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  1. I've been getting PQ's on schedule since I set them up earlier in September, then all of a sudden I'm not getting them anymore. I have several scheduled for Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. The last time I had a PQ sent to my inbox was on the 10th of this month. I tried to create one earlier today to be sent to me after I requested it, the PQ page says it was generated, but I still haven't received anything. :(


    Nothing on my end has changed, I'm still able to receive e-mails.


    Anyone else having problems?

  2. I've had the exact same problem. A cacher visited one of my caches with my first TB in it, took the TB, logged that he grabbed it, but didn't log the cache find. A month went by and I e-mailed him to ask him if he still had the bug and he responded that he didn't, it is now in a cache up north from here some where which again he never logged. So now I have to wait for my TB to be discovered or picked up again to view it's progress. :)


    Very annoying.

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