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  1. Great story!! All Ammo Containers I've found have a Geocache Label clearly taped to the outside of it. Always a good idea. Did find a cache the other day that was cammoed, cylindrical, about 8" long=I knew what it was but someone else could surely have mistaken it for a mini-pipe bomb.
  2. I feel your pain, Deafhunt. We've been through quite a few losses in our family over the past several years, and yes, it definitely puts priorities in different orders at times. There is no reason, however, to lose the attachment to Geocaching; set it aside for awhile if need be, but keep it on the back burner for those times when you need to get away for some serenity, reflection and prayer. Prayers are on the way for you, my friend
  3. I believe the first cacher at the site should have the priority, but there would sure be no harm in saying "Hello, I'll wait somewhere else till your finished." In most cases a friendly conversation would take place and a friend would be made.
  4. Now that was an impressive find. I'm new at all of this (2 months), and have a few Benchmarks recorded, but one like that would definitely be a great addition to my list. Right now I'm still trying to learn more and more about Benchmark hunting. Absolutely fascinating (and confusing), to say the least Dick
  5. Hey Luvstoos: One thing I've learned in the past couple of months here is there's no such thing as a "Stupid Newbie". The question you're asking now is one I had not too long ago; now it's second nature but at the time it was a major frustration. Just hang on, ask questions, read and re-read the FAQ's and other info here. It does fall together in time. I still consider myself a computer idiot, but the more I read the forums, the more some of this stuff is beginning to make a little sense. (Not much, but a little ) Dick
  6. Welcome, Mark. A new demension added to your GPS, I see. I learned about Geocaching at a Metal Detecting forum. Geocaching has led me to some potential MD sites I never would have considered. A "Win-Win Situation" for both hobbies. And now here at Geocaching.Com I learned about www.wheresgeorge.com so another hobby is under way as well
  7. At our stage of the game (14 Caches found): Every Cahce is a Puzzle Cache
  8. Arkansas Tourism highly supports and recommends Geocaching, and in fact comes up with a new hide every month in their e-mail newsletter. Will be in Eureka Springs sometime this week and plan to look for one they have listed there.
  9. I travelled 51 miles in 6 hours during my last outing. It all depends from time to time, based on the cache locations I'm seeking. I do try to lump them into a close-together route to save time and fuel. I don't worry much about the fuel, though; after all it's a hobby and that's part of it. Had I chosen to play golf that day instead, between travel, green fees and golf cart rental, it would have been way more than the cost of the caching trip Two weeks ago today I cached in Florida, and next week will be in Branson MO, then the next week Arkansas. Then back home till the end of January Geocaching is actually a great tour guide to some really nice spots one wouldn't see in normal travels!!
  10. Yes I'm for it, and an updated Benchmark listing, too.
  11. We hope to find caches in as many states as possible, too, but being new I don't really have any suggestions. Have finds in Iowa & Florida so far; planning to add MO & AR to the list in the next few weeks. Happy Travels!!!!
  12. I can see this happening, and even in my short time of geocaching, can see where vigilant folks may consider someone snooping around with a "something" in hand as potentially dangerous. Proper ID, perhaps a business card IDing you as a Geocacher, and a friendly attitude if encountered are my thoughts to help prevent an unforunate encounter with law enforcement. Remember, they are there to enforce the law, so just smile and be cooperative
  13. Check sporting goods departments at places like Wal Mart & also at stores like Cabela's. I was looking for just the same thing today and found camo tape at Wal Mart's Hunting section.
  14. And wear clothing appropriate to the conditions you're caching in. Last week I did a few caches in Florida, wearing shorts and tennies, and twice quit hunts when met by wasps, fire ants and dense Florida foliage. I didn't have the right apparel, so played the game looking for safe caches. Dick
  15. By logging your DNF's, it gives you a record of your venture, perhaps giving you an idea later as to why you missed the cache and what to think about if you choose to revisit the site. It's too bad others in your area don't record them, since it is their own track record. Some folks have an ego to feed, I guess I'm just new with only 10 finds and some DNF's, too, and even now I'm glad I have a running record here at GC. In no way can anyone remember all the specifics of past hunts, so why not use the tools provided here? And, oh yea, now that I'm hooked, Premium Membership is on the agenda; another set of valuable tools here at GC!! Dick
  16. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Derrabe on your 100th We're at 7 right now and thinking 10 is a Milestone
  17. Welcome to the Addiction! And check out Benchmark Hunting, also; very fascinating and challenging, too
  18. A Muggle (or Muggler as many call them), is a non-geocaching person who may be in the area you are searching. Taken, I understand, from the Harry Potter books where a Muggle is a "non-magical person".
  19. Congrats to all who had their first finds. It is an exhilarating feeling, and each Find (or DNF) triggers the desire to learn more from seasoned cachers here on the Net & in the field. Each hunt is so different; yesterday it took me 15 minutes to make my first Florida find; then I ran into tough Florida foilage, wasps and fire ants that stopped me from getting the next two. My final stop was rated a 1/1 No BushWhacking cache and it took over an hour to find it . Really felt dumb after I did located it, realizing the cache hider meant what he said: If ya can't find this one, better trade the GPS for an IPOD. No way do I want an IPOD, so I looked till I found it Enjoy the experience and don't worry about the totals, is what I've been told; and it is great advice
  20. Hmmm...I'm going after a Micro while here in Florida, and it's on the grounds of one of America's most popular restaurant chains. It has been found quite a few times so far, but who knows if it's still there now. Lots of Muggles comin' and goin' from that place; time will tell, I guess
  21. I've had a TB in my possession exactly two weeks today and I got a reminder from GC that I should move it or contact the TB originator if there's going to be a delay. I think this is a courtesy owed the TB owner, as they put their own money into it. I e-mailed the owner prior to the two weeks being up, telling him I was traveling to Florida soon and would find a home for it there. Got a nice e-mail back from the TB owner thanking me for the note and glad to hear it was moving on to a good cahce very soon.
  22. A really nice thread indeed & a lifestyle we're looking forward to when our travels begin again. And as for "Spew Be Gone" - it's time for it to be gone
  23. I agree wholeheartedly. For weeks I agonized as to which GPS to buy; then an eXplorist 100 came up on sale at Wal Mart. Just the basics: manual coords loading, no connection to a computer, black & white. But the darn thing works just fine and is giving me the opportunity to casually analyze more sophisticated units while still enjoying successful geocaching. No software and download problems with this one=glad I went this way. But to each their own
  24. Congrats, Lane, on your first Benchmark; and one that hadn't been spotted in many years, at that. I'm new also, and have found a few already. Great photos, too Dick
  25. Please bear with me, gang; I'm a Newbie and have never hunted for a Micro. When you refer to Micro Spew, are you referring to all Micro Caches or just ones placed in "Lame Spots"?? Would appreciate a clarification, Thanx!!
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