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  1. Todays attempt on my part shows my PQ=720, the same results appear when downloaded to my GPS.

    The map shows only 663 with a stray cache of GC8BD6 several hundred miles away.


    I have the same issue. My stray cache is GC6 thousands of miles away. I also have the same problem as a lot of people with the map preview showing less caches then what's actually included in the PQ. I'm using IE8, up to date.

  2. Hello fellow Cachers of Ontario...


    The following caches of mine in York Region are up for adoption;


    GC1BJMW - Bond Lake: The Powerhouse

    GC1A52D - Fleury Park

    GC1GQRV - Hidden Oasis

    GC192Y7 - Wilcox Micro

    GC1DH1V - Mosquitoville - Oak Ridges


    Also, the following caches of mine in Hastings County are up for adoption;


    GC1YACQ - Not quite finished...

    GC1FG42 - King of Bowers Point

    GC1H453 - Trail of tribulation

    GC15K7H - Coby's Cache

    GC1EYWR - Taking history for Granted


    If the caches don't get adopted they will just be archived. I thought I would throw it out there to see if anybody would like to take ownership of them first. All that I ask when I sign them over to a new owner is that I get to post a find for it.



  3. Unless you're going to forego the rope, it is definately not a terrain 5. The Bruce Trail descends at the rope/cable and there is a make shift stair here. Having said that, I had no problems descending it quickly, with a group of a dozen or so people that had been hiking for about 15km to get here. You can park within 200M of the stairs, as well.


    It would be a bit tricky during the spring freeze/thaw cycle but no special equipment required. The area is GORGEOUS in autumn, as is the rest of the Forks of the Credit Area nearby.


    I figured the views would be nice in the Autumn... I knew the spot would have something to offer other then an interesting route to a cache. This is why I'm surprised there isn't anything already there... I'm wanting to place a cache there, but at the same time I don't because I want to claim a find there. And I'm not the type of cacher to do something lame like posting a find on my own cache <_< (well, except for the one time I claimed a find on Wilcox Micro).


    Oh well, if the spot is still available by the time I get out there, I'll place a cache.

  4. I'm just going to throw this one out there as it's something I would find useful...


    How about multiple "home locations" that would be interchangeable whenever needed. I have 3 different "home" locations and it would be easier to just select a predetermined location rather then re-search the address & city every time I relocated myself.



  5. I did the same thing with Googling it and only finding the Golf Course, that's why when I set out to find it using the Terrain maps on Google I thought I had found it at the original spot I noted on the first post. Now I'm curious about that spot... Definately looks like a 5 star on the terrain rating... Either way, for the long walk in, or the steep drop down. I feel the need to explore...

  6. Devils pulpit is here:



    Much more significant descent then the spot you suggest - And it is along the bruce trail. I recommend the nearby caches! :( Also plenty of room for more if you can get further down the trail - though I would recommend climbing gear if you wish to transition from the top of the escarpment to the bottom!!


    Well I'll be damned... The interweb lied to me. Looks like a fun area!

  7. Its been the 20th in much of the world for some hours now...... I grant you not Ontario but our Aussie friends have been living the 20th......so it isn't really "the future".


    True enough... However, considering the cache and myself are in the same timezone, it's the future to me. :(


    Prime Suspect: haha! Best movies ever!

  8. Ticks wait until someone passes by the plants/grasses and "jump" on. They don't fly. Its mostly from plants and grasses. I have not heard of them falling from a tree, though I guess anything is possible.


    Ticks jump now?

  9. I think it doesn't really matter...


    As Tequila said, it's all about the fun involved.


    If anyone gets bent out of shape due to either one person making the find and everyone signing in on it OR one person signing all members present into the log book needs a catscan.


    It's for fun people, it's not a competitive sport / hobby / game.

  10. Hmm... I haven't read this forum in a while because I thought it was dead.


    Wow, what did I do?! I simply made a statement to be creative and *this* happens.


    Just because "you" (you know who you are) happen to like simpleton caches with no meaning what-so-ever doesn't mean that I / we can't express my / our opinions about the amount of suckage those caches entail. This thread is in regards to caches that have little or no thought behind them. I respect that you also have an opinion (and by all means you're entitled to it) that you're okay with these caches but lets stick to the topic here folks... It's "No Thought Involved". Nothing in the title refers to flaming other users who are against thoughtless caches. So, while you could post your opinion, it's not necessary to keep coming back and telling us to suck it up, stop whining, complaining, whatever.


    Time for the nay-sayers to move on to another thread and let the people who want to discuss crap caches discuss them without grief.


    And honestly, I'm not trying to be an a**. It's just retarded that some people can't discuss what they don't like without being objected.


    Thank you, Elvis has left the building.

  11. You know, even creativity isn't the biggest issue. Two of my last hides were actually guardrail caches -- something I swore I would never do. However, the feedback on the caches has been good. People have enjoyed the location and the drive which was the real intent. Nothing creative about the caches -- to me the key to a good cache is just like real estate: location x 3.


    If it's not creativity, at least it's the thought that went behind the placement of the cache. In the end, there was something that made the trip worth while, whether it be a history lesson, a great view or a good hike / drive. That's what matters!


    Anything besides the numbers! If it was all about the numbers, I suppose we'd all be armchair caching.

  12. A cache was recently published (no names or locations, of course), with a 9 word cache description, as so: "A nice quick cache on a dead end road."

    I know the one you're speaking of! This came after my initial rant on the boards... When my phone went off with this one I checked the cache page out and just rolled my eyes.


    The FFFFFFTTTTTTTFFFFFFF'er of this micro (which figures, but that's not important) reported all sorts of broken glass on this dead end road.

    ROFL! "which figures"... No kidding eh? I swear that guy just drives around the area waiting for caches to be published. And I read about the broken glass... So in short, the cache provides you with another "one" and also a potential trip to the emergency room for several stitches... yay!


    I think we need to hire a motivational speaker or something. :D

    How about that Tony Robbins guy? He's pretty good at "neurological (re)programming" from what I read.




    Edit: Nice! I didn't see your picture of Matt Foley there! Perhaps we could set up a cache in a van down by the river in ode to the poor dead soul.

  13. Thoughless owners. Thoughtless finders. There is no lack of either in the world. It takes more work to get a lame cache approved than for someone else to complain about it. ;)


    I know, I know... Having a complaint, boredom and having access to forums are a dangerous mix!

  14. When i do a cache that requires no thought my log tends to be one letter long. Why put any more effort into my log then the owner put into the hide?


    Good strategy! I may have to follow suit on that one. And I realize it makes me look like a hypocrite for what I said on my last post, but tit for tat eh?

  15. My kids love a cache no matter what it looks like. Remember that this sport is for all ages. Children don’t know what lame is unless an adult tells them it is lame.


    True enough. However, as I said before there is a difference between lame and easy. My entire reason about posting this thread was for the lame aspect of it. "Lame" intails complete and utter laziness on behalf of the person that placed the cache. Not so much on where they placed it, but the write up for the cache itself. It's kind of the same annoyance when someone logs a find and simply puts, "Thanks". That's a different pet peeve in itself though. ;)

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