice start.

  6. My Ride 98 Grand CHerokee, at Baldy Mt. Aug 2 2003. Jeeps Unlimited sticker on the back and a transparent white Geochaching logo sticker on drivers side rear windows



  7. Well not while Geocaching, but I was out hiking with some friends by Big Beaver (yes thats the name of the river) i was ahead of my buds, came around the bend of the trail and at the horse camp there were 2 women naked sunning themselves. The 2 sunning looked at me as I walked up, said "Hi nice day out huh", I looked down at them and said "well its gotten much better now, btw theres some other people comming up behind me" they got dressed and that was the end of that

  8. I use GPXView myself, I wish they would add the option to add comments to the cache page, so I can log my visits. So still have to carry a small note book. Not quite paperless (yea I know I could add a note to the ipaq) Just would like it in one program. Now if Clyde would make a ipaq version of GSAK - wow

  9. Actually Logscaler you are not derailing the post, Everybody else has. Nice to see that the Police are more aware now that not every black container under a bush is a bomb.


    BTW did anybody see that putt by Tiger, never thought it would go in. (note: this is only a partial derail).

  10. Trying to remember the name of the program, it eludes me right now. but you ran it on your pc, told it to look in a directory for .GPX files and it created a sub directory that had the GPX files converted in a HTML index file and all the caches as HTML files. Used this on my handheld before i found GPXView. You then just used IE to view the cache pages.

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